Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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For the rest of my life, I’ll remember today as the day that my whole life changed forever, that I was awakened and reborn, in a sense. Nothing would ever be the same, mostly because of him.

I wore a black corset and a pink plaid punk skirt, with ripped tights and heeled combat boots. This had been my favorite outfit since Freshman year. My friend wore a green t-shirt and long, flowy beige skirt, looking like the hippie she’d always been.

“Chloe! Oh my God, I have missed you so much!” Penelope said as she came running up to me. “Hey Pen. Missed you too sis,” I greeted as I hugged my best friend.

“So, are you ready to be a Junior, an upper-classman?” She asked. She was only a Sophomore, and she sounded a little jealous. “I don’t know. I’m kind of scared. This year will make me or break me, and I’m good at breaking things, not so much at making things.” We laughed at that.

After our greeting we met up with our other friends, becoming part of the herd of hustling and bustling teens in the hallway. Well, at least her other friends. Pen was my only friend, but that was ok, because I was a loner and I didn’t do so well with a group of friends, with my anxiety.

As I stood on the outside of the group, where I had always been and always will be, I saw a kid that I had never seen before. He must’ve been new. He was a hot goth boy which made excitement rush through my body. I would finally be with another goth, if he chose to like me.

He, of course, had long, black hair that fell to his shoulders. It was straight, smooth, and so silky I wanted to pet him. He had skin that was pale, but not over the top. I could tell he didn’t use makeup to make himself look like that, It must’ve been his own, natural color. Envy overtook me because he could pull the “pale look” off. I couldn’t because I was Native American and had dark looks. He wasn’t emo or scene, he was a genuine goth. He had thin eyeliner, that made his bright blue eyes pop. They had to be contacts. They were so beautiful.

His clothes were nice too and all black. He wore a long sleeved shirt and ripped jeans. It was a plain look, but it made him even more attractive. His demonia shoes were to die for, they were knee high with five silver straps, used to close the shoe around his foot.

He had a pretty face and a softness to it, like he’d be a nice person. Sometimes you could tell whether a person was kind by the expression and look of their face. He was standing a couple of inches away from everyone else, I noticed, and probably a loner like me. I noticed that he was either nervous or anxious to go to class, because he had his arms folded and was looking all around him. I wanted to talk to him, but with me being my stupid, shy self, I couldn’t. New people always made me uncomfortable, even if the new person was hot.

“I know you want to,” Pen said. I looked at her with confusion. “Want to what?” I asked. She looked at me. Then looked at the Goth guy. Then looked back at me. I sighed.

“Hi,” I said nervously when walked over to him. He looked at me with his mouth open in shock. He hadn’t expected anyone to talk to him. Poor thing

He didn’t respond, instead he checked me out. I smiled shyly. He took his time, starting with my boots and stopping at my b***s, though they were only b-cups. He stopped at my lips. For some reason people always liked my lips, they called them full, kissable, sexy. It’s kinda weird. Then, he looked at my hair. I had a sense of satisfaction. I had dyed it the day before and got it styled, washed, and straightened, because it was ugly when it was wavy. After that he looked into my eyes with embarrassment in his.

“Umm, hi.” He said, his voice soft. He said it a full five minutes after I had said it.

“My name is Chloe.” I said. “Hi Chloe, I’m Kane. Kane Knight,” He introduced. We shook hands, then felt weird about it. We looked away. I finally asked, “night as in the time of day, or knight, like in knight in shining armor?” He laughed nervously. “The second one,” I laughed too.

“So, are you a Junior or Senior?” I asked. “Senior. How did you know I was upper-classman ?” he asked.

“You just look too old and mature to be under-classman,” I said. “I’m a Junior.”

“Wow. I never heard that I look too old before. Damn, maybe I need some wrinkle cream,” he joked. I laughed. “Well, welcome to the upper class.”

“Welcome to Kecoughtan,” I welcomed back.

He nodded and the bell rang with it’ shrill sound. Aww man, I thought, I wanted to talk to him more.

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Hi! Cute beginning! I like the idea of two goth kids being cute and goth and awkward around each other. You are very good at describing emotions, thoughts and aesthetics. I love reading your writing! I hope to see more from you soon!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you so much!

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