The Allura Saga (Chater 7 Allura's Brake Down)

The Allura Saga (Chater 7 Allura's Brake Down)

A Story by The Blogger

After walking up in the hospital Allura though everything she had seen was a dream. But it wasn't she goes back to her house and relives the nightmare she saw.

Chapter 7 Allura’s brake down

Allura opened her eyes she was in a bed she thought to herself
“it was just a dream” said Allura. She sat up then she felt a sharp pain run through her arm, she had a bandage on her arm she remembered Lisa through a knife at her.
“It wasn’t a dream it really happened” said Allura. She got out of bed and walked out her room she was in the hospital Allura walked down the hall way she overheard a nurse talking on the phone.
“Yes we found Allura this morning; she was the only one who had survived the killing and her sisters gone missing, yes I will do that” said the nurse.
Allura’s eyes started to water she ran down the hall way and out the hospital door it was cloudy outside, Allura ran to the moon star gate. When she got there caution tap was wrapped around it Allura entered the gate.
She looked around the empty of the moon star court. Rain fell from the sky, Allura walked down the street looking at each house everyone lived at, she shed tears as she approached her house. Allura opened the door and walked through her house, she looked through every room and had a flash backs of everything that happened in that room, but when she entered mom and dad’s room she broke down in tears. Allura stared at the chock line of her dead parents and through Allura’s eyes; she could still see them even though they weren’t there.
4 hours later, everyone pitched in for the moon star funeral so it was ready by this evening. Yuna and Isaac were looking for Allura.
“Mom, have you seen Allura?” asked Yuna.
“No I haven’t” said Luna.
“I have, she was at the lake I tried to get her to come to the funeral but she doesn’t want to…. And I understand how she feels, just let her be then go see her after the funeral” said Mrs. Smith.
When the funeral started Allura didn’t show, Yuna thought of Allura the whole time everyone. Everyone shed tears and it was after the funeral that everyone found out it was Lisa who killed everyone.
After the funeral Yuna and Isaac went in search for Allura she was at the lake skipping rocks Yuna and Isaac approached the dock.
“I knew we would find you here,” said Yuna.
Isaac gave Allura a hug.
“I know it’s hard but will get through this together. We’ll be here, Allura,” said Isaac.

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Added on September 26, 2014
Last Updated on September 26, 2014
Tags: Action, adventure, sad, fight, saga, drama


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