Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Imara

We get some drama


Chapter 3



I woke groggy the next morning. I left as soon as I could after vigorously brushing my teeth and brushing my hair a million times. Jake met me again outside, “Are you stalking me now?” I whisper quietly but it is a normal voice for me.

“Damn hangovers,”

I still managed a smile, we walked silently for the rest of the walk. What greeted us as soon as we entered the building? “So did you guys enjoy ditching us on Sunday?”

Tom is waiting for his answer, neither of us are up to give it to him. “Shush, headache.”

“From what?”

“Hangover, shush!” I whispered and then tiptoed over to my desk. Jake and I both shouted to “Shut the hell up!” A grand total of twenty times during the day, I don’t know what happened after that because as soon as I got home I crashed. I didn’t even have the energy to dream, I just surrounded myself in blackness.

Another useful thing about sleep is that it makes everything go faster, I felt as though I had been asleep for no more than a second but when I woke up it was breakfast. “Morning all.” I greeted happy that the pain was over.

“Glad you’re feeling better, I almost didn’t make you go to school yesterday you looked so bad.”

“Thanks for the compliment dad.” I smiled and sat down and gobbled down my pancakes.

“You’re welcome honey.”

I was finished mere minutes later and out the door, I actually walked by myself for about three city blocks until he caught up with me. “Here he comes to creep me out!” I said in a sing-song voice.

“That’s what I’m here for, a dollar an hour.” We laughed.

“I was thinking about going to see Tristen again this Saturday, you know because I kind of flipped out of him the last time. I’m going to tell him that I don’t want to be with him anymore, tell him to move on all that good crap. If he doesn’t love me enough to be with me forever then I don’t want to waste my time on him.”

“You want me to come?”

“Not really, it’ll be awkward he’ll think we’re dating and crap.”

“Then you’re telling me this for no reason?”

“Pretty much.”

“Well when you’re done killing everyone in the city then I’ll be ready.”

“Shut up with that already.”

“Alright, geez now do you want to do something again.”

I thought it over for a second, “No, I have some business to do tonight.” He snickered a little bit, “What?”

“Nothing just the thought of you in a suit.”

“What you think I’d look sexy.”

“Hardly,” I scowled then we laughed and entered the school. The day was boring nothing worth stalling on.

I got home ate then flew to Tristen’s school my old school. I knew he’d still be there for his school football practice. He was on the school team and a traveling team. I changed into a silver tabby and padded over to him during the water break. I mewed and he looked down confused for a second. “Bell? Wow you followed me here.” His coach blew a whistle, “You’d better get going before you get squished.”

I mewed again and laid down stubbornly.

“Fine don’t blame me when you’re tail get squished though.”

I yawned and he laughed. They started to run plays, being me I got quickly bored and spied a cup on the ground.  I crouched and stalked closer and closer to it, and then I pounced! It slipped from my paws so I jumped again and again until I was chasing that cup onto the field with made everyone stop and laugh. When I finally caught it I dropped it at Tristen’s feet as a form of a gift. They laughed.

“Tristen get that cat out of here.”

“Yes sir.” He said between chuckles then he chased me I ran in circles for a little bit then I turned and chased him. Soon the entire team was trying to get me, but like a fool I ran to their equipment and slipped and fell into one of the body suits. I stuck my head out and sneezed, of course they all laughed, cat’s have a better nose than most animals and even have scent glands on their tongue so believe me when I tell you that the suit did not smell good.
                They caught me then but it didn’t matter it was time to go. Tristen didn’t live far from the school so he walked. I grabbed one of the cups and followed him home. I mewed.

“You’re going to get me in trouble you know that. I can’t keep you we help strays not keep pets.” I mewed again and dropped the cup, it took me a minute to grab it again but eventually I did and caught up with him. “You remind me of this girl I know, her name is Daniela but everyone calls her D. You’re so good with people, and so beautiful and smart and playful.” I mewed and almost dropped the cup again.

We finally reached his house. I sat and waited on top of the table while he did his homework. He gave me some tuna and waited. James came home just a few minutes later, “What is that cat doing here?”

“Her name is Bell and she found me in the middle of football practice.”

“You fed her again didn’t you?”

“No.” He lied very convincingly.

“Whatever, so you want to go see D?”

“Right now?”

“No next year, of course now. Mike said he’d drive us.”

“All right.” I hopped down and to the door and mewed, “Looks like even Bell wants to go.” He opened the door and raced out. As soon as he couldn’t see me anymore I changed and flew home.

I changed into some nicer cloths and turned on the TV. I watched about six minutes of some silly cartoon before I heard a knock at the door. I raced down. When I opened the door there he was standing there, smiling brightly. I hugged them tightly, Mike said he’d be back in three hours. “What are you guys doing here?” I said getting out a glass of water.

“Just coming to see you.” James said.

“You finally put that address I sent you to good use, huh?”

“You sent us your address?”

“Don’t you remember, I gave it to you right before I moved?” They laughed I smiled. “So hold on one sec I am going to get all my friends together so that you can meet them. You know Katarina, she’s here did you know that.” It took me about five minutes to get everyone, they had nothing better to do with their lives and one night with me was sure to lead to something. I rushed back out, “Alright come on, wait out there real quick I got to get something.” I rushed back into my room grabbed one of my many spare backpacks and then ran outside.

“Where are we going?” Tristen asked.

“To the park, where else?” I walked fast to they had to kind of jog to keep up with me. Tristen told me all about Bell and her little adventure at his practice which I already knew but I smiled and laughed through the entire thing anyway. When we arrived at the small park Jake, Tom, Chris, Reynen, Katarina, Austin and six other people I didn’t know too well were there ready to have a good time. “OK everyone this is Tristen my long time boyfriend.” I smiled and kissed him, “And this is his big headed little brother James, be nice or I’ll kill you.” I hugged him and once everyone got the introductions out of the way I pulled off my backpack.

I took out some pretty big water guns and started shooting people. I handed them out and gave the people without water guns some water balloons. We played with those until we were all soaked and it was getting dark, some people were getting ready to go. “All right come on everyone, time for some fireworks!”

“Where in the world did you get those?” Tristen asked hugging me close.

“I have my ways, now help me light these things.” He handed out lots of sparklers and chased each other with those for a while but then I got out the big one and they started shooting into the air, from that three other people joined the party. I turned to see Jake walking off with Tristen talking about something serious.

I didn’t have the time to worry about it though because the music brought seven people with lights that were strung on the trees, and those brought even more people who just wanted to party. Of course Mike came to see what this was about and that added three cases of beers and some young adults to the mix. Then I saw Jake and Tristen come back and I realized how long they were gone. I ran over. “Jake are you trying to steal my boyfriend? Come on you’re missing the party.”

“We missed a lot.” Jake said migrating to Tom and Chris and another boy.

I made it through about three dances before I couldn’t neglect the look on Tristen face anymore, “OK what’s with you, this isn’t your normal party face.”

“It’s nothing, come on let’s have one more dance before I go so I can get home safely.”

I frowned but I wanted to have a good time and started dancing again, “Don’t expect me to drop this so easily.” It didn’t matter if he wanted to get home safely the police came after that and made us all go home take down the lights and made us pick up the fireworks. “Sorry about the bad party.” I said with a wide grin.

                James smiled widely, “No problem, geez I miss you’re parties D. We’ll be coming back soon, so be ready.”

“You better be ready because I’m going to have like six girls waiting for you. That reminds me, you get any numbers?” He nodded, “You going to call any of them?” He just grinned and got into the car.

Tristen smiled, “I really missed you D, I hope I can see you soon.”

“What are you talking about, you’re going to see me this Saturday. Tristen if you don’t want to date me I’m fine with that just be my friend OK.”

He laughed, “And cut that’s a wrap onto the next movie people.” Something behind me snapped him back to attention. I turned around but only saw Austin, Katarina, Jake and Tom talking about the party, “Yeah, about Saturday , I have a game.”

“Football season ended.”

“Then why was I at practice?”

“You and I both know that the school goes two extra weeks with just practice. So don’t give me that.”

“Calm down D, OK you’re right. I don’t have a game, looks like your too smart for me.”

“Hell yeah I am.” We smiled snickered giggled then laughed. “I’m sorry if you’re busy I won’t come.”

“Nah, you know what.” He looked past me again, “Come, I want you to. I can even pick you up.”

“I don’t need a driver thank you, I’m no princess.”

“You are to me.”

“Try getting me into Cinderella’s slipper then tell me that.” We smiled a little.

“If you don’t come I’m going to chain you to my arm.”

“Like you could catch me.” I jogged off the other way, he chased and caught me. He grabbed me around the waist and hugged me.

“You want to take the bus home with me.”

“I’ll go tell my parents now.” I ran and got there in about five minutes, “Mom, can I take the bus to Tristen’s house.”

“D, you didn’t tell us they were here.”

“Sorry when they came you were at work and we left. The cops, my bad for that one. So can I go?”

“Sure, tell his mom hi for me, and next time that she needs to come.”

“Thanks mom, I love you tell dad where I am. See you in the morning.” I ran back to see Jake and Tristen in a heated conversation, “Hey babe ready to go?”

He and Jake glared at each other for a minute then turned and kissed me on the cheek, “Let’s go.” We started to the bus station I felt Jake glaring at us before flying off.

                “What happened you two were so chummy earlier?”

                “Nothing, we just disagree about something.”

“What was it?”

“Nothing important.”

“Come on something that ‘wasn’t important’ wouldn’t get you that pissed.”

“Please drop it so I can enjoy my night with you.”

“Fine,” I leaned on his shoulder, “You love me right.”

“Yeah and I don’t have to be a vampire to prove it.” He took something out of his pocket.

I kissed him and took it as we stepped onto the bus. I was a charm necklace. It had three charms on it so far, one of a cross, one of a heart and the last was the letter D. Each charm was gold, and the necklace was silver. I left it in the box. “I love it.”

“May I put it on you?”

“Saturday, I promise. It’s just too beautiful to touch right now.”

He eyed me for a second then smiled, “Alright.” I punched him in the arm, “OW, what was that for?”

“You make me feel like a jerk because I can’t give anything to you right now.”

“It’s fine.”

“This must have cost you a fortune.”

“It was my aunts, the one who was killed by a vampire.”

“This thing had better not be haunted.” But bus stopped short and I fell back into his arms, “You see it the ghost of your aunt.”

He smiled and stood up and made a cross with his arms, “Go away Aunt Jamie! Haunt us no longer!” We laughed and he sat back down, “There now it’s safe for you to wear.”

I kissed him and I could feel all the older couples looking at us with warm smile, “Great, now you had better wait until Saturday, I’m going to give you something too.”

“I can’t wait.” It was a long ride and on the last bus he fell asleep. I smiled and picked him up.

“How times have changed, that used to be me in my man’s arms.” An elderly African woman laughed.

“Tell me about it, he’s a football player.” I got off the bus and carried him to his house.

I managed to ring the doorbell and his mom laughed when she saw us, “Bill is never going to believe this. Thank you for bringing him home.”

“No problem, I hope it was OK that they came to see me.”

“Oh it was fine.” I could tell she wasn’t one hundred percent on board with the idea.

“By the way my mom says ‘Hi’ and wants you and your husband to come next time.”

“I will, thanks honey.”


“Bye.” I was glad she didn’t question how I was going to get home.” I changed into an eagle and glided home on the breeze. When I closed my eyes that night I didn’t go to my own dream like thing I went to Tristens. His was nice enough him on the beach with my playing with the tiki torches. I couldn’t be the girl in Tristen dreams and dream date with him only watch. After a while something caught on fire, big shocker, but he put it out and we were just watching the waves lap at our feet. We were talking and talking, I didn’t bother to hear what, but then he handed me something and I gasped then disintegrated. He cried, I ran over to him but he just kept looking at the pile of ashes and crying out, “Damn vamps.”

It was strange it wasn’t what a person who had been killed by a vampire should look like and if his aunt had been killed by one he would have known what that looked like plus to add to that the people on the TV. I couldn’t take it I went back to my mind and walked down the aisles, looking for anything that would have had to do with a human victim turning to ashes but there was none. I knew the vampire who had killed his aunt it was sad but in the end she was just another blood bag, going to die anyway at least she went to providing for another life.

There was nothing more nothing and piles and piles of freaking nothing. I got tired of searching and opened my eyes, I turned on the TV and watched some vampire movies. It made me laugh that some of the early ones thought we slept in coffins. Yeah it was dark and comfy but we only used them for about a hundred years or so until we figured out that the vampire hunters were finding us way to quickly and killing us by using them against us. You have to remember that during that time there weren’t that many buildings which mean not only would you definitely get more than an hour of sun but there was no sun block. Then they found out our one weakness, freaking silver. Not really sure why but we burn to a crisp when we touch it, unless we bathe it in our own blood.

When we’re changed into vampire all the blood it put into seven hollowed gems and blood of ten vampires is put into you, the ta-da you’re a vampire, well almost.

After watching some more recent love ones I went and took out Tristen’s necklace and took out a wooden bowl, I took out one of my gems and carefully poured on one drop of blood and watched it move its way around the entire necklace. I took that same hollowed gem and managed to securely put it in a thick leather socket. It was perfect for him the right size. I held it up to the upcoming sun and watched the diamond casing send rainbows through its red center. Now let me explain how important this is. Like I said before when you’re changed your original blood is put into ten gems, so if you give anyone that you’re giving them part of you so it is also like a warning to other vampires that they had better not mess with this person. If you let another vampire drink your original blood then you are given a bond to them. You always know where they are and if they’re in danger and in sometimes can share memories. So it rarely happens due to the case that the person who drank your blood is probably never going to die.

I looked at it as the sun rose higher and higher, “I’ll take it back when he dies.” I stared at it for a long time because this had never happened to me. Never before had I given my blood to someone. I put it away safely and waited for my parents to wake up. Soon they did and we were at the table eating waffles, “So I had to carry him home because he fell asleep.” We all laughed.

“Sometimes I can’t believe him, Bill is going to give him something about that.”My dad said. We laughed his dad always teased Tristen about stuff like that even though he was the same way.

“I’m going to head out now, bye.”

“Bye.” I kissed my dad.

“Love you have a good day.” I kissed my mom and then headed out.

For the first time in three day Jake didn’t come flying in. So I walked to school alone, when I saw him I decided not to bring it up because it wasn’t a big deal. “Morning Jake.”

“Morning D, did you have a good time walking home with Tristen.” His voice was bitter.

“Yeah I got a gorgeous necklace from him.”

“Let me guess silver.”

“How did you know, were you following us?”

“No, everything is made of silver today.”

“I know, sucks it really does. So what were you two fighting about yesterday?”

He opened his mouth closed it then grumbled, “Nothing.”

“Come on, whisper it in my ear.”

He leaned in, looked both ways then whispered real low, “Nothing.”

“Jerk,” I punched him in his arm. “On to better news, I’m giving him one of my gems.” A few people shuffled into the class room talking about other things.

“You can’t do that!”

I took a step back, “And why the hell not?”

“Just don’t do it.” He looked me dead in the eye, “I’ll kill him if you do.”

“Don’t you dare even let that though cross your mind.” More people came and some turned their heads so they could have the inside scoop. “I’ll kill you if you even try.”

“Don’t give it to him!”

“I am going to and there’s nothing you can do about it, you can’t tell me what to do with what’s mine.”

“And why not I know better than you.”

I laughed harshly, “I’m older than you by three thousand years at least, I know what the f**k I’m doing.”

He stood up, “Don’t you give him your gem, you’ll regret it.”

“It’s up to me what I’ll regret don’t you think?”

“I know something about him that he’s hiding.”

“Oh please tell me, Jake the reliable.”

He bit his lip, “I don’t really have proof but you have to believe me on this one.”

“Yeah how about no, did he even tell you what he is supposedly doing?”

“Yes, but I don’t have it on recording. D I’m telling you don’t give it to him.” His voice changed from pissed to warning.

Tom, Chris and the rest of the world walked in to take their seats, “Jake go f**k yourself.”

A teacher popped her head in and screeched, “Who said that.” I picked up my things and headed to the in-school detention room. It wasn’t the first time I had been there.

What was his problem in the first place, what did he know about Tristen. Those two questions swirled around my head for the rest of the day and I was sure that he would tell me at lunch but he didn’t sit with us at lunch. I didn’t see him for the rest of the day, he had pissed me off for the entire week and it was a good thing that I didn’t see him for the entire week because I would’ve picked a fight.

Saturday came as I big relief to me, Tristen’s necklace in one pocket mine in the other. He greeted me and I held out his blue velvet box and he tied it around my neck with a great sigh leaving his chest. “Where’s my gift.”

“Fine Mr. Greedy,” I pulled it out of my pocket but hesitated Jake wouldn’t have freaked out like that for nothing. “Here you go,” I tied it around his wrist quickly, it was a good thing too because Jake dropped in out of nowhere and tried to take it.

“Damn it, D!”

I hissed, “Stay away from him Jake, I’ll kill you!” I turned to Tristen, “Tristen get everyone and make sure their inside. Stay away from windows and whatever you do make sure you do don’t look out the windows.”

“D, take it back from him.”

“Never, he’s mine now. You touch him and I’ll kill you.” I didn’t hear movement behind me, “Tristen go get James and get inside.”

“MOM, DAD,” I heard Tristen’s voice break, “I have some!” Suddenly they came rushing at us out of the house with silver daggers and guns loaded with silver.

“S**t D, I wanted to tell you but I didn’t have proof, their slayers.”

I turned around and Tristen’s dagger was aimed right at my heart, “Sorry love, I had thought’s we all did, we all hoped but now look where that’s gotten us. You murdered people.”

“Only because you said you hated vampires, I was angry that I could never be honest with you.”

“That doesn’t justify anything!” He spat, tears were about to come.

“Tristen, just put it down call your family off and I’ll leave New York, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

From behind him I heard James laugh but I didn’t want to look, “Stupid vamp. You think my brother loved you he was using you to lure out more vamps now we have what we need and now you’re though.”

“Tristen you don’t want to do this, you’re only going to hate vampires more if we kill your family and I won’t let Jake lay a hand on you.”

“Speaking of the rat where did he go?” Bill said looking around his gun ready.

“I’m sorry D, but this is what I have to do.”

I sighed, “You’re going to hate me for this.” I grabbed his hand and pushed it back despite his great strength, bullets fired and missed.  Jake was already down using his manipulative voice to coax them to go back inside. The parents did but James and Tristen were still left, “Tristen I’m giving you one more chance, please just go back inside.”

Jake landed by my side, “Do you want to kill them?” James was by his brother in just a few moments but Jake’s quick punches landed him on the ground, “He is still young, cocky and inexperienced.” He sighed, “What about him?”

“Just take me out of here.” I started to cry as he lifted me out of the sky. Tristen just stood there crying too.

“OK what now?”

“We go back, get our blood some other things and leave.”

“Are you going to go to his house as that cat again.”

I smiled sheepishly, “You can’t expect me to leave with only nine of my gems.”

“Sure. Look I’ll get both of our things you just feed, I already did before I came.” I noticed.

“Thanks.” He dropped me off in someplace random and I drank until it was dark then I went to Tristen’s house and mewed.

Of course he let me in, I sat by his side while he was scolded by his mom, “How could you not kill her. You killed plenty before, what stopped you this time?”

“I’m sorry, the other vampire he got to me.”

“We won’t be taken down by him next time. I never expected one to be able to do that.”

“We will kill them both next time.” James said angry he had been taken down without a sweat.

I mewed, “What is with that cat?” His dad asked looking down at me hard.

“Oh she kind of followed me home one day and…”

“He already fed and named her.” James spilled.

“Great we can’t have a traveling pet.” His mom said.

“She just kind of comes and goes as she wants, she’s nice, funny, beautiful.” He picked me up and I purred, “She already likes me and James.” I looked at them and sneezed, that softened their faces.

“Alright but if she is killed no tears and you pay for her shots, food, and I better not find poop and piss everywhere.” His dad said.

“Go to bed you two, get some rest, we are going to follow those two until we die.”

They nodded and went to sleep, and as soon as he hit the bed tears came. I curled up next to him and they slowed, “You know Bell, I should have killed her she would have been happier not living the life of a killer.” I mewed in protest but he took it as if I was agreeing, “I really did love her.” He looked at the bracelet I gave him, “Oh my god, this is one of her gems, the one with her favorite blood. I have to give this to mom!” I mewed and pawed at it a little, “Will the world end if they don’t know? I can keep this to myself for a while, right?” I mewed with a smile, “Yeah, just for a little while.”

He closed his eyes but I mewed loudly and he opened them and followed me to the window and I looked down like I was going to jump but I didn’t I just kept mewing. Eventually he got the point and saw the letter on the ground. He grabbed it and whispered the words to himself, “Dear Tristen, I hope this letter find you and your family. I hope you can forgive me not for being a vampire but for not loving to enough to keep this hidden from you longer. I thought always, it was always skimming my mind but I wanted you to just love me so badly. I see now that can never be, when you die I’ll collect my blood unless you want to give it to me now then give it to Bell. She is my cat, not a vampire cat in case you’re wondering. You can call her whenever you need her and she’ll protect you, by keeping my blood though no vampire will ever try to pick a fight with you. I am one of the oldest vampires in the world. Does it creep you out, the fact that you kissed and old lady?” He smiled and chuckled a little at that one, “I only wish I could turn back time but sadly that’s one thing a vampire can’t do so we just have to keep moving forward I guess. You’ll try to kill me, I continue to kick your a*s,” He laughed again, “who knows maybe I’ll chain you to my arm again. Well that’s only if you get rid of all of your silver. If you want your necklace back I’ll understand, but I’ll always wear it until you come for it, OK? I still love you and anytime you want to love me again I’ll gladly accept you as my boyfriend again, even if you’re ninety. I should probably wrap this up, but there are so many more things I want to say to you, so many more things I want to do. I’ll miss you’re hugs and kisses a whole lot but Romeo this Juliet is not going to kill herself for you and I know you won’t either. So I’ll love you as long as I live, (true name in old Blackfoot) Somenchu.”

Tears came again and I purred next to him and looked down at the bracelet, “That’s some name, how in the world you say it I’ll never know.” He laughed over his quiet tears. I licked them away. He hid the note, wrote on and gave it to me. “Don’t leave yet, leave tomorrow.” I mewed and curled up next to him

In the morning I was greeted with salmon and milk. I ate and drank happily and was petted by Tristen while they discussed what to do about us. “I think they would go to another country.” James said.

“It varies depending on the personality of the vampire.” His mom said staring hard at the map while she crunched on her bowl of cereal.

Suddenly all eyes were on Tristen I purred as he scratched my chin with his bracelet hand that was mainly covered by a shirt with really long sleeves. He stared at the map for a long time, “She likes parties and excitement she’ll always goes to a large city, she won’t be able to stand a small town.”

“That narrows it down a lot.”

“She’s in shock she’ll go to a city that is more quit than most but it’s still going to be a big city.” I blinked surprised by how well he knew me. I jumped up onto the table and looked at the map, then I laid down. One of my paws was under me the other was on the four corner states.

“Tristen get your cat.” His dad yelled.

He smiled the really looked and held out his hand, “She is going to be in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, or Utah.”

I hopped back into his lap, “What makes you think that?” James said suspiciously.

“Nothing, she said to me once that she always wanted to go to one of those places. She said that living in the center would be confusing and the address would be tricky.” I couldn’t believe he remembered that.

“Alright we’ll start searching those places right away. Now go to your rooms and start packing.”

We headed to his room and he gathered his things and handed me the letter, “Go and thank you Bell.” I mewed and leapt out the window.

“What-” Was the last thing I heard and it was coming from James.

I stopped at Jakes house and read it on the porch. ‘Dear Somenchu, nice name is it alright if I still call you D? So you can keep the necklace how in the world you’re wearing it even though it’s silver I’ll never know, and I don’t think you’ll ever tell me that’s fine. If you want your bracelet you can take it I don’t mind, so thank you for letting me keep Bell, you’ve probably had her for a long time, she’s just like you. I shouldn’t think this much more write it down but I do still love you, but you’re a vampire so I have to do what I was born to do. For an old lady you’re a pretty good kisser you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but how old are you? Your Remo and Juliet analogy is pretty good only thing is that ours is much more hate filled and I think our love is stronger than theirs. Quick question about the bracelet is if I attack a vampire and Bell isn’t there what’ll happen? I know you probably won’t even answer most of this but I’m going to find you and release you from your murderous body, I hope you’ll still love me even after I kill you.’ I laughed that he even thought that he could keep up with me, ‘Love you too (True name English) Tristen Keats Jones.’

“Enjoying your pen pal?” Jake said landing next to me with two small backpacks.

“Shut up,” I said with a smile and shoved the letter into my pocket.

“So where are we going?”

“Phoenix, Arizona.”

He gave me a look, “If I get hurt so help me,”

“You catch onto things too quickly.”

“Another one of my gifts, but this one I’ve gotten over the years.”

“Same here, I don’t try to hide to many things now adays.”

“Lots of things about you are starting to make sense now.”

“Like what?”

“Since you’re older than me, you’ve learned what to do when you need to hide things so if you wanted to hide the letter and the secret goings ons between you two you could have done so effortlessly. Which means you don’t have a lot to hide or you just don’t care enough about some things to hide it, or you think that me knowing about this isn’t really going to effect anything.”

“Good job, if you stayed with me or not I could have taken them down. Clearly I survived and can handle myself around them with or without you.”

“So why am I coming with you?”

“Because you want to, you can leave anytime you want.”

“Then what about the money?”

“I have lots of accounts around the globe and plenty of buried treasure.”

“Well then what are we doing just sitting around here let’s get flying.”

“I’m going to fly myself this time.”






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I know there are a lot of errors so point 'em out if you want to. ^_^ I just really want to know if you enjoyed reading it tho.

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its fantastic man!!!!
i love it!!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 1, 2011
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Cranston, RI

My Name is Imara, if you couldn't already tell, I'm currently in High school and completly unsure what to do with my life. I've been to a few places in America, which I try to incorporate into my writ.. more..

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