Fleeting Memories.

Fleeting Memories.

A Poem by Accalia

This is based on something that has happened to me two and half years ago. It is very personal, and I am just now feeling comfortable to speak/write about it.

Fleeting Memories 
I can go
Days- weeks-
Even months
Without thinking of you,
Not even once.

Then like a tornado
You come whirling, into my head,
I see you here-
I see you there-
I see you near-
I see you far-
I see you everywhere.

Memories of you
That were once Fleeting-
Return to me all at once.
Beautiful memories...at first.
Like how we first met-
You the transfer student-
Rushing to your class
Me looking down-
Nose stuck in a book.
Then suddenly WHACK!
Papers, Binders, books, fall to the floor.
Even I fall with them.

Rubbing the goose egg-
On the back of my head
Is when I hear your voice-
The deep, strong, clear voice-
You Ask many things
But I cannot speak-
Everything in my mind went blank.
I was so caught up in your voice.

Flash forward a year from that day.
I see your shoulder length, orange hair
I see the stubble
On your chin, jaw, and upper lip.
I see your bright green eyes
Full of worry, as you ask me out,
I instantly say yes!

Flash forward a year later-
I'm laying in a hospital bed.
You by my side, anxiously waiting,
For my hip surgery to begin-
The doctors come in, signaling its time,
You passionately kiss me
You then whisper in my ear-
A promise to make me your wife.
I only looked at you,
And Said "we're only sixteen."

Flash forward a year later-
You and I are at,
Some winter dance at school.
Your hair is cut short
Your beard is cut clean off.
You are dressed to the nines-
While I, dressed in a silver,
Leopard print dress.
I was so nervous, as you took my hand-
You take me not to where,
Everyone else is dancing-
But to the library.
Where you got on one knee
And ask for my hand.
I cry out, tears streaming down my face,
I shake my head no-
I tell you, we are too young,

Flash forward a year later.
My phone rings, your name appears,
On the caller ID.
But it wasn't you-
It was your older sister
Wailing frantically-
Telling me to come Quick!
Rushing to your house-
I find out why, your sister is wailing,
As I soon joined her-

Fire engulfed everything-
I see a shadow walking
Out from the house,
It was you.
Relief struck me...but it didn't last
For you hugged then kissed me-
Then you said:
"I have to go save my brothers...Goodbye my Love."
I watched you helplessly-
As you went back
Into the house full of flames,
Never to come out again-

The memories fade-
Returning me back to
The present, with tears streaming,
Down my face.
Wishing that I could
Turn back time-
So I could have
more time with you,
So I could hear your voice-
So I could see your smile.
But alas all I'm left with.
Is the letters, the ring,
And Fleeting memories.

© 2017 Accalia

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Oh my goodness, i am speechless, i am crying and screaming helplessly now , this is one of the most beautiful peoms i have ever read , it is so emotional and you wrote it with your true perfect emotions they reached to me perfectly like if i were you for real.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.

2 Years Ago

Thank you very much for reviewing my poem. I've been wanting to write about this incident for a long.. read more

2 Years Ago

Yeah , i know that is so hard to you to write about such a sad , painful incident, but eventually y.. read more
This really made me cry so hard. This is one of the most saddest poems I've read. I just hope this wasn't a real one... If this was real.... Then this is really a sad one and I can feel how much you've been hurt that it is really hard for you to smile or laugh out loud without that person around. But don't give, you'll make it through. And I've read somewhere that person we love never leaves us, even if they do physically still, their soul is intertwined with nature, air, sky, stars and everything around us. They will be watching over us.

How you told a sad story and the way you've written brings tears.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you for reviewing my poem, and to answer your question yes this is something that has a actual.. read more
Violet Chan

2 Years Ago

That's nice to hear and thanks for sharing it with us.
I cannot express how relatable this is, as this is something I have been recently foghting with: memories that come back to haunt.

My twin passed away back in 2009, and it has been awhile since then. Some days, even months, I won't even think about my twin. But, some things in the world trigger my memories, like seeing other twins walk down a street or watching two young siblings play with each other. Then, the memories rush forth. They are supposed to be beautiful, filled with the wonderful times we had with each other... Yet, all that fills my heart is sorrow that I can never return to those days. It is tormenting, which I'm sure you know all too well about.

This poem, despite it's raw despair in fleeting memories, actually brought me a bit at peace. For starters, you present such a beautiful tale about your romance. I can feel how special this man was, and still is, to you. So, I can imagine how painful ot must have been when you lost him. Well, I shouldn't say I can. It must have been more than awful, regardless.

You writing this presents your strength and I hope, at least, you are able to find peace with yourself.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you for reviewing my poem, and I am sorry for the loss of your twin. I'm getting better at fin.. read more
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