all flesh is grass (and not to yield)

all flesh is grass (and not to yield)

A Poem by jaye river

all flesh is grass,

red - the fire, and black, the ash

white phosphorus clouds covering

a glimmering light, holy ground and

ancient walls, a crucible of blood lust

time, circular - sin in broad daylight,

i live to see corporations funding genocide 

we, the people, turning a blind eye,
individual under god,

liberty and justice for capitalists, 

renting out the pursuit of happiness 

we're watching through tiny buzzing screens,

i only hope you know what i really mean

time, unyielding - but hope

remembers to reach the sea,

and not to yield if people aren’t free

© 2024 jaye river

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There is so much in your wording, part attack and part defence - rightfully so. Deep thoughts, fully aware and horrified that you are. Life and its supposed reality is full of cruelty - stemming from a far too eager past evil. Seems humans have become used to movie-world's perversions and abuse - full of the worst of mankind's use of phosphorus and all else to kill the all around. Perhaps many think that the deaths about them via any cause, will suddenly rise up and live.. blistered, melted and all. We are more and more desensitised.
Your writing is top of Sensitivity's tree, my friend. Kudos and sincere admiration.

Posted 7 Months Ago

"sin in broad daylight" no penance would ever be enough for the killing of children.
Many need to reach the sea to wash off their hate with a baptism of love.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Sadly the world is an evil place. We get to see images of that fact every day it seems. How can someone treat another like that? I honestly have no answer except to pin evil on it. Your poem, dark and light, soft and hard, abstract and to the point. There is a little of everything cool within your words. I really enjoyed this.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Such intelligent and vivid words, amazing job :))

Posted 9 Months Ago

I was reading about white phosphorus the other day and couldn't believe one set of people can do this to another. Truly, all flesh is grass. Human life is so expendable and we become just dead statistics. You write so beautifully jaye. I feel your pain.

Posted 9 Months Ago

jaye river

9 Months Ago

same here, it's truly horrific i can barely comprehend it. and thank you Divya, that means a lot com.. read more

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Added on October 17, 2023
Last Updated on June 6, 2024
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jaye river
jaye river

hello, i'm hoping to make friends and get feedback on my poetry. i'm 25 years old. feel free to say hi! i'm t.s. eliot's biggest fan more..

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