My financial identity

My financial identity

A Poem by andrew mitchell

I have always felt
I was suppose to be rich
beyond my wildest dreams
but alas, I was born
in a poor man’s body.
Maybe, I’m just trans-financial,
never did like work anyway,
more of a rest and relaxation
motivated type of person.
I may need help with
the transformation ….
to get started….
to go beyond
my own meagre savings.
So far I’ve got the chair but
in need of a castle
with large grounds
and beautiful gardens
while inside a large library
for my books…..

© 2024 andrew mitchell

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I worked with a man who won the lottery. He drove a really nice truck. I asked him how he could afford it knowing what his job paid. Then he relayed to me his lottery win. His church besieged him, his friends drained him, his wife left him and took the house he'd bought and all he had left was the truck out of over a million dollar win. He was a nervous wreck. Myself, I've never been overly fond of money or stuff. It's okay. It's nice to buy your wife and kids dinner out once in awhile somewhere other than McDonald's or take a vacation or have a decent car to drive. But the Rolls Royce, platinum Rolex world isn't for me. I have what I need and much more than I feel like I deserve so I'm content with that.

Posted 2 Days Ago

andrew mitchell

2 Days Ago

You do hear of these stories and money doesn’t make you happy but gives a more comfortable sufferi.. read more
And all the false, two faced friends that only love you for your wealth lol
Stay poor and humble Andrew, at least you won't be riding high and frightened of falling down..

Posted 1 Week Ago

andrew mitchell

1 Week Ago

Haha the pitfalls of winning the lottery. Thank you Stella.

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2 Reviews
Added on February 11, 2024
Last Updated on February 11, 2024


andrew mitchell
andrew mitchell

adelaide, Australia

Strindberg said. " When I come home and sit at my writing table, then I live.... I live, and I live in manifold fashion of all human beings. I depict; I am glad with the glad, wicked with the wicked,.. more..


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