A Poem for the Undertow

A Poem for the Undertow

A Poem by Dani

a bulletproof room
sits alone
underneath a naked bulb
and bathes the room in its flourescent glow

a single chair
separates the soul of the room
wooden and splintered
it cannot move, it is nailed to the floor

a writhing undertow
drags us down
to the depest depths of the ocean
forever to never see the light of day once more

the concrete cracks
underneath tired feet
the unbearable heat of the sun
watches fatigued bodies drag along the surface of the earth

the leaves sprawl haphazard
beneath a sagging tree
whos limbs are too heavy
to hold the weight of this desolate world on its shoulders

and as the monster lies under your bed
beneath your covers where bones lay instead
someday you'll be gone
a whisp of plasma on the surface of the earth's face

but as for today you're still here
and though the world deteriorates beneath our feet
the haunting, the first bite is where we'll meet
and forever you'll never be alone again

as the sagging tree, heavy with knowlege and trouble
finally splinters and cracks
and falls

© 2009 Dani

Author's Note

Please ignore the obvious spelling mistakes :]

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Added on March 8, 2009



On my way to Wonderland.

Okay, well, my name is Dani and I have terrible grammar (grammer?) and I can't spell to save my life, but I love to write. Its a passion. I'm actually going to go to college for writing (creative wr.. more..

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