Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Revenge curse


I looked up a curse for revenge, a black magick curse. Then, the next day after school, I brought Penelope to the clearing right outside of the school building. I had brought all the things I had for the curse; salt, a black candle, and a picture of the boy, Jake, from the yearbook last year.

It was a beautiful day;  I was sad to have to do something negative on a day like this. The cool October wind blew against our skin, forming goose bumps along our arms. The trees whispered warnings as the orange and brown trees rustled. I shivered, and not because of the cold.

We put the things in place and enacted the spell by chanting words of power. We lit the candle, but then a sudden gust of wind blew it out, and the spell was broken. Someone was walking towards us. He had the regal gait of a king, and by the look of his face, I could’ve sworn it was the Great God, come to earth. But he seemed angry and ready to punish. I immediately felt sorrow and joy at the same time, guilt and pride. I was scared; I knew I had done something wrong.

But as he got closer, I saw it was Kane; it couldn’t have been the Great God. But then Kane, the mortal, or maybe not a mortal anymore, spoke. “Shame comes to those who deny the Great God, punishment comes to the seekers who disobey Him. I call upon the Goddess to show you mercy, for which I will not, if you choose to disobey the Great God.”

Penelope gasped as if her breathe were knocked out of her. She looked ready to faint. She stood, seeming not herself anymore. Then she kneeled. “Father, I have disobeyed you. Please show me the right path!”

His gaze softened. “Stand.” He commanded. She stood. Then he brushed his hand against her cheek. “My daughter, you are not at fault. I do not punish for what has not been done. I see through the heart, the soul. And though you are both pure of heart, you are not the one who enacted the curse. I am not here to punish today, but to teach. Though I will not do the same if it happens again; if you would dare deny the teachings of the Father King.” the not mortal Kane told Penelope.

“But you,”Kane said as he turned to me. “You should know better. Do you not remember? Your ancient teachings in Avalon, as Viviane, the last mortal-known incarnation of the Lady of the Lake. You, my daughter, must remember.

I did not know what he was talking about, but I didn’t dare question it. Ancient teachings? Avalon? Viviane? Lady of the Lake? What did all this mean?

Then Kane the non-mortal fainted. Me and Penelope stared at each other in shock.

We half dragged, half carried Kane to a more secluded space. Then we waited ten minutes for him to wake up. Then another five. After that, Penelope tried to shake him awake, but she was still stunned from the encounter. Then I shook him. After two minutes of alternating shaking, I had an idea. It was so brilliant, I couldn’t believe I had thought of it. Insert sarcasm here, I thought.

“Kane. Wake up.” I said. But he still didn’t wake up. Then I had a silly idea. “Kane, I demand you, wake up!” I said, trying to channel down the Goddess even though I had never learned how to do it. Then he muttered. “Oh, Great Virgin.” It would’ve been a normal, non-sexual sentence...if he hadn’t moaned it sexually. My face burned with the fire of embarrassment, and shame. I wasn’t a virgin...not anymore.

His eyes opened, and he blushed. “I didn’t...say that out loud, did I?” he asked. “Say what aloud?” I asked, but I already knew what he was talking about. I didn’t want to embarrass him.

“Oh...nothing,” he said blushing. Then he said, “what happened?” He struggled to sit up, and so me and Penelope helped him to push himself up.

“I think you were possessed.” I said, after he was sitting up and there was no threat of him falling down.

He shook his head. “I can’t be possessed. I have too much protection. Besides, I am a vessel for the God. It was him who “possessed” me,” He said with air quotes. “What happened? He only comes at times of great need.”

I blushed, feeling guilty and ashamed. “I, uh, did something I shouldn’t have. But don’t worry,” I said quickly, “I think he taught both of us a lesson. We...we were about to do a curse upon Jake. You know….the guy.” And then, to my embarrassment, I cried.

“I’m so, so sorry. I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me!” Then everything was a blur. I felt something squeeze me, then realized that it was Kane. And then another squeeze; Pen.

“It’s not your fault,” he murmured, and then I felt a big hand smooth my hair down. His hand. I blushed from the intimacy.

“Hey, I have an idea.” Penelope said. She got up from sitting down with excitement like a kid who had thought of a game to play.

“What?” Kane asked. He tried to stand up, but at first he couldn’t. Penelope held out her hand, and Kane grabbed it and stood up.

“Wiccans do spells for healing, right? Could we do one for Chloe?” She asked excitedly. She had always been more excited about this stuff than me.

“Wow, Penelope, that’s a good idea. We could have a whole ritual of it. Are you two able to come to my house today?” Kane asked. “ I will drive you.”

“Oh, awesome! We get to go to a real witch’s house!” Penelope exclaimed. That made me laugh.

“Right now?” Kane asked. He looked anxious to do the spell. Actually, they both did.

“Sure.” Penelope said. “My parents expect me to be home at six, and Chloe, don’t worry about your parents. They won’t care anyway. Their a bunch of dicks.”

“Yikes,” Kane said. “Ok, uppsie-daisy.” Kane said as he picked me up bridal style. I flushed, but held on. We got in the car, and drove to Kane’s house.

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