A Chapter by Ruminating Archaeologist

wrote this, partly based on what I can remember for a dream I had. this entry's focused in the library.

I can't see out the windows here. It's way too foggy. All I can make out is the wisps of fog around the trees. Or should I say, the specks of trees in the fog.
This place is huge. I'm in the library of this giant mansion, and bookcases line the walls from floor to ceiling. When I first walked in here, I was awestruck. Old, tea-stained books, with a musty, well-read quality.
It's been two days since we arrived here, my friends and I.
The first day we were completely confused as to what was going on- we arrived here without much of a clue as to why we were here. We'd been on a road trip to somewhere, and then the next thing we remember is arriving here. The last thing I remember is asking Lucas, who was sitting in the back, to hand me the Twizzlers. Then I remember blinking and realizing we were sitting in the den of a mansion.
Unable to leave because of the weather, we decided to stay and try to figure out what was going on. We explored the place and reported what was where. No one lived there as far as we could tell, however the place was clean and stocked with food. Kent guessed that it was some sort of timeshare or vacation home, but I wasn't so sure. It didn't explain the lack of technology, the disappearance of our phones, and the fact that the outside doors wouldn't open and the weather never improved- it was thick fog in the morning until about ten. Then it either stormed or snowed.
The second day we spent really inspecting things. We searched every place for another exit or hidden cameras. At the end of the night, we were too tired to think of anything else, and picked our rooms. I picked one in the back of the house that overlooked what I thought was a lake- I could make out some water past the trees, but I couldn't see too far.
Today, I got up on my own and ate breakfast. Now I sit in here. I haven't seen any of my friends up yet, but I don't mind much. It's quiet here.
I look out the window again, out into the fog. It was thinning, but the sky was darkening. And for a minute, I thought I saw something.
I frowned and stared harder. And there it was again. I rubbed my eyes and moved closer until my forehead was pressed against the glass.
A break in the fog again, and a flash of black. What the heck was that?
I pressed my face closer to the glass, and then saw it clearly for a few seconds.
Someone, or something, hooded in a black cloak. It was facing towards me, but it's face was hidden. Then it disappeared behind the trees. I waited almost an hour longer, but I didn't see it again. It began to rain, and soon it was storming again. I moved away from the glass, sighed, and shook my head. Then I went downstairs to the kitchen again.

© 2012 Ruminating Archaeologist

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Ruminating Archaeologist
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Added on May 20, 2012
Last Updated on May 20, 2012
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Ruminating Archaeologist
Ruminating Archaeologist

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