A Poem by Thomas B. Buckman

 I have this ache thats consuming me
a pain from my head to my toes
emotional, turned physical
in every one of my bones

it hurts when i smile
but i wear this mask well
when people ask,
i put on the mask
and tell them i am well

unfortunately, i am not
unfortunately, i have issues
something makes me keep going
thoughts of prosperity,
and love

i have compassion for the human condition
the wailing of youth's angst
the bullshit  banter of yesterday's pains
keep me off todays

at least i have one thing
something i cannot spare
a curious mind, 
i did find
spares me from this life's hell

so worry not of me,
but of your own worry and woe
for that is what concerns me
not todays incredible low.

make me think of happy things
like you getting through today
for that is what keeps me going
no need for you to pray..

Just think.

I have never been so aware 
of my own mental hurting
some of my own desires
gone down in flames, burning

but its okay, sing praise
for the change of days is near
just if im around spare some change
and i will be glad to hear...

I love to listen.

© 2009 Thomas B. Buckman

Author's Note

Thomas B. Buckman
Uh, sorry it is so depressing.

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It's sort of depressing but it depends on how you view the poem. And the depressingness works for it.
To me it's not really deprsseing.
I love it and I think it's an amazing peom.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Wow. This is exactly how I feel. I love this. Really well written :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

i love this because i could relate to every word you said. at times it seems we all have to wear masks to get by our day to day struggles.
the masks hide our tears when we don't want anyone to see we're sheding them.

excellent work.
and don't apologize for it being depressing, its real emotion.

Posted 14 Years Ago

In my last review I said it was a great poem. Well it is. I do feel some emotion when I read this but, I din't feeel moved. Thats what I was looking for

Posted 14 Years Ago

Like others say. I don't think it's depressing.
I think it's an amazing poem overall

Posted 14 Years Ago

i wouldn't say sorry, even tho i found it depressing. sometimes i like the depressness and that just peaked it. nice one. it drifts you off from reality, in a good way.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Oh but it's not, really! I find it very uplifting!
My favourite stanza was
"i have compassion for the human condition
the wailing of youth's angst
the bullshit banter of yesterday's pains
keep me off todays"

Brilliantly put!
To think that the thought of another's plight could distract you from your own, when so strong... that's beautiful.
Amazing poem!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on November 30, 2009


Thomas B. Buckman
Thomas B. Buckman

Osage Beach, MO

My name is Thomas Buckman. I was a twenty year old unemployed poet... Now I'm a 21 year old member of the United States Army. "My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and .. more..

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A Poem by Thomas B. Buckman

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