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About Me

I'm not about being tied down and limited with words. Words are just a shadow of life anyways, and only used because they simplify things. Sometimes there are things far, far beyond words, that you just cannot express. The feelings feelings are so real. Like the way you feel in deep sadness, or in love. You know how it is when you truly love someone, there are times when you can be close to them, feel what they feel, and know what they know, your heart to theirs, unspoken, but still so real. That is far more powerful then any word. "We don't write to say something we write because we have something to say."

May we be found speechless, if we have nothing to say.


God is what matters to me, He's the only one who has kept me, every day, all the time.


:::The Edge of Freedom:::

My spirit is not aflame with worldly aspirations

Instead my soul knows only freedom

I have found my path,

The road for my life

I know my soul is safe here

Here in God’s hand;

I will not worry

I will never desire another path

I am free

Free in motion

Nothing can stop me

The sun is shining

Nothing can stop it

Though they black out the sun

The light will still shine inside of me

Bring, bring just yourself

Only you

It’s all I want

I have no expectations

No prejudices

So let’s go play!


Through the long grass

At the edge of the earth

Hold me for a breathless dance

Lead me

Let me lead you

Trust me

I will trust you

Kiss me out of joy

Make me forget my life

My fears

I will not worry

I will never give up….

Be under the sun with me today

In the long grass, and the rolling hills

Let’s swim in the cool sea

Depravity and addiction cannot touch upon this place

They will not find us here

They cannot touch you beneath the water

We will not hear their voices calling as we run...

(written by me and my love)


Much of the beauty of God’s love, is in how it how it is interpreted through us.

To love without condition….to talk without intention…to give without reason …to care without expectation…That is the heart of a true friend.


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Posted 13 Years Ago

and a great happy all joyful year to you too

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Posted 13 Years Ago

u r quiet welcome~i really appreciate
the art of your creativity ;)


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Posted 13 Years Ago

it's funny, love makes you always come back to writing. because after a while, my heart does explode... and i feel like no one gets it anyways.. but im glad you do! thanks for the welcome back, the kind review and for being my friend. have a great day! :)

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Ah, thanks for the 100 =) Here's a Japanese love poem munchie :

Though I go to you
ceaselessly along dream paths,
the sum of those trysts
is less than a single glimpse
granted in the waking world.


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Posted 13 Years Ago

thank you in advance and you too have a wonderful time.all the luck

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Indeed i will,ohh how i love to see those places far away ..
and i do look forward to see those pictures of your land..
thank you so much

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Posted 13 Years Ago

my pleasure.. :)

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Posted 13 Years Ago

yer worries...that's a great poem :)
Hope you're doing well...:-)


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Posted 13 Years Ago

I will remember that..wish you show us more of the beautiful scenery around your place..i ve seen places where man have not touched it but so little..we humans could be so harmful to everything ,ha ha

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Posted 13 Years Ago

what a lovely place to choose to live in..i ve seen quite a few but this is like heaven