Where Tears And Smiles..by Michael

Where Tears And Smiles..by Michael

A Story by Michael Reisman

A beautiful baby parakeet was given to Pamela on her tenth birthday. She hugged and kissed her parents at this totally unexpected surprise. It was her job now to care for her new pet and give him fresh food and water everyday along with cleaning the bottom of the cage twice a week. No problem, as Pamela felt a special bond and love for her new friend. Charley would often sit on her finger as they looked at each other and talked in a language that only a young child and her beloved pet could understand. There was always a tender peck on her cheek before she put him back into the cage. His own way of kissing her goodnight. Sometimes Pamela didn't close the cage door securely. It was then that Charley pushed it open and flew into her bedroom. The fluttering of wings woke her up as he would then land on her shoulder. She smiled and went back to sleep. One more tender peck on her cheek, then Charley would fly back to his cage. Pamela purposely left the cage door ajar after this incident as she enjoyed his sometimes nightly visits. She eventually turned eighteen years old and woke up one morning to give Charley fresh food and water. He was on the bottom of the cage and on his back. His little feet was curled up and his eyes were closed. Pamela cried as she gently picked him up and kissed him goodbye. Mom and dad buried him in the backyard garden as they all wept and said a prayer. One week later the sound of fluttering wings echoed in her bedroom. She felt a small pressure on her shoulder, then a tender peck on her cheek...Maybe the love of a little young girl and a baby parakeet never really die. These are the moments where the wings of an angel descend to visit once again. Case in point in a short love story about Pamela and Charley, where tears and smiles blend together at the same time...

© 2014 Michael Reisman

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The imagery in your writing is amazing. I went from smiling to almost tearing up at the death of her beloved friend. Thank you for sharing this.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Michael Reisman

8 Years Ago

Thank you so much for this beautiful compliment. As I write, I imagine myself being there and this c.. read more

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Added on July 7, 2014
Last Updated on July 7, 2014
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Michael Reisman
Michael Reisman

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