Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Niko Timmy

Students filed into the classroom, chatting amongst themselves as Xavier walked in quietly. No one had really paid attention to him throughout the day except a few girls who talked to him at lunch and invited him to sit with them. Xavier would never be intrigued by them, not as long as Laurissa was still around.

He felt disappointed that he hadn't really spoken to Laurissa all day. He'd seen her in the hallways between classes, and at lunch, but he hadn't gotten a chance to talk to her. But honestly, he felt worried about when he would finally confront her. No, not worried. Anxious. Everytime he saw her his heart would start racing and he begged to be able to hear her voice. But he knew it wasn't the right time.

As everyone sat down for the final class period of the day, Xavier noticed a girl walk in to class late. She only caught Xavier's eye because she had dropped her textbook as she closed the door behind her. No one else seemed to notice her as she hastily walked to her seat. But Xavier couldn't help but stare.

Her hair fell gracefully around her shoulders and her eyes were shining even though there was no light to illuminate them. Xavier felt taken aback by her natural beauty, something he hadn't seen in any of the other girls at this school but Laurissa. Unlike the others, she wore no make-up and obviously had no hairspray or anything in her hair to make it look perfect. It was all natural, and she didn't even try to make herself look good.

Xavier quickly looked away as he realized what he was doing. He couldn't let himself get wrapped around someone else he barely knew. He loved Laurissa. He came back for Laurissa. Even if she didn't like it.

The teacher began class and Xavier said a silent thank you for the distraction. He listened to the teacher's lecture, took notes, and did the daily assignment. But he couldn't help himself from taking quick glances at the girl he noticed earlier. She stood out in a way the other girls didn't, even though they tried. She wore simple jeans and a red shirt with a black scarf. The glasses she wore that rested perfectly on the bridge of her nose gave her anything but a geeky look. She looked mature and intelligent.

No one else even paid the slightest bit of attention to her. But then again, she didn't look like she cared. The way she sat at her desk with her chin rested on her fist, she seemed comfortable with the look of invisibility everyone else seemed to give her. As if she'd wanted it.

High school was a dangerous thing. It's a shark tank. It's either eat or get eaten, but this girl seemed to stay at shallow water. She kept herself at arms length. And she pulled it off.

Who's the say I can't just find out a little more about her? Xavier thought. The bell rang, signalling the end of the school day, and all the students quickly packed their stuff and left. Except for the girl. She got delayed by the amount of stuff she had to put away before she could leave.

And that's when Xaiver saw his chance.

He began to walk toward her but suddenly got cut off by a boy stepping in front of him. "Hey, Xavier, right?" The boy clarified. Xavier looked up and saw who stood before him.

"Yeah, that's me." Xavier said. The boy in front of him had dirty blond hair and brown eyes. He wore an Abercrombie T-shirt with dark jeans. He stood in front of Xavier as if he had the business to talk to everyone and would never make a fool of himself. As if everyone knew him and he knew everyone.

"So, there's a party on Saturday night at my place. I know you're new to this school and all that but you could come if you want to. It's kind of a back-to-school party, everyone's going to be there. Wouldn't want to leave anyone out, and you seem cool. You up for it?" The boy asked. Xavier noticed the girl getting out of her seat to leave.

The last thing Xavier wanted to do was go to the party but what was the harm in one Saturday night? He could bring Devin and maybe meet a few people. And it was another chance to talk to Laurissa if she was going to be there.

"Um, yeah, man. Sure thing. Do you mind if I bring a friend?" Xavier asked as the girl walked out of the classroom.

"No, no, bring anyone." The boy said. "By the way, I'm Randy." Randy put his hand in front of him in a request for a handshake, and Xavier took it. "Alright, my place, eight o'clock. My address is 825 Oak Street."

"Alright, thanks. I'll be there." Xavier said as Randy walked away. Xavier picked up his books from his desk and walked out of the classroom, feeling more accustomed to the school and the students. His first day actually wasn't looking too bad.


As soon as Xavier walked out of the school and prepared to walk home, Devin called him.

He picked up, "Hey, what's up?"

"Not much, man. How was your first day?" Devin asked. Xavier was expecting some joke about him being back at school and was surprised to not here any. But Devin never failed to surprise Xavier.

"Pretty good. Got invited to a party this Saturday. You want to come with?" Xavier asked, walking across the school parking lot.

"Aw, how cute, you got invited to a tea party." Devin teased. Xavier rolled his eyes.

"I don't know, man, I think it's going to be a pretty big party." Xavier tried to convince Devin to go in hope that he won't show up being the loner new kid.

There was a pause. "Fine, I'll go. But only if you promise we can go to a FA Court meeting on Sunday." Devin bargained.

Devin currently had a thing for the Fallen Angel's Court, which was like the Legend's court but for the Fallen Angels. He went to a lot of their meetings but he wasn't obligated to go, no fallen angel had to go. But a lot did anyway. At the meetings they just talk about updates on their security, on the Legend's Court, and how well-hidden they are from humans. Xavier hadn't gone to one yet since he'd only known Devin for a short amount of time and never even knew about the FA Court until he met him. Devin had been begging Xavier to come to a meeting since he met him. "Aw, come on, why Sunday?"

"Because I said so." Devin said. Xavier thought about it for a minute. Was it worth it?

"Fine." Xavier hung up the phone and stuffed it in his pocket. He heard thunder off in the distance and knew it was going to rain any minute.

Xavier was just about to step onto the sidewalk as he heard a car honk it's horn and a high pitched screetch coming from car tires. He quickly looked to see what had happened but not before he was hit by the front of a Hummer.

He fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete. Headlights blazed against his closed eyes as a major headache came on. What the hell just happened? He heard feet stomping against the ground as people rushed to the scene. He heard many people talking around him but didn't dare open his eyes.

"What happened?"

"Who's car is that? Who did they run over?"

"It's Laurissa. Oh, man, she looks hurt."

Xavier felt even more dizzy as he heard more people talk around him. It felt like pins and needles in his head.

"She hit the new kid!"


He tried opening his eyes and immediately protected them from the bright headlights in his face. He heard teachers ushering students away, telling them to just go home. Xavier made an effort to stand up as he heard someone get out of the car that ran him over.

"Xavier?" He heard the voice of a girl he knew. A voice so familiar and soothing, even in this situation. He knew the girl, but was too dizzy and dilusional to put a name to it. "Oh, my God. Are you ok?" She asked.

Xavier opened his eyes fully, feeling a wave of fatigue wash over him. "L-Laurissa?" The name felt foreign in his mouth, yet it felt so wonderful. Like a song. "You..."

He couldn't get the rest of the words out. He didn't even know what he was going to say. Time seemed to just stop when he looked at her. It was a reunion, and Xavier's heart rejoiced. 

Laurissa sighed, her hair blowing in the wind, her eyes growing dark. She kneeled next to him on the sidewalk and a sensational warmth filled Xavier as she crouched next to him. Happiness rushed through him, as if his lonliness had majorly gone down.

The other kids started to walk away. But something caught Xavier's eye, the way one of the students moved, walked, shifted, it was too weird to be left unnoticed.

It had caught Laurrisa's attention as well, a slight movement among the crowd that seemed out of place. Xavier looked over and saw it was the girl from his sixth period class, the one he couldn't help but pay attention to. 

She was limping. It was a bad limp, one from something recent. Did Laurissa run her over as well?

"Chloe!" Laurissa called after her as she limped away.

Chloe. That was her name.

She turned to look at Laurissa, her clothes getting damp with rain.  "What's up with your leg? You ok?"

Chloe nodded, "The rear end of your truck snagged my pants and pulled me to the ground. Twisted my knee." She looked as if Laurissa irritated her, as if everything that happened was completely her fault. She looked at Laurissa as if she'd had done it on purpose.

Xavier knew better. Then what was Chloe's problem with Laurissa?

"Are you ok?" Chloe looked at Xavier now with curious eyes. Her light blue eyes showed no illumination like they had in class today. They were dark, like the sky.

"Um, yeah. Just hit my head." Xavier said. At that Laurissa got up and left the teachers to deal with Xavier. Xavier felt the heat leave and the cold wind bit at his skin at the absense of Laurissa's prescence. Teachers ushered Xavier to try and stand up, and he finally was able to regain his balance. After getting questioned by the principal about what had happened, and clarifying that no one had any serious injuries, Laurissa was free to go.

Xavier wasn't sent to the hospital and had no concussion, and neither was Chloe. Chloe was the second of the three to go home, and she had no hesitation when it came to showing that she just wanted to go home.

Laurissa wasn't that happy about sticking around to help Xavier either. In fact, she didn't seem too happy to even be within a ten foot radius of Xavier. He was surprised but, truthfully, didn't expect anything more or less. 

After all, she had many reasons to be mad at him.

© 2012 Niko Timmy

Author's Note

Niko Timmy
I really like this chapter, I don't think it's that bad. Also, the introduction of a new character, Chloe, is brought in, so tell me your opinion about that.

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