Sundee Crash

Sundee Crash

A Chapter by Imara

A normal lunch turns into something much more with bright yellow eyes and cops that Todd has never seen before.


We walked into Sundees, the staff greeted us having become our friends over the summer. We took our usual seats and ordered our usual food which was quickly brought out to us. The summer light shined in through the windows. Rachel and Max sat across from Austin and I. Wiping grease from our chins, munching on over salted fries and washing it all down with chocolate milkshakes we chatted away at the details of our life. “So I’m going to go on a cruise soon.” Austin said having swallowed his food.

“Really? Where?” I asked.

“It’s one of the Disney cruises through the Caribbean. There are going to be so many hot chicks!”

We laughed, “Like you could get any of them.” Max chuckled.

“Don’t let your sweaty palms stop you, girls don’t touch your hands right away.” Rachel smiled trying to be encouraging.

“You guys are just jealous.”

“When is it?” He opened his mouth just as the bell rang on the door and a red flash dipped underneath our table. I laughed, “Keres what are you doing?”

She peeked up and shushed me. Two cops walked in, but they were not our cops. Theres were, rigid, trained searching cops. I looked back at Keres, her hair was longer now. Down to her shoulderblades, the red was only at the bottom half the top the original silky black.  Her eyes were a erie, bright, glowing yellow. Even though the room was lit they still seemed to shine with their own like. “Please don’t look at me.” Her bright eyes blinked, they were like nothing I had ever seen. Somehow I managed to tear myself away from the dangerously enchanting gaze.

The entire restaurant was quiet looking at the serious cops, such stern, scary faces were not familiar to us.  The staff looked the other way, did not greet them, were suddenly very busy with getting their work done. We looked like at the cops as they searched around the dining room. When they came close to a table the occupants tried to continue as though the cops were not there searching, hands too close to their guns. I felt something drop in my lap, Keres’ necklace. It was a full red, bright outline around the bear. She must’ve repainted it. “I’ll be back for it at the Summer Nights Festival.”

She watched as the officers glided stiffly passed us. Then she leapt up and over the table and rushed out, the officers didn’t even pause they swiftly turned and raced out behind her. Whispering things into their radios.

“What the-” Rachel was cut off by the sound of gunshots, a car crash, a girl screaming and blaring sirens.

For a second we didn’t move, we couldn’t. After processing everything we, like everyone else, left our booth and rushed to the windows to see what had happened. A car was smashed in the road, no other car around that had crashed into it. Obviously something had stopped it, the driver was the one who had screamed. A man in about his early forties. There was one officer on sight, a woman.

She was not like the officers we had seen before, she was a normal cop. Her face was confused, scared yet calm. She hushed the others, shouting orders for everyone to please stand back. Soon she was backed up by others. “Todd?” Max swallowed. I couldn’t look away from the scene before me to meet his eyes. “Todd!”

“What?” I was still looking out the window, searching for Keres, but I knew I wouldn’t find her.

“Can you take me home?”

© 2013 Imara

Author's Note

This is pretty short. Does it feel rushed to you guys? Did I create enough contrast with the characters behavior? Do you guys like the story so far?

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Mystery and intriguing. Great job, Imara

Posted 11 Years Ago

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11 Years Ago

Thank you ^^
Rhianne Ney

11 Years Ago

You're welcome~

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1 Review
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