The Lion, the Wolf and the Lamb

The Lion, the Wolf and the Lamb

A Story by twilight-dreamer-24/7

a story that was inspired by my favorite book kind of.


The Lion, The Wolf, and The Lamb


By: Kristianna Lynne


As the lamb lay sleeping in her pasture feeling safe and secure the evil lion makes his move. Scared and alone the lamb lets out a cry and the lion prepares to take the bait. Then her protector (who was watching from afar) leaps in landing at the lions feet with a graceful thud. The wolf stands strong ready to fight. The lion takes his leap and soon teeth clash and fur flies. The lamb watches helplessly as her defender of all the good and the lion the one of all evils fight for one thing... her life. Soon all grows quiet and slowly they both rise. Who won the fight. The strong courageous wolf or the vile evil lion who wanted the one thing she treasured most... her life


Madeline awoke in a sweat and gasping for a breath of air. It was so real. The wolf, the lamb and the evil lion. “It was just a dream.” She sp

oke aloud to herself. “It was only a dream.” “Nothing to worry about. Madeline got ready for work and headed downstairs to make her fiancé a cup of coffee and his usual breakfast of eggs and bacon.


“Good morning Derek” she sighed as she placed his food and coffee on the table. “Did you sleep well?”  “Yes my love I slept just fine” he stated as he bit into a piece of his bacon. “What about you love, did you sleep alright?” “Well, I guess I slept alright except for this crazy dream I had.” “I think that it may mean something.” “It was only a dream love.” Derek said. “You need to get to work anyway.” “Alright dear I was getting ready to head out. “Love you” she said compassionately as she kissed him and ran out the door.


What Madeline didn’t know was that her dream meant a lot more than she thought. The lion, the wolf and the lamb were all just representing a situation that would change her heart and mind forever.


All through work she thought about the dream. “It has to mean something it just has to.” “But what could it possibly mean?” As she pondered on about the dream one of her co-workers was wondering what was with her. He was watching her with a close eye watching every move that she made every place that she went.  What he didn’t want people to know was he was following her. He knew everything about her including the fact that she was engaged.  Now Tyler wasn’t the one to hate people or to hurt anyone but he just despised Derek completely. The fact that Derek had the woman of his dreams bothered him to pieces.  He would do anything to be the one with Madeline. Even do the unthinkable if he had to.


Madeline was humming a tune while she worked when she finally looked up and noticed Tyler. “Oh hello Tyler how are you today?” she asked. “Your mom doing alright”? “Oh yeah, he sighed, she is doing great.” “That’s really great.” “I best be getting back to work.” “See ya later Tyler. “Yeah you will” he thought to himself. Tyler was slowly starting to form a plan on how he would take care of Derek and finally make Madeline his own.


A few hours later Madeline returned home and found Derek asleep on the couch. “I guess I will let him sleep for a bit” she sighed as she laid a blanket over him and kissed his cheek and went upstairs to relax after a long day of work.  She soon found herself drifting off to sleep. Again that dream haunted her. She awoke gasping once again and this time crying for she saw who had been hurt. Her protector her wolf had died saving her life. Now she was alone with the vile evil lion and without her protector, who knew what that lion could pull. She pulled herself together and headed downstairs to see if Derek had awoken.



Madeline made her way down the stairs to check on her beloved fiancé. As she stepped upon the last stair and made her way around the corner to the living room she stopped and gasped. There right there in her living room stood her co-worker Tyler. “Hey there Madeline how’s it going ?” Tyler said slyly. “What…What…What are you doing here Tyler? How did you know where I lived?” stuttered Madeline. “I have been watching you closely my dear, and I think that you should know that I strongly dislike Derek and I really love you.” As he shared all his information with Madeline he pulled a note from his pocket and placed it on the table. This note was all part of the trap he had set to lead Derek to where he would have Madeline held hostage. With the trap set, he shoved a piece of cloth into Madeline’s mouth, threw her over his shoulder and ran off into the night watching his plan to get rid of Derek fall right into place.


Tyler got to his lovely, little, beat up trailer and opened the door to go inside. He plopped Madeline onto the couch and tied her to the ugly upholstered piece of crap.  Then he removed the piece of cloth from her mouth. Boy did Madeline have a whole lot of things to say to this creepy stalker of hers.


Meanwhile Derek has finally awoken from his deep slumber. Rising to go to the kitchen to get a snack he noticed the green sheet of paper lying on the table. Curious he picked it up and gasped.  It was a note. It was a warning note threatening the safety of his beloved Maddie. Frantically he read these words.  If you ever want to see your beloved Madeline again you will read this note and do exactly as it says. Read the address written and find where it is and here is where you will find her. If you fail to succeed then you can kiss your lovely lady goodbye. With that he set out on the search for Madeline hoping that it wasn’t to late to save her. After some struggling he finally found where his beloved Maddie was being held against her will.  He took a deep breath and used all of his strength and busted down the door in one kick. The sight he withheld was horrendous.


His beloved Madeline was tied to the couch with none other than Tyler bent over her, knife drawn back ready to hurt his love. Suddenly Madeline lets out a yell. “Derek no Derek you need to leave please go before he hurts you too!” “No no, Tyler states, “Let him stay and enjoy the little show.” With that Tyler raises the knife above Madeline’s head to bring her to her death. “NO!” screamed Derek as he leapt at Tyler grabbing him and pulling him to the ground. “No one is going to hurt my Maddie, NO ONE!” Madeline finally realizes where she has seen this before. It was all happening right in front her. The dream with the lamb, the lion and the wolf was unfolding right before her eyes. Already she knew the outcome.  She forced herself undone from the ropes that held her back . But it was already to late.


Tyler raised the knife above his head and with one easy stab Derek fell to the ground and soon was to be dead. “Any last words before I finish you off you stupid stupid man?” “Yes, he managed to breath. “Madeline I love you.”  With those last words he took his last breath and died. The wolf has fallen. Tyler’s evil cackle echoed across the room. “Now look who has everything he wants!” “Finally you are gone, finally I can get what I want!” Madeline falls to her knees and kneels by her dead fiancés body and sobs.  Tyler approaches behind her and begins to speak. “You don’t need him, why have him when you can have so much better.” Madeline looks up in disbelief. She had to do something. Just what. Suddenly she spied the only thing that would save her life right now. Slowly she hatched a plan.



Unseen she grabs the weapon that Tyler used to kill her beloved Derek. She places it behind her back and grins sheepishly. Her plan that she devised was about to come undone. “Oh Tyler, she pauses to smile. “You are right, I can have so much better than Derek and I believe he is right in front of me.” She approaches him slowly. “Well my dear I am glad you finally came to your senses.” She comes closer until their noses touch. Then she kisses him. “I have waited so long to do this Tyler, you have no idea. 


With that she raises the knife and plunges it deep into the back of his neck . “NOW FEEL THE WRATH OF MADELINE!” “THIS YOU EVIL LION IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”.  Then she falls to the ground next to Derek’s body and begins to sob.  “Derek I love you.” Then she kisses his cheek. “I will never go on without you.” With that Madeline stabs herself in the heart and falls over on top of her beloved, now forever remaining with him.







So the lamb fell in love with the wolf…Stupid little lamb.





© 2010 twilight-dreamer-24/7

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