The Past

The Past

A Chapter by clairvoyantmars

Sasha was born in water; a small and delicate angel, weighing seven pounds. She was quiet child and did not cry when the midwife pulled her out of her mother’s womb. Wisps of white hair crowned her head as the other midwife cradled her. She suckled on her finger as she was being wiped down; one could not help but sigh at her angel face. Anya was born in blood; a squirmish child with red hair; she was a strong baby and weighed eight pounds. She did not even need a pat on her back to aid her in her first breath. Her cries did not wake her sister; instead Sasha quietly lay on the moist sheets as Anya was laid beside her. But the birth was not yet done. A third sister was born after, blue and unmoving. The mother cradled the lifeless baby and cried. With a kiss on its forehead, she handed it to the midwife’s assistant and reached out to her other babies. With the grief of having lost a daughter, and the exhaustion of giving birth to three, the mother slept with her two babies on her breast. She never woke again.

The third sister was brought downstairs as the midwife announced the results of the birth. The father, raged at the loss of his wife and of having no son, threw the blue baby out.

The tragedy of the house did not end there. When the sisters had opened their eyes, the father grew mad with rage when he discovered their blue eyes. He and his dead wife did not possess this trait. He threw the midwives and the babies out of his house and set out to search for the true father of the babies. He never returned.


The house was cleaned out and a new tenant moved in; a witch, the only person who could remove the curse hanging above the house, and there she cared for her daughter. The curse of the father and the mother, of Sasha and Anya, and of the blue baby were forgotten. Their names were never uttered again, and the town moved on like nothing ever happened.

© 2012 clairvoyantmars

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Creepy!!! Sounds really interesting though!!:):)

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is indeed a good start and I have become curious of the rest to come. I hope it has a good ending.

Posted 6 Years Ago

A great start for the true tale of what actually happened..for life follows story follows life...and none end this way.

Posted 6 Years Ago

A very sad tale. Children pay for the sins of the parent. A complete and sad story in so few words. I like the way you ended the story. People do try to forget the sadness. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 6 Years Ago

enriching read, well thought out and interesting without being too detailed or cryptic, a solid write

Posted 6 Years Ago

This was very deep. I gets you thinking about the nature of people. Please send me more reading requests i like your style of writing :) also if you don't mind maybe you could check out some of my stuff!

Posted 6 Years Ago


Posted 6 Years Ago

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