Visitors in the Night

Visitors in the Night

A Chapter by Regan :)

"Open up! This is the FBI!" Someone yelled. Those are the words that woke up 13 year old Mia. She sat up in bed. Her heart was pounding almost as loud as the pounding at the door. She hopped out of bed, her body shaking violently. Mia's hand was on the doorknob when a loud crash made her jump. She stood there frozen listening to the pounding of footsteps under her feet. 
"Search everywhere," A voice yelled again. Mia could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. She was about to crawl under her bed when her door flew open. A tall man stood in the doorway. Mia screamed as loud as she could. The man looked startled. Mia took her chance and ran by him.
"Hey!" He yelled, "Get back!" He grabbed Mia by the arm. Luckily she had taken karate before. Mia swung her leg high and hit the man in the face. The man let go and staggered backwards. Mia ran down the hall and into her parents room.
"Mom!" Mia yelled running into the room. She turned the lights on. She saw her mom still sleeping in bed and their closet door closing. Mia spun around and locked the door. Her mom moaned.
"Mom!" Mia yelled jumping on the bed, "Wake up! Wake up!" Mia's mom groggily opened her eyes.
"Mia what are you-" Mia's mom was saying but she was interrupted by a loud knocking at the door.
"Let us in!" A man yelled outside of the door, "This is the FBI!" Mia's mom opened her eyes wide.
"What are they doing here?" Mia's mom asked alarmingly. Mia shook her head shedding a tear. "Where is your father?" Just then the door crashed down.
Mia and her mom screamed.
"Search this room!" A man yelled. He was obviously the one in charge. My mother stood up.
"What is the meaning of this?" She said trying to hide the fear in her voice. The man ignored her question and held up a picture instead. Instantly Mia recognized it as her father. He had brown wispy hair and the same exact blue eyes as Mia.
"Where is this man?" The man in charge asked urgently. Before Mia could answer the question, someone shouted out,
"I found him!" Everyone crowded around that person who was standing by the closet. They pulled out my father who was trying to fight them off. He had a crazy look in his eyes as they dragged him out. He caught Mia's eye. His face relaxed and he looked ashamed. He stopped fighting the men.
"Mia," He said sadly, " I love you." With that said they ripped Mia's dad away.

© 2012 Regan :)

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Added on November 1, 2012
Last Updated on November 1, 2012


Regan :)
Regan :)

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