A Froggy Love Story - Fuego and the birdie

A Froggy Love Story - Fuego and the birdie

A Story by bobby bansal

An usual story of a frog and birdie in love.


Once upon a time there was a frog named Fuego, his parents died when he was very young due to some illness. This did not go down well in the frog community, so no one ever talked to him or allowed their offspring’s to play with him. Fuego spent most of his time alone at home or visited a nearby abandoned pond. He absolutely loved this place as it was surrounded by lush greenery and ample food to eat.

One day while he was idling around the pond a birdie appeared out of nowhere, she said hello to him and flew away. Fuego was very happy as no one had ever greeted him; and the birdie had a lovely voice he thought. He returned next day around the same time, to his surprise the birdie came back...wished him good evening, even sang a new song and promised to return the next day. Fuego was touched, he came around the next day, the day after and so on; it became a routine for them both, this went on for months. Then one evening, Fuego returned to the same site but the birdie did not appear, he waited the whole day, saddened he returned home. He came back next day at the usual time, but she did come...he was now worried and concerned. Every day he would come early in the morning and wait until late night, in hope of seeing his friend again; he missed her a lot. A few weeks passed with no sign of her return, but then to his surprise the birdie was right outside the door of his house, waiting for him. Fuego was very happy to see her, he asked her out for a meal. After the meal, he inquired where did she disappear for so many days, and expressed his concerns. The birdie did not reply to his query at first and tried changing the subject. Fuego then noticed specs of blood around her wings, it got him very worried. He made her swear upon their friendship to tell the truth, the birdie finally opened up, she said, "One day while taking an afternoon nap at the tree by the pond, I saw you sitting there, you looked sad and lonely, I felt bad. I came back next day and it was the same, then i noticed you for a few days before I decided to approached you to say hello. You were gentle and polite and enjoyed listening to my song. As the time passed, I realized you are such a lovely soul and I started liking you. But a few weeks ago my parents announced that soon we would be migrating to another country as all birds do, I was very disheartened, it is only then I admitted to myself that I was in love with you. I did not want to see you go out of my life but at the same time I did not know how to convince my parents to let me stay back for a frog, they would never understand our relationship. A thought occurred to me and I saw a hope, if I became un-airworthy, they would have no choice but to leave me back. It was a painful option, but I had to take it….I flew straight into a narrow recess of branches with my wings wide open….my wings were damaged permanently and I can fly no more…it took a few days for the wounds to heal before I could start my journey to your home on foot…which took another few days, but I am here now to stay with your forever”.

Fuego was speechless, but with eyes full of tears.


© 2015 bobby bansal

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Added on June 2, 2015
Last Updated on June 2, 2015
Tags: story, frog, bird, forest, love, emotional, inspiring


bobby bansal
bobby bansal

Mumbai, India

hmmm....I am just like you, just as you are like them and they are like me. Cheers! more..