A Poem by victoria

when im around him its diffrent,
i cant quite dicribe the feeling but
its like im tied to him in a way
like our souls are hugging when we arent even touching

its like our futures are entangled 
but our present has never been so far apart.
like we're walking in the same forest
but on diffrent trails.

its almost like we are forced to love each other
but we hate eachother.
we annoy each other
but we have to be touching.

its like we trust each other with secrets
but then expect the other one to blurt it out to the world.
like im not good enough
but im the best thing he has.

im the best friend he fell in love with
but i feel like we cheated destiny,
or like we are ment to be
but we are trying to run away from each other.

its the strangest feeling to be honest.
we both want to get away, but no matter what
when i see him i need to hug him, grab him,
its like when we are broken up hes still mine.

im protective over him,
and i cant imagein him with someone else,
and same goes for him..
its the oddest thing.

but heres the thing,
ive let my walls down for him,
ive never been so myself with anyone but him,
im comfortable with him

im truer with him than i am with my best friend,
hes the world to me,
and as strong as i act sometimes with out him
it kills me to know that other girls are trying to get with him

however i know how he feels for me,
and yes ill admit sometimes i second guess it,
but i care for that boy soo much
and i love him

i dont care if people think i can do 100 times better
whats better if your dating someone you dont even like.
hes everything ive ever wanted
hes all i need,

him>>the rest of em

© 2013 victoria

Author's Note

sorry this may be confusing but its how i feel

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Added on June 9, 2013
Last Updated on June 9, 2013



Wonder Land, RI

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