A Chapter by Imara

She moves away T_T


Chapter 1



                Everyone knew that Tristen and I were dating. I was somewhat of the tom-girl who wanted to be treated like one of the guys and I always was. Everyone felt so comfortable talking to me that I was always informed of everything. So back to the point Tristen on the other hand he was the perfect gentleman, pull out the chair, and never hit a lady you know all that stuff. In a nut shell we should have been switched because I was more man like and he more feminine. But that didn’t matter because he was a football star, fenced with sticks, loved doge ball everything like a normal boy.

Now I should tell you something that no one knows, I am a vampire. I know there have been a lot of vampire love books out lately but in truth they are all fake. The thing about the sun, true I burn up but that is only after like an hour in nothing but the sun which means I have to be careful about how much time I spend outside. True that we also don’t age but that only when we don’t err… drink, when we do after going a long time without we go back to our normal age. And about the superhuman powers I’m sure you’re all wondering about that huh, well let me clear this up for you. Everything is affected by what you did before you were changed. I lived in the Native American tribe Blackfoot, they were in Illinois. So I have a deep connection with animals so by that I can change into any animal that I have formed a bond with, that bond must be given to you by the animal. So for example I can change into a wolf, raven, eagle, and buffalo, all breeds of a dog, all breeds of cats and a tiger. For all the priests out there we don’t burn by a cross some of us did that to give you some security because some of us can light ourselves on fire. Last thing before I get back to Tristen and myself. There are like a total of three vampires in every American state because well like in truth you can’t change into a vampire just by injecting them with some type of poison. It’s complicated so I’m not going to get into it.

So I lived a short time of four years on a small cul-de-sac in New York City, this street are for upper middle class people. I really liked it there so when I found out that I was moving of course I was sad. So for the last time I was going to see Tristen we sat on his deck, he was crying, I wasn’t I moved a lot during my over six thousand years of life. Most of us were made a long time ago, “So you’re just going to leave like this.” Tristen with his nice lips full and dark, he had short fuzzy hair a mini afro. His skin was darker than black, his head was thinner than his brother whose name was James.

“My parents got a new job across the city, you know if I could stay I would but where in the world would I stay. Don’t you say with you.”

“Well to bad, you know my mom wouldn’t mind she loves you.”

“I can’t do that. I’ll visit you as much as I can.” There was a honk then another then another.

“You’d better go.” He looked down.

I kissed him, his tears transferred to my cheeks, “Bye.” I said then got up and left him.

I am going to skip right to the first day of school because the drive is boring and my house is the same but with two floors, YAY!

So the school is huge three stories plus a basement, a separate auditorium, gym and lunch room. So I just kind of move through the school, I know no one there. Even a vampire gets a little anxious OK. So when I finally got to my homeroom, I just kind of sat there. Then I see him walk in, he has smooth green eyes, milky skin, black hair. He is wearing a black shirt and jeans that are ripped in the pants. I know right away when he yawns his canine teeth was sharp just as sharp as mine. Despite what you might think our fangs are not retractable, because it’s so rare to even meet another vampire I walk up to him. “Hey.”

I open my mouth a little and he nods, “Wow, never thought I’d meet another one.”

“Yeah I know, so when were you changed?”

“Sometime back in the dark ages end of Charlemagne.”

“Oh that sucks, I was changed I don’t really know when.”

“Cool, I’m Jake.”

“Daniela but everyone calls me D, just moved here.”

“So you keep parents?”

“Got to couldn’t get into school any other way.”

“I just convince people.”

“One of your skills?”


“Nice, that would be useful but I can only change into animals. Thank whoever is up there that my cloths change with me.”

“That would be a pain if they didn’t. Oh wait here comes some of my friends.” He turned, “Tom, Chris, come over here I want you to meet D.”

Tom was made perfectly for the football sport big shoulder big everything he was white with blond hair and gray eyes. “Hey, I’m Tom. Nice to meet- OW! Tight grip you got there.”

“A good question is who shakes hands these days were not on a business meeting.” I smiled.

“Sorry just how I was raised.”

I shrugged Chris was tall, white with brown hair and brown eyes, he still had that boyish look to him. “Hi D, I’m Chris.” He punched me in the arm. I smiled and socked him back harder. “OW, nice arm you got there.”

“I try.”

“So D, I haven’t seen you around before did you just move here?” Tom asked.

“Yeah I’m from southern NCY.”

“Yikes, so are the rumors true about gangs and stuff like that?” Chris seemed to want to visit.

“Depends on where you are, all my friends talk crap like there something big but trust me I can take them all down.”

“Oh so you’re some tuff girl huh?” Chris was getting ready to hit me again.

“I try.” I hit him in the arm.

“What the hell?” He rubbed his arm.

“Stop being such a wuss.”

“Here comes the teacher, you’d better take a seat.”

I sat down somewhere random she came in moved me, introduced me then sent me away. That’s what teachers did the entire time until lunch. I sat down with Jake, Tom and Chris but there is another person there he is bald black, but round. Like a cherry but he was not obese.

“Hey uh..?”

“My name is D.”

“Cool, I’m Raynen.”

“Nice, I just moved here from the other side of NYC.”

“Me too, well I moved like three years ago but somehow you always miss it.”

“Yeah I know, so is everyone this nice?”

“Not really.” Jake said, “See them over there,” I looked and saw who he was talking about. A girl and boy clearly a couple, the girl was Hispanic the boy was some Asian. “They are just jerks I swear I could kill them.”

They turned around, the girl I knew her. She used to live on my street before she moved. I got up and walked over to her, “Yo Katarina, it’s me D.”

“D is that you? Oh my god!” We hugged each other she smelled of nice perfume. Her brown eyes glowed she had make-up on. “What are you doing here?”

“I moved here, my parents got a new job.” She had a nice yellow top that went well with her golden skin and some skinny jeans.

“Oh my gosh, that’s great. Austin, this is D she knew me before I moved here.”

“Hey Austin.” He was tall for an Asian.

“Hey what does the D stand for?”

“Daniela, so let me guess you two are dating.”

They both blushed, “No were not.”

“Well you need to, I just got here and I can already see what a great couple you two would make.” I grinned.

“Well so uh D, why don’t you sit down here.” Austin said trying to change the subject.

“That be great but I’m kind of already sitting over there with some guys I met in my home room.” I pointed.

They eyed them real quick then smiled, Katarina laughed, “Just like you D to make friends with the guys before the girls. Go ahead sit with them promise to sit with us tomorrow?”

“Duh, see you later.” I waved and headed back.

“What in the world was that?” Jake asked.

“Katarina, I know her she used to live on my street. She moved a while back though, we were real close. What you guys got against her.”

“She beat the crap out of Chris.”

I laughed, “Well what did you do?”

“What do you mean, what did I do?” Chris asked.

“Well she isn’t going to beat the crap out of you for nothing.”

“I started making some jokes OK, but she went way crazy about it. I was just fooling around she took me seriously.”

I laughed and threw a pretzel at him, “If she wasn’t laughing then stop making jokes.” Of course that cut all the conversation and started a food fight that soon spread to the entire school before anyone could stop it.

I got home e-mailed all my friends and told my parents about my day. But as it always does I stopped e-mailing everyday and it was every other day, every week, every other week then it was only when I was on my e-mail.

© 2011 Imara

Author's Note

Yup please le tme know if you like it and I know there r a whole lotta spelling and grammar feel free to be a critic

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A few spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, but overall, nice introduction. Keep going! :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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