Break Away

Break Away

A Poem by The Invisible Girl

My heart is torn

There nothing more

than the ache that fills my soul

Had to learn the hard way

Seems like each day

feels so empty

Where were you

when my life was crumbling all around me

Can't seem to let go

Don't see any hope

I just want to breakaway

I need to find a way out

to renew myself again

but first I have to break away


Break away from the lies that fills up my mind

Break away from the brokenness that binds this world

I need to restart again

Have a new beginning

I just have to break away


My life is black and gray

now that everything I once knew

is gone

Some days I miss your love

even though you left me falling 

Will someone catch me before I contact the cold, hard ground?

I need to think straight

Clear my mind

I need to break away


Break away from this loneliness

building up inside of me.

Break away from the tiredness 

that is filling up my soul.

I want to be happy again

to have my scars healed

To laugh again

To love again

How I miss it

All I have to do is break away


I just want to break away.....

© 2013 The Invisible Girl

Author's Note

The Invisible Girl
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this is amazing.. the way you have expressed what you wanted and the way you feel :) its really good!! and don't worry you will overcome this stage with a more stronger and wiser conscience :) if he left you..its his loss not yours :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

:) Thank you for reading!!!!!!!! :)
Muhammad Qasim

9 Years Ago

You are welcome :D :D
Breaking away...that's what everybody needs in times of misery. We have to love be renewed, feel alive again.

I'm glad I am in the same stage now of my life- loving myself.
Good job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

Thank you for reading! :)
this played out like a song in my head.... I can hear it... to find a way to renew the self, break away from all of those things that hurt you, hold you back, keep you from happiness and dreams... very well done Invizy.. glad to see you writing:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

I kind of wrote it to be a song, but whatever! Lol Thanks! I know right! Hopefully I can get the ne.. read more
Horizon K.

9 Years Ago

Yay! I'm looking forward to it!! I posted new chapters btw:)
The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

Yayyyy!!! Reading them now! :D lol
A poem written by a troubled soul.. I do agree that writing can help you release everything, in turn you'd "break away" somehow. In my pieces of writing there is always a hidden message. What this poem tells me is that the soul is troubled and everything is in ruin, crumbled and broken. Time will pass and this will all fade away. Amazing write my friend! Keep up the awesome work! :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Invisible Girl

9 Years Ago

Thanks!!! :D Glad you enjoyed reading it! :)
We need to get things out of our system and writing is a good format for that. Unfortunately the theme of this poem is all too common and there are some grammar issues that can't be overlooked. Good poem though. Keep writing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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The Invisible Girl
The Invisible Girl

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