A Chapter by Alexa Tasch

Cinderella they did slice and then she was eatin by the mice.....


     If you were an orphan back in this time and age, if you were all alone, you knew Cinderella. The Queen of the Orphans some called her. Cinderella was always the oldest orphan. No one wanted her. She was friends with each orphan for only a little while before they were adopted. No one wanter an eight year old.Her only "real" friends were the mice. Eventually, she even learned to speak with then.


     One rainy day, one crying woman adopted one not so little Cinderella.

"Why would you want this one!?!" asked the care lady.


"I can't find the time to have children of my own because my husband doesn't want a baby. I'll take her"


     All was well for a year or two untill the husband died and Mother (as Cinderella was told to call her) re-married. Now this husband died too, but not befroe Mother bore him two twin daughters.


"Oh mum look! Look! Isn't he charming?" asked the older twin, Tilly.


"Yes dear but rich men have a tendancy to die in this family. Although we are a little short on cash."


     Milly ran in. "Mum! Cinderella is in the garden again and the mice are back!"


"Well where is the cat?"


"I think Cinderella killed it!!"


     Mother's face became red upon hearing this. That was her favorite cat . She knew it was either Tilly or Milly who killed the cat. The twins had been diagnosed and mentally insane. But she couldn't bring herself to punish her two little girls so that left the misteak, Cinderella.


"Cinderella!!" In an unjustified rage Mother ran out into the garden Milly and Tilly quietly following with large smiles on their faces."You killed the cat! You killed my cute little cat!"


"No disrespect Mother but it was a rather large cat and I didn't do it. It was Milly I saw her. She dropped a rock on it from the second story window while Tilly tied it to the ground. I tried to save it!"


     Mother slapped Cinderella. Then with enough force to almost break her arm, Mother dragged Cinderella to her room. Cinderella struggled to get free but she was no match for the rage that was feeding her wicked stepmother's strenght. The twins still followed their mother as silently as a shadow, still smiling. Mother locked the door and handed off the key to the twins. They exchanged a look. The twins favorite thing to do was torture things before finishing them off. They couldn't kill Cinderella but they could sure torture her.


     Alone in her room Cinderella began to cry. After she calmed down Cinderella, being to sing. it was just a little tune and soon she was surrounded by mice. Small mice, large mice, cute mice, all her friends came toward the familiar sound of her voice.The sat and watched as she dried her eyes.


"Hello my friends," whispered Cinderella.


"Hello," they all chimed back.


"Well it's not all bad. I may be locked up but atleast that horrible cat won't be here any more. And I won't be here for long. The dishes need doing and the floors need washing."


"Poor Cinderella," said the leader mouse," You were better off at the orphanage."


"I know but atleast I will be old enough to leave soon."


     There was a loud banging at the door and the voice of Mother piercing like knives. Cinderella was right. There was work for her to do. She got up and went down stairs, Mother glaring at her the whole way.The rest of Cinderella's day was a blur as usual. Clean, be punished, clean, clean, be punished, beg for dinner, and retreat to her room to try to sleep.


"Cinderella! Cinderella!" shouted the mice in the middle of one night.


     Rubbing her eyes, Cinderella sat up as best she could. "Yes? What is it?"


     One lone mouse stepped forward. He wasn't the leader mouse, just one of her friends."Well miss......I heard from the royal castle that-" The mouse was interrupted by the thundering noice of a horse drawn carrige.


     Cinderella hopped out of bed and ran to the window followed by the mice. The carrige pulled up to the door and a sleepy eyed Mother stepped out side. Cinderella strained to hear what they wrer saying for she could not lean out the window and be exposed.

"Sorry to bother you late miss," said a fancy dressed man, "but I have an invitation. The prince is holding a ball to find a suitable wife. Your three daughters have been invited."


"Three? I only have two daughters."


"Oh? Then I must be misteaken. My apologies. Well, I must be off. Good evening to you." And with that he rode off.


     Tears began to well up in Cinderella's eyes once more. The ball was her only hope of leaving in the next two years. Then somwthing deep within the recesses of her tortured little mind something snapped. No. She wasn't giving up. Not yet. She wasn't going to give up untill she died.


     Cinderella didn't sleep for the rest of the night making her plan. The next morning she awoke before the others and went into the sewing room. There in the closet was Mothers unfinished dress. Cinderella took it down and ran her hand along the smooth blue fabric. Yes this would do nicely. She took it back to her room and gave it to the mice. They began to sew and finish it.


     Her next stop was Mother's room. Knowing Mother, Cinderella knew she didn't sleep well if woken up and would drink herself to sleep. Cinderella snuck in silent as a cat and went to Mother's dresser. There on top was Mother's favorite pearl necklace. Cinderella smiled even more. She snatched the necklace and fled back up to her room.


     She flew in and quiely closed the door. The mice had finished sewing and she shoved the dress in a bag. Then in went the necklace. She slipped on her running shoes and left once more with the bag slung over her shoulder. The last thing she needed was a pair of the twin's shoes. This she saved for last because the twins were always watching. They had these dolls placed throught the house. It was a wonder they hadn't caught her yet.


     She tiptoed into their room looking around. The twin's collection of dolls stared back at her. Whatever the dolls saw they saw. On the night stand was a small glass jar filled with a spider and a grasshopper fighting to survive. And there, next to Tilly's side of the bed, was Milly's favorite glass slippers. Cinderella smiled. That was all she needed. She tiptoed quickly over and bent down picking up the heavy shoes. The soomth cold glass made her smile even wider. She stood up and suddenly, a pale cold hand shot out and smacked her across the face. Cinderella stumbeled back, surprised.


     Cinderella had always tried to be understanding of the twins. When they were five and Cinderella was thirteen a wolf broke into their house. It tore down the door and went right into the twins room. They had never been the same since. Now they were cruel and slept with knives under their pillows.


     Cinderella looked up to see the twins staring at her with knives in hand. Then all at once they lunged, slashing their knives through the air. Cinderella was ready for it though and ducked sending the twins slamming into the wall. She sprang up and bolted for the door, tucking the shoes into her bag. Cinderella flung open the door as the heard the twins call for Mother.


     Out into the cold dark woods she ran. Down the worn dirt path. Cinderella ran and ran until she saw the lights of the castle. The castle was beautiful. It was built of only white bricks and the roof was tiled only with red tiles. In the center of the castle was a courtyard and in the middle of the courtyard was a tall tower. The only thing that surpassed the castle in beauty was the hidden waterfall behind it.


     Cinderella smiled again. She was almost there. She walked over to the waterfall and began to undress. She stepped into the clear pool of water and washed away all of the sweat. Then she shoved her work clothes in her bag and slipped into the dress. She did up her hair and put on the necklace. Last the eased her feet into the glass slippers. Then, Cinderella began to walk to the ball.


     The dancing hall was bright and warm and alive with people when Cinderella walked in. There was music and dancing and laughing. Cinderella joined the crowd and began to dance with all who asked. Then, the prince came over.


"May I have this dance?"


     Cinderella blushed. "But ofcourse your higness."


"You know," said the prince, "I am looking for a bride. What is your name?"


     Suddenly there was a loud bang. The dancing hall doors broke open and in rushed Mother in a rage.


"CINDERELLA!!" she screamed. The crowd parted quickly pushing Cinderella froward. There she stood with the prince by her side. Returning Mother's evil glare, Cinderella slowly bent down taking off her shoes. Then she took one and smashed it against the wall holding it by the heel. She pointed it at Mother.


"You miserable little b***h!" Mother spat, "How dare you steal from me! I who fed you and clothed you!"


     Cinderella eyes widened. " tourtured me! You abused me and treated me like a slave. Treating your child like a slave, now that is punishable by death!" With those words Cinderella ran at Mother. She slashed but missed as Mother dug her elbow into Cinderella's back. She fellw forward and Mother kicked her in the face.


"Enough!" shouted the prince and everyone turned. The prince drew his sword "Neglecting your daughter is in fact punishable by death." With that he went froward cutting into Monther's arm.


     Mother let out a scream of pain. She grabbed the shoe out of the stunned Cinderella's hand and stabbed the prince right in his chest. A red blossom began to spread on his white shirt. The prince fell to hims knees and Cinderella stumbled back, horrified. Mother began laughes and the crowd screamed as the prince's guards rushed out. They tried to contain Mother and somewhere in the brawl there was a loud snap as a guard broke Mother's neck.


     Cinderella couldn't believe what was happening. She turned and ran, her breathing rapid. The night air felt hotter than before and her mind was numb. It only felt like seconds but before she knew it, Cinderella was home. Carefully, she opened the door and went inside. The door closed behind her and she spun around. There on each side of the door were Milly and Tilly. Each with their knives.


"We only let you get away," said Milly, "But not this time," said Tilly. They smiled. "But first," said Tilly, "the mice," said Milly. Tilly brought out a jar of miceand smashed it on the ground.


"NO!" shouted Cinderella. In a blind rage Cinderella ran towards the twins but instead ran into their knives.


     The blood spattered the walls. The twin's laughter echoed throught the house. They slashed and cut untill Cinderella was almost dead.The mice bagan to swarm around her.


"The mice are hungry," said Milly. Her and Tilly turned to leave as the mice began to feed.


     Cinderella they did slice and then she was eaten by the mice.

© 2011 Alexa Tasch

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lol. You two are tortured souls

Posted 13 Years Ago

LMAO God your stories are so fun to read! sorry it was just funny that intro "Why would you want her?!" lol

Posted 13 Years Ago

oh my god. why did you kill cinderella? i love the story of cinderella!

Posted 13 Years Ago

i laughed at the end you know it would have been better i didnt hear about it at lunch first :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

i will always smile at the name cinderella now.

Posted 13 Years Ago

That was horrifying, good job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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