Stone Igloo

Stone Igloo

A Poem by ctwood

A murder spree in a small town...


Stone Igloo

In my hometown

there rests a stone igloo.

It’s a house,

a one room size house

made of white stones the size of cinder blocks.

Every time I pass that house,

see that house,

imagine that house,

remember that strange house

with its odd sculptures decorating the yard

as flowers do a grave,

I get chills.

You see, years ago,

 there was a murder spree

in this town.

Once a week for six weeks

the headlines of the Polk County

“Surprise” would read like a horror film.

“Cheerleader Chopped to Death”

“Widow Wacked by Wacko”

“Another Killed by Unknown Killer”

and another,

and another,

and another.

The gruesome details were

never officially released,

yet some news seeped out

and gossip flew.

“I heard all the victims were sliced

from ear to ear.”

“I heard they were stabbed 666 times,

the devil’s number.”

“Stabbed? They were shot in the head

execution style.”

In truth, they were

tortured, carved and salted

to see who could take the pain.

The bodies were all found in six different

graveyards, utterly exposed.

The kicker is the killer was never

caught. Until his partner,

Until Death,

turns on him, he will walk

among the two thousand " minus six- people

of this town.

I get chills,

you see, because even though

I have moved since those days,

the days of the killings,

the bodies of the other three are still beneath my igloo floor.

because even though

I have moved since those days,

the days of the killings,

People still thinks of my stone igloo

as a killer’s house.

At least,

that’s how the gossip goes.

© 2011 ctwood

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I liked the teaser...

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very intriguing write. I concur with invs, this is the great basis for a short story, and I would adore reading it. Very lovely write. I love the stark description of the stone house and the energy of fear as people muse and gossip about the murders. Reminds me of an old abandoned house people in the town I used to dwell on the outskirts of- so many notions and stories inspired by that gloomy, deserted, forboding house. Love the melancholy tone. Lovely write, indeed.

Posted 9 Years Ago

this is one of the few times i'd like to see writing expanded. i'd love to see this as a short story. as it is, it is effective and very interesting, but it makes me want to know more.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 26, 2011
Last Updated on July 27, 2011
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