The Visitor

The Visitor

A Story by bobby bansal


Chapter 1


Knock !! Knock !!


'Hello!! is anyone home' 

'Kid!! what are you doing here at this time...please come in'

'I am sorry to have disturbed you but it is raining heavily and my car got stuck on the highway'

'No problem son, people seldom come to this side of the country, it is either forgotten or ignored'

'I am going to see my mom, she lives another 100 miles from here'

'I see.... here, have some tea, this shall warm you up, and help yourself to anything you need'

'That's very kind of you sir'

'Have you eaten, it doesn't look like you have'

'Apologies for the hassle'

'It's no hassle young man, let me cook something for you'

'Please don’t trouble, I will be all right'

'Why go hungry if food is's not much inconvenience for me anyway, i'll cook Maggi for you....i add my own ingredients and make it spicy, am sure you will like it'

'Oh noodles!...I love 'em...that is very kind of you sir'

'You don't have to thank son'


30 mins later.....


'There you go's your dish and the big one is mine' :-)

'What's doesn't look anything like Maggi...special huh?'

'I told you mine is a special recipe'

''s good...what meat is this....bacon, beef, lamb or chicken?'

''s Maggie....she came here a few days back, just like you'



Written by Bobby Bansal

Edited by Pat

© 2010 bobby bansal

Author's Note

bobby bansal
Kindly read, rate and comment.


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Added on October 19, 2010
Last Updated on October 19, 2010


bobby bansal
bobby bansal

Mumbai, India

hmmm....I am just like you, just as you are like them and they are like me. Cheers! more..