I Wish

I Wish

A Poem by CL

This is a poem about how we as humans deny helping animals and creatures who cant help themselves, when we are the ones who destroyed their habitats in the first place. How it is so much harder now to



I wish to find a resting place;

where comfort is not far behind.


I wish to know the multitude,

of not only the divine;


for there need be point of contrast,

in the depths of which we drown,


My heart;

It aches when I’m alone,

My choices;

Need any longer be condoned;

And though I wish to lay at rest,

I close my eyes, at best.


For this I now know weakness,

Now know the sorrow loneliness brings;

I want to be yours forever,

But can not help thinking of other things;

And wondering what each brings.

 If I’m missing;

Or if I’m complete,

If I am wise to wonder,

Or weak if i retreat.


I often wish I'd been granted ignorance,

In a world so harshly scorn,

Knowing I may not succeed in fixing

All to my eyes, which were so badly torn.


Inside of me it is dwelling,

an understatment;

would be to say that its compelling.

For what I know,

I feel need to care for;

The very same of which,

You so sickingly ignore.

Aware im made;

When my focus has been swayed;

Just where your importance lies,

And why it has not been displayed.

To be frank, I'm not sure how you sleep at night;

If a creature need be shown the way,

Why must you deny them the light?


Honestly I'm angry,

And resent that I lie awake,

While you turn away the hungry,

And still feel the right to take.

© 2013 CL

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This poem has so much insight and emotion. You are a very gifted writer!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love your emotion in this, you've such delicate words that deliver deeply a message I believe many have considered numerous times in life. I like how you broke it down at the end, so frank and clearly frustrated. Well done!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on August 21, 2013
Last Updated on August 21, 2013
Tags: wish, hope, faith, poetry, free verse, lyrical, desire



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