OyE BuDdY!!

OyE BuDdY!!

A Poem by kaywrites

A poem that invariably pays tribute to sisterhoods and the deep bond of friendship and love that is shared between each soul carrying the legacy.

Oye Buddy! This is what I always feel

   When I think about our sisterhood deal, 

Was Friendship born with us,

   Or Were we born for thus? 

And you make me wonder

   If I am free of any blunder,

For Goodness has blessed me heartily

   And with you, life goes on happily,

I wouldn't say I crossed miles

  But you were beside me spreading smiles,

We may have held hands in mid

   But, will never let go till the end,

You have sketched my life with care

   For you, anything I would bare,

Do you ever wonder about your worth?

   Then lemme put my thoughts forth,

Your memories stay concrete like cements

   You give me the happiest of moments,

So long as the clock chimes

   Together, We'll sustain the roughest of times,

Memories that could fill up disks

   Prove to be my safest of risks,

In your hands lie the tickets

   With access to my darkest of secrets,

You inspired me with your talks

   Making me do the kindest the acts,

For you, I never spare a glance

   Still, ours is the strongest of bonds,

To only you my heart succumbs

   On days of my fiercest of tantrums,

You are whom my heart follows

   When lost in the deepest of sorrows,

Away and away the time whiles

   As we talk the lengthiest of calls,

We wear out the shoe's soles

   As we take the longest of strolls,

Fantastic are our times of dayouts

   For we haunt the coolest of hangouts,

We dress up like total smarties

   To sweep away the funkiest of parties,

You have seen me with blushes

   In front of my smartest of crushes,

Didn't guys chase our good books

   When we had our prettiest of looks?

At times, my laugh almost chokes

   For we crack the funniest of jokes,

We ping infinitely without any goals

   Our hands hitting the craziest of LOLs,

Our eyes were dozing behind glasses

   While we had the dullest of classes,

Help during tests with knowing winks

   For I had the dumbest of blinks,

Our brains change into empty dams

   On the day of toughest of exams,

Remember the way every teacher barks

   When we score the poorest of marks?

Did we not have the habits

   Of gossiping about the hottest of tidbits? 

We never care about using brooms

   And breathe in the filthiest of rooms,

We made people stare from stands

   Being style icons with the trendiest of brands,

We chase off the stupid kooks

   When they give the rudest of rebukes,

You toast me in amazing ways

   And bring forth the merriest of birthdays,

Our dorky interests will never cease

   To watch even the cheesiest of movies,

When slightly worried, one always bugs

   And we pass around the warmest of hugs,

It has always been sleepless nights

   If we had the silliest of fights,

Without you, my gloomy mood ascends

   Those were always my loneliest of weekends,

I would vanish behind the skies

   Than go through the hardest of goodbyes,

Hope our lovely sisterhood never ends

   For I am the luckiest of friends,

My life is brimming with happiness

   Right at the ultimate peak of awesomeness

Ever heard of marriages made in heaven?

   Well, our story too is suchlike woven,

For, Our Friendship Was Made In Heaven!!!

© 2013 kaywrites

Author's Note

Your comments and opinion could really help me with constructive improvement as a writer.

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Added on June 2, 2013
Last Updated on June 2, 2013
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