A Poem by Nayan

What is Truth to a person? Does it vary for someone else? And if so, does one person accept another's ? If not, what should one with a different truth do?


Keep your Truth to yourself -
My Friend!
People only accept their own!

Pray -
That your Truth is His’!
As His’ is the only ray -
Else all is clay!

Not what you want -
Is what you can hold!
Not what they don’t think -
Is what they shouldn’t do!

Blessed believe you are -
You can think that their mind cannot!
Cursed conceive you are -
You want do that you reach cannot!

Blessed believe they are -
They have the powers that they can do!
Cursed conceive they are -
They never think that they should do!

Let them do -
What you can conceive!
And Let you think -
What they should do!

No, do not Pray -
That your Truth is His’!
But Pray -
That His’ Truth becomes theirs’!


5:30 pm IST

Sun, 7th Feb 2010

Hyderabad, India

© 2010 Nayan

Author's Note

I conceived the idea of this poem after hearing the words of a differently-abled person who could not walk! -- "Sir, I cannot walk, but I have designed a very low-cost wheelchair that people like me can use. A few poor people like me are using it too! But I often think why God did give me such thinking, though not the resource or powers to achieve it for many? But people with powers and resource - Why such thought never comes in their minds?"

I salute that person with this offering!

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This was very interesting.
My favorite part of the poem was:

"Blessed believe they are -
They have the powers that they can do!
Cursed conceive they are -
They never think that they should do!"

Posted 11 Years Ago

Truth and Lie are relative - this I agree with you :). But what I do not agree is that Truth is relevant only to the victor!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I lie it .As we all know each sees the world differently I say there is the way one sees oneself the way others see us and the way we truly are .Truth my friend is like history It is relevant to the victor .

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 7, 2010
Last Updated on February 11, 2010
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