I still love you

I still love you

A Poem by .::Cup^E^Cake*RaWr!*::.

I wrote this for my ex


I'm sorry things happened the way they did,

There was nothing I could do.

You acted like a little kid,

Some how I still love you.


Baby I'll never be yours again,

No matter how much it hurts my heart.

There's too many times in our past,

That you made me fall apart.


You have no idea how I feel about you,

Because I have to stay away.

Speak to you is something I can't do,

To ease the pain there's nothing you could say.


You may think it's easy,

or that I just don't don't care.

You may think I'm sleazy,

but if things worked the way we planned baby I'd be there.


There for you through all the pain,

Kissing you in the middle of the rain.

Loving you with no shame,

Putting an arrow through your heart with perfect aim.

Hoping you'll love me just the same.


My heart is still broken

From letting you go.

There's still words left unspoken,

That you'll never know.


Words that will never be said by me.

Things that I want that could never be.

Things inside your eyes that I'll never see.

Times I won't be able to set you free.


I know in my heart that you still love me too.

There's so many things I know you wanna do.

Baby please know these words I say are true.

Even though I should be mad,

Some how I still love you.

© 2008 .::Cup^E^Cake*RaWr!*::.

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Oh my god I nearly cried....

You know that ball that finds its way into your throat...
and you're trying to hold it back from spilling unwanted tears....

yeah....I'm choking right now..

You stole the feeling from my eyes and heart and the quivering from my stomach and placed it on a sheet of paper...

My ex fiance and I just started talking again ---- simply as friends though...but every time he brings up the past, I can't speak....I won't dare to...

I do still love him - but I can't be with him - not after the torturing year of silence he put me through...

No connection for weeks - no phone calls, no visits.... - he made it seem as if he had disappeared completely.

It tore me apart - three times he did....

So the scars are healing --- but each "what if" he gives to me opens the wounds and tears at the skin..
of my once beating heart for him.
Now it beats for a nother soul - one that stands at my side and has sworn to never leave..

I do deserve this bettered life - And my ex must find a way to deal with the hell he has created around himself.

Amazing write - stolen words.

Lovely miss.

-- AC --

Posted 12 Years Ago

sometimes love isn't meant to be for 2 people no matter how much you love the one with all your heart,it just doesn't work out.,love is 2 sides and if one works on it more then the other it usually don't work out in the end. I use to tell my brother love is out there true devoted love but it takes time.as far as the one you loved very much before will always be a part of your heart till the true love comes. thank you for sharing this with me.I really enjoyed reading this. karen

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was a jolt to the heart. Truely felt, and I hope you find peace.

Posted 12 Years Ago

And once again.. I love your poetry. I think it's almost to the point that I have no words. Soon you'll know exactly what I'd like to say. Kudos, hon. I love it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

this is so touching. i like how you show the bad parts and the good parts so well. you make the readers see how dificult it is. great work

Posted 12 Years Ago

There's always the shade of gray.......knowing it should be over, but it not being over quite yet.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I will say this is probably your most mature piece because you communicate love, (which is vast changing and never the same) clearly. Not only clearly, but you are honest with it.
That is where the maturity comes in.
So good job.
Ummm.... good lines.

Loving you with no shame,

Putting an arrow through your heart with perfect aim.

Those I am jealous of they are so good.

Honestly the whole poem is a strong write though.
Keep it up.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow hun that is good and i know u still love him and care for him

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Somewhere I need to be down in, AR

My Name is Rebekah but everyone calls me Beck or Beckah or my fav Cup^E^Cake & I was born in Ohio but Raised in the south. My poems are about things that really happend some where in my life weather .. more..