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Dawnfur and Blackclaw

Dawnfur was sitting under the canopy of trees, cleaning herself as speckles of light that shone through the leaves danced on her fur. She purred contently, and didn't notice as a big black body streaked through the trees. She yowled as it pounced on her, and was shocked into fight or flight mode. Her warrior mind chose fight. She spun around and pummeled the toms belly with her back legs, attacking him in a battle move that her mother had taught her.
The other cat rolled off her. "Whoa, whoa Dawnfur! It's just me. Or should I say Dawnstar," her attacker mewed, emphasizing the "star" part of her future name. As Dawnfur looked closer, she could see that her attacker was actually Blackclaw, her mate. Dawnfur rolled her eyes, trying to hide her embarrassment. "I'm not Dawnstar yet. I need to get my nine lives from Starclan, and even then who is going to call me by my leader name if I don't even have a clan?" Dawnfur wondered.
"We can make our own clan together, just the two of us," Blackclaw purred flirtingly.
"Right, Blackclaw, and then who would our kits mate with?" Dawnfur asked, but she already knew he hadn't thought about that part. He never thought ahead, only in the moment, and that was why she was going to be leader, not him.
"Oh, right, I hadn't thought about that. Well, we can still have our own kits. And then we can go on our own adventure to find kittypets and loners who might want to be warriors. That's what Thunderclan used to do.
At the mention of Thunderclan, Dawnfur's eyes watered. Her mother, Violetfeather, always told her and her younger litter-mates that they had Thunderclan blood. But no one ever knew what had happened to Thunderclan or the other four clans; Windclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, and Skyclan. It had been hundreds of moons ago when the reign of clans had ended, or so her mother used to say.
It would make sense, though, for Dawnfur to be a descendant. Where else would her grandmother, Mistlestream, have gotten her name from? Dawnfur didn't know about any cat who was older than her grandmother in her family, so she couldn't ask her great grandmother. She couldn't even ask her mother, if she was still alive. Who knew?
Dawnfur, are you alright? I didn't mean to bring up a touchy subject." Blackclaw whispered. "I was just recommending what they used to do." 
Dawnfur looked up from where she had been staring at her paws. "I'm fine," she said, a little too quickly and cheerfully. "I'll give your ideas a serious thought." After that, she pounced on him and bit his neck playfully.
That was the past. Everything had changed.

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Author's Note

first chapter/prologue of my second warrior cats fanfic. Hope you like it. *By the way, Dawnfur/star is based on me :)*

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Added on July 15, 2017
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Hello, my name is Nyxia Night, I am a Pagan High Priestess of the Lunar Night Coven. I am 18 years old, and live in hampton, VA. I write Short Stories, Novels, and nonfiction about myself and Paganism.. more..

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A Chapter by WitchyWiccan)0(

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