A candle of Love

A candle of Love

A Poem by Will Neill

A poem about a man who finally finds true love after years of loneliness


                                            A Candle of Love


Before there was a darkness

So deep it rendered black

My soul was lost in sadness

My heart a withering wreck


Lost upon the sea of loneliness

Life drifted on weary tides

I was searching for an island

By stars that failed to guide


The world was full yet empty

My voyage was always alone

Thus I was seen but never heard

The seeds of solitude sown


No tree of life took root for me

No leaves of fawn did grow

Without summer light or springtime warmth

In an endless winters throw


Then just beyond the horizon

When I thought my journey done

An angel’s voice took notice

And led me towards the sun


At last I felt a steady course

On the ocean of regret

And my night gave up its shadows

Whilst in breaking dawn we met


A kindred heart afloat it seemed

Like ships that pass at night

Quiet sails without a heading

Now At last both found unite


And when we placed our feet ashore

On the Isle we’d sought and yearned

We found our names written in the sand

By a higher power we learned


So although we could not see it

In the dimness of our minds

A hand controlled the tillers

Through the tempest of mankind


He holds a golden lantern

And commands the skies above

His light will shine amidst the storm

By a candle born from love


Will Neill 2018







































© 2018 Will Neill

Author's Note

Will Neill
I hope you enjoy my poem and remember there is always someone out there just like you-go find them.

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Most elegant and brightly layered with hope. A true love story.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Will Neill

2 Years Ago

Cherrie you a very kind Thank you. Will
This is some excellent writing, Will. Perhaps some of your best. With great rhymes and splendid wording, you tell a tale of hope.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Will Neill

2 Years Ago

thanks Sam-how have you been, keeping well I hope.Will.
Samuel Dickens

2 Years Ago

I'm really feeling my age, slowing down and not doing near as much as I'd like. I could use a nurse,.. read more
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This is a beautiful write, I enjoyed this. Wonderful flow and so poetic

Posted 2 Years Ago

Will Neill

2 Years Ago

Thank you Rye. I am happy you liked it;Will
Very well done Will Neill Nice to meet you i am Tate

Posted 3 Years Ago

Will Neill

3 Years Ago

Thank you Tate, I think we've crossed paths before.Will
Tate Morgan

3 Years Ago

Thats possible I come and go anymore Dont remember many of the friends I once had here
This poem is like a calm ocean. The layers are multifold, its depths profound. It speaks to those who listen. Beautiful!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Will Neill

3 Years Ago

Linda thank you, I'm so sorry I haven't done so sooner.Will
Your soul is beautiful and your talent great. I am in awe....

Posted 3 Years Ago

Will Neill

3 Years Ago

thank you Queenie.Will
I love poems with happy endings. Beautifully written, Will. Enjoyed it very much. Aloha from my island :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Will Neill

3 Years Ago

Thank you Tina
How I wish you would write more poetry! This was quite enchanting to read, Will. The message infused within it was indeed palpable and stirring as well.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Will Neill

3 Years Ago

Thanks Kelly. I will write more I promise.
Kelly Scheppers

3 Years Ago

...yessssss! ; )
Beautiful poetry which gives hope to those who think they will always be lonely. Your words flow like a stream and are nicely rhymed. A treat to read Will Neill. Thank you for a very enjoyable read.


Posted 3 Years Ago

Will Neill

3 Years Ago

Chris thanks-there is always someone for each of us, we just need to find them.Will

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Added on June 13, 2018
Last Updated on June 13, 2018
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Will Neill
Will Neill

belfast, United Kingdom

Will Neill is an award winning Irish author, poet and amateur musician; Born in Belfast in the late fifties. Will has established himself as a prolific writer all over the world for both his prose and.. more..

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