Letter 3

Letter 3

A Chapter by A. Siemens

It occurs to me that I should think of more clever names for my chapters


9th Day of the Rainy Season

6th Year of Reign of Amaranth,

The 17th Gryphon Keeper

To Whom It May Concern,

I believe that I have gotten myself quite sidetracked. That is another one of my many flaws, my dear scatterbrained and forgetful self. I had meant to chronicle the beginning of my journey, but it is just so much easier to rant than to reflect on a series of events that occurred over six years previous. However, it was my goal and I shall accomplish it! 

I must have been in my early to mid-teens when my life gained a considerable amount of excitement. I was still spending my time in that same dark alleyway that was nestled between a merchant's shop and an apartment that was in desperate need of a facelift. The stone mortar was brittle and it was unusual to hear the sound of crashing bricks that shattered down in my alley, plus hygiene wasn't the best. I did not enjoy having chamber pots emptied from above either, the splash of human excrement was most unwelcome.

The day fate stumbled upon me, the sun was just beginning to turn red and slink down behind the sand dunes. I was once again up on the roof, watching the hundreds of people down below in the overcrowded marketplace. Just scanning the area I could see several of my thieving friends picking targets out amongst the crowd and going in. I knew that the pickings must have been good and no one would notice a grimy kid bumping into them, nor would they notice anything was missing until hours later. I should have been down there too, but even from my perch up above the noise was already overpowering. 

As the darkness began to cover the city like a thick blanket, the crowds began to thin out which was wise since those who roam under the cover of darkness tend not to be the kind you want to run into. I, myself, was very aware of the danger of doing my own work during the night, but it was more favorable in my eyes.

I stayed up on that roof until everyone had left and the sky had darkened to a pitch black, crouched down on the balls of my feet as I scanned the city for a good target house to rob. Candles were beginning to be blown out all around, forcing the light into oblivion and the entire city was at the mercy of the night; the dark night, which held many secrets that no human could ever dream to imagine. 

As the candles were blown out, the silence piggybacked on the darkness. Only soft sounds of scuffling were heard as the night creatures, thieves like me and worse, began their work. I was about to do the same went I spotted someone walking quickly on the street below. Immediately that perked my interest and I began to hop from roof to roof on top of the densely packed buildings. I couldn't tell who it was, but the person just seemed very out of place in the dingy streets.

Its head was kept down and out of sight as the person walked quickly through the streets clutching a parcel to its chest. The parcel caught my eye and I was determined to hold it within my hands. I remember cursing when I realized that the tall apartment buildings were coming to an end and quickly shimmed down the edge of a room and jumped down onto an open awning. I landed hard and could already feel the bruises turning my skin purple, but it was the quickest way to get down without receiving a broken leg.

I didn't waste much time on self pity or the realization that by morning I would be incredibly sore, the parcel kept my focus. I briefly questioned whether nor not the package would be worth it, but it became an obsession of mine. Looking back on the chase, the parcel's contents were calling to me. Knowing what I do now, I couldn't have stopped running if I tried. The call was far too strong and I was not aware of how to control my mind's reach.

I caught up quickly to the person, even though my leg had begun to throb and I was forced to hobble. Frustration washed over me as I thought of how hard it would be to sneak into people's homes as a cripple. Stealth would be limited, that was for sure. Nonetheless, I followed as a shadow, hiding behind pillars as I did so. The air smelt of lavender which was very odd for the slums of the city which led me to believe that the individual I followed was of much higher status.

My fears of wasting my time following a measly beggar were unfounded, gave me a burst of energy and excitement, not to mention curiosity as I puzzled why someone like that would come to the slums. That was my very first clue that something was occurring. I wouldn't discover what occurred that night until days later, when the bells tolled heavy with dread. 

I suppose that was the place to end this letter. I must say that after years of having many writers end their work in a place that makes me feel uncomfortable or longing for more, I have the desire to do the same to you. The act of passing troubles onto someone else has always occurred and who am I to break the cycle? 

The sands of time flow without any regard to those caught within them

Amaranth, the 17th Gryphon Keeper

© 2012 A. Siemens

Author's Note

A. Siemens
Letter 3! I really need to think of some more clever chapter names. :P Anyway, another letter I wrote quite awhile ago. I actually haven't read it recently which might pose a problem since I'm posting it now...hmm. Oh, well!

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This one is good too. You have a good turn of phrase. Making the prose fresh and readable.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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A. Siemens


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