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It was a very special and unique tenth birthday for Karen. She expected another toy, or a new doll, or maybe new clothes. Something each year that was never asked for by her, just "surprise me mom and dad', was her response. The present sat on Karen's night table in her bedroom which was placed there while she slept the night before. It stood about two feet all and one foot wide. There was a thin pink cover over it as Karen wiped her sleepy eyes that Saturday morning of her birthday. She lifted the cover and saw a beautiful yellow baby canary. Her parents heard the screams of excitement and joy as they entered her bedroom. After a few tears of joy by Karen and a hundred thank you's later, mom and dad explained to their little girl how to care for and take care of her new pet. An easy slide out tray from the bottom of the cage would take care of the mess every other day. Fresh food and water on a daily basis. The canary was named Christie. Soon she began to sing and chirp, melodies and tunes that touched Karen's heart. A little finger would enter the cage as Christie would jump from her perch and onto her friends finger as a greeting was exchanged. Sometimes Karen would wake up with her beloved pet sleeping on her pillow as the cage door was left open for her to come and go as she pleases. The life span of a canary is relatively short as she passed away when Karen turned nineteen years old. It was Christmas Eve when Karen heard the fluttering of wings in her bedroom. The winters were shut tight as it was winter and no birds were around, nor could get in. A familiar song with melodies remembered as a faintly visible beloved pet sat on her pillow. Karen went back to sleep knowing that it was Christie.....
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Added on August 3, 2015
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Michael Reisman
Michael Reisman

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