A Screenplay by Hannah Jocks

Part of the script im writing for a movie, episode thing, my friends and I do!


Scene 1: The Christmas Party

(Video Clips of Party and People)

Fay: Okay! Okay, everyone. Thanks guys for comin. Uh, this is my first party so I don’t really know what to say except….have a blast and yeah. Uh that’s it. Carry on (Big smile)

Lindy: Thanks for inviting us fay, we’re having a blast! (Background yes’s)

Fay: Of course, you know you’s my girls and I wanted to hang! Its Christmas and like I said you’s my girls! Luv ya all and keep it cool.

(Everyone starts talking and walking and goes for food)

(Lindy walks toward Fay)

Lindy: Awesome party. Loving it! (Smiles big)

Fay: Thanks. Look I need to go change into my party outfit and go to the bathroom, keep an eye on everything for me while I’m gone?

Lindy: Yeah, of course!

(Fay walks up stairs… camera shows her in bedroom … finds note reads it.)

Lindy: Ah, Fay, can you hurry up, everyone is getting bored.

Fay: Um, uh yeah, wait what… bored already. Uh yeah I’ll be down in a minute.

(Fay sits on bed… examines note)

(Big sigh, throws it in drawer and walks down stairs, nervous look)

Fay: You barely gave me 2 minutes? And no one looks bored to me!

Lindy: Well whatever I was bored and Its weird being down here with your dad present.

Fay: (Rolls eyes)

Lindy: Fay, why do you have this look of terror?

Fay: (Giggles) what are you talking about this is my look of excitement? (Walks away quick to other friend and starts to talk.

Lindy: (walks towards Fay) Fay, don’t just walk away and ignore me. I am always right about your expressions.

Fay: (Turns to Lindy, walks past her and quietly says through teeth..) Lindy, shut up I’ll tell you later!

Lindy: (Grabs Fay’s wrist.) What? Tell me what? Tell me now.

Fay: Later, it will be too obvious now! Now let go and act casual.

(Friend walks over)

Friend: Hey, what-

Lindy: (interrupts) Hey yeah, we’re just talking about, about her….. her… dad.

Friend: her…..Dad?

Fay: Lindy Shut up, What’s on your mind _________?

Friend: Um uh, are we going to play a game?

Fay: yeah sure lets-

Lindy: after I talk to Fay.

Friend: (giggles) Um Okay?

Fay: (giggles) No, uh let’s start now, she doesn’t have to talk to me

Lindy: Uh, yes I d-

Fay: No she doesn’t

Lindy: (says quickly) yes I do…. __________Start thinking of a game we will be upstairs for a few minutes.

Friend: Whatever

(Lindy drags fay up the stairs)

Fay: Lindy! I don’t want to talk about it right now.

Lindy: Oh yes you do, you aren’t waiting 5 months like you did last time to tell me something important.

Fay: It doesn’t matter because it’s not important.

Lindy: Fine, be that way. But you’re not leaving until you tell me (Sigh and pause) Oh common just tell me and get it over with.

Fay: (sigh) uh, uh fine.

(Fay walks to drawer, hesitates then takes out the note.)

Lindy: What’s that?

Fay: (glares at Lindy) um, it’s a note (Hands note to Lindy) I don’t ever take these note things seriously but this one just gives me a weird feeling. Ya know, like its not meant to be a prank, or to stalk or to scare.

Lindy: Who wrote this note?

Fay: I don’t know? I-

Lindy: could it be someone here.

Fay: that’s the nerve wrecking thing….No, it couldn’t.

Lindy: Its possible…

Fay: Lindy, no its not. For one, everyone has been downstairs the whole time. And Two, I know everyone’s handwriting and this doesn’t matched any of the girls downstairs. But, I’m uncomfortable knowing someone found there way in here.

Lindy: Fay, its not hard to sneak into a house.

Fay: yes it is. You don’t know this, but this house is extremely secured. There is NO way.

Lindy: Why is is so secured.

Fay: Lindy, because of my dad works downstairs.

Lindy: Oh. …. Look, I know you said it couldn’t be anyone downstairs but why don’t we ask?

Fay: No! we cant. This could be dangerous.

Lindy: If it’s that serious you tell your parents, and go to the cops.

Fay: that’s not an option either… My gut is telling me not to tell anyone

Lindy: No, No! No more secrets, no more hiding and enough of trusting your gut.

Fay: Look, I know my gut feelings have gotten us in trouble before but this, this cant be spoke off. Just promise me you won’t tell anyone!

© 2012 Hannah Jocks

Author's Note

Hannah Jocks
Its really bad so far but I wanted to put it up(:

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Added on December 3, 2012
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Hannah Jocks
Hannah Jocks


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