10/10/2010 - The Dream

10/10/2010 - The Dream

A Chapter by ctwood

Even at the very edge, just a single step from where the water soared straight down to the self conjured cloud of mist, if I stood perfectly still the air and water would become seamless on my bare legs. The waterfall was loud, but all I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears. I close my eyes to strengthen this sense of feeling, this feeling of seamlessness. Soon warmth welcomingly intrudes. I can feel his palm slip into mine. I can feel its hills and valleys, each line. Life line, head line, heart… and then even his pulse, perfectly in line with mine. I open my eyes and everything is brighter, but sounds are ever more distant.

I look at him. In the corner of my eye, I see the sunlight dancing on the water, playing tag with the gentle current. Then his mystical, bright blue eyes latch onto mine. The whole world almost disappears, except really it doesn’t at all. It’s like the whole world is right there in that moment, seamlessly connected. He suddenly pulls me to him and the steady river bed is no longer beneath us. I’m not scared. The electric image of his eyes remains even when I can no longer feel him and all around me is only mist. I’m flying. I’m soaring with all the individual particles of water, and his eyes remain. The seam between water and air returns as I reach the pond, but his eyes…


“And then, I just- woke up.”

The school cafeteria could not be farther away from this dream world I had been describing to my friends with everyone screaming, which apparently is only way one can communicate in a high school lunch room, and the aroma of greasy tater tots that filled the air, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. Also, Nikkie and Julie promised not to laugh since neither one of them can ever remember their dreams and Julie is suppose to be writing a research paper on the study of dreams.

“Did you wet the bed?” Nikkie asked. Julie smacked her arm.

“What? No!” I answered. She obviously had been listening intently.

“Well, usually, when people have dreams about water, they either wake up having to go pee really bad, or they wet the bed. At least that’s what I always heard.”

”Well, I did neither.”

“According to the book you lent me, Taylor, often dreams about water can be symbolic of the subconscious,” Julie piped in, leafing quickly through the pages trying to find the reference.

“It sounds like sex dream,” Nikkie throws out there. This time I smack her arm.

“It was not a sex dream!”

“It did kind of sound like a sex dream.” Julie said nonchalantly as she takes a bit of her mac and cheese.

© 2011 ctwood

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