Campus love: the mindless pursuit of happiness?

Campus love: the mindless pursuit of happiness?

A Story by Vonnie15

It appears that at University the pursuit of happiness is synonymous with the pursuit of romantic interest. Love, like or even just sex is the daily driving factor for many students.


 It appears that at University the pursuit of happiness is synonymous with the pursuit of romantic interest. Love, like or even just sex is the daily driving factor for many students. In the last few weeks I have at times giggled in amazement and at other times gasped in horror at the craziness that comes over some people in the abovementioned pursuit.

The other day, my friend and I were sitting in Stabillis 4 when we spotted one of our hostel sisters sitting across from us in Stabillis 3. We waved at her, just to find the guy behind her thinking we were waving at him. He randomly proceeded to blow us a kiss to which my friend jokingly blew a kiss in response. Our lecture started, and while we were intently listening to the BRS111 lecture on “How to delete a folder using the delete button,” Mr Random kiss-blowing dude appeared at the door of our lecture hall and threw his phone number at my blushing friend.

The next day, this same friend received another number, this one from an anonymous guy via his friend with the message that “it is for the clipboard-girl from Sȇr” (Sȇr is our hostel’s musical production.) I told her not to call, as he is probably crazy. She blatantly ignored me and called him.  Ironically, he turned out to be extremely attractive and a genuinely nice person. (Yes, the world is unfair.)

Generally, it seems as if the whole campus has gone love crazy and as if everyone is mindlessly absorbed in this pursuit of romance. Seven of my friends have ignorantly jumped into the arms of new men in the last month. I find this utterly despicable and would never act so mindlessly…well, as long as you don’t count the fact that I walk past the cell phone shop about five times every day, longingly staring through the shop window to catch a quick glimpse of the attractive man who works there.

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haha yes this is exactly how college is too! apparently, i'm the only one of my friends in college who has not found a boyfriend or future husband! it's insane.

Posted 12 Years Ago

To be young and in college. Need to be alive and celebrating being alive. I lived in Ann Arbor. Kids came alive with the sense of freedom and opportunities. I like this story. Better to have fun when you are young. Work and paying bills is a lifetime job. A very good story. Made me remember days when I was free and young.

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is a brilliant write, filled with vivid observations of uni life.. at least that part of life a lot of people probably don't associate with studies! I worked in a financial aid office at a uni for about 6 years and saw some of these same things with our student workers. Interesting to say the least!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Mindless pursuit of fleeting happiness, it is. These things don't last, and if they do last a bit, more often then not they end up in a shattered heart. People are indeed so absorbed in the pursuit of short lived mere feelings. Sex and love are two different things, but most people confuse sex alone with... love. It's tragic. Knowing that God has a plan that is real for our lives, how can even want to chase after things that are not real, but only bubbles of illusion, that will soon burst. I'm guilty of this too.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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A Story by Vonnie15

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