River of Milk and Honey

River of Milk and Honey

A Poem by BadlyBruisedMuse

Got milk? Got Honey? Got a river?

Have you seen the River of Milk and Honey flowing through this land?

Can see  the undieing, magnanimous, spirited might of Woman & Man?
With pitty it is to be blinded by our constant Veil
 obscureing what we see.
 our alpine towers Touching the Sky
for we said,
" It is what must be"
Or the Artistic vision embedded in a park.
Strung together by our communion.
Less we forget,
the Heaven Sent,
Beauty of Human Union?
Must we adore the lies and emphasize!
Our constant feat at segregation?
When in Between the lines, And through out time,
There's been a Loving lack of Separation!
And when Adversity screamed " En Garde!", We did too.
And it was brought to its knees at our feet.
Yet! "They" Pessimise of a coming a demise.
With shame is to think we simply are that Weak.
Who else! can Tinker a tiny thought? And with a given plot.
Turn it to a plan!
Hot like fire is our own desire

shedding light on woman and man

Could a simple Bee under its Hierarchy
Contemplate its Right!?
And in its Strain could it seek to Gain
Freedom In a revolutionary Fight?
We have faced or Limits, and shattered them.
without it being recognized
Our guilt of sin blocks what is Within
And the Bad be capitalized!
Herded like Sheep
We buy into what we Weep.
Our Good Is little seen.
Through us much is been done, Only to be Shunned.
For we Struggle To justify our mean.
What better a Goal!? To Strengthen The Soul
And it is Asked be you Woman or Man.
Will One open the mind To seek out and Find
The River Of Milk and Honey flowing through this land?

© 2010 BadlyBruisedMuse

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Intriguing piece, nicely done. Very good

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very nice work, i like the flow to it.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on September 25, 2009
Last Updated on February 13, 2010
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Los Angeles, CA

(*Below was written ten years ago. For strange sentimental reasons, I haven't been on this site for nearly 10 years as well, I don't want to delete it. suffice it to say I no longer am a 19 year old.. more..