The Allura Saga (Chater 8 Allura's Thrust For Revenge)

The Allura Saga (Chater 8 Allura's Thrust For Revenge)

A Story by The Blogger

Allura realizes she will al ways have friends. What Lisa said to her made her relize what she needed to do.

Chapter 8 Allura’s thrust for revenge

Allura wiped the tears from her eyes. “I know but it’s hard” said Allura.
“Well since you have nowhere to go my mom is working on paper work so you can come live with use” said Yuna with a smile on her face.
Allura put a smile on her face too; she gave both Isaac and Yuna a group hug Allura’s heart may have been ripped out of her chest but her friends filled that hole.
“Allura, Yuna time for dinner and bring Isaac with you” called Luna.
“Ok” said Yuna.
“You two go I’ll catch up in a couple of minutes” said Allura. Isaac and Yuna walked away Allura took off her shoes she put her feet in the water for a minute. When she took them out she saw Lisa’s face she remember Lisa saying
“if you wish to kill me one day in hate and revenge” said Lisa.
Allura’s power reacted with her anger rock all around Allura began to levitate even the water started to move Allura said to herself. (“No matter what awaits me I will beat it head on…and I don’t care what happens I will get that power, from this point on I, am an avenger”) said Allura. From the castle the king sensed Allura power, he thought to himself ("Allura, that power, I know she’s angry but to have that type of power could be trouble in the future…. Allura, I hope the best for you”) said the king.

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Added on September 26, 2014
Last Updated on September 26, 2014
Tags: Action, drama, adventure, fantacy, fight


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