A civilian story

A civilian story

A Story by Broken Hero

A story about me and an expierience that has been added to me, tomake me who i am.

     january 8 2008. a 19 year kid by the name of James jubinville made his way into the

grafton job core along w/ others. once settled in his days were

soon gonna become very out lived. he came with the bad a*s looking attitud hoping ppl wuld leave

him alone but low and behold he turned out to others that he was a good kid, the flip side was he

kept his state of mind hidden from others to use as his altimate weapon. Previeously having an

alter ego by the name of "The Civilian" he wuld use this "alter ego" as a normal person in the job

core population  to help others. as days passed he soon discovered that he wuld have to protect

himself. as he became acustomed to the way ppl lived here, he adapted, but there were always

trouble, ppl wuld try to pick fights but he wuld miss lead them making them think that he was just

anuther body, just anuther punk kid.....but in his mind he had the heart, strenth, disipline and

mentality that was far beyond others.  being The civillin he culdnt give himself up he culdnt

show his raw attributes, he had to lay low.

    in the midst of living amoungst the population he had to fit in, to blend in, so he found

companionship w/ a loveing grl "in his eyes". during there 3week relationship that grl became a

target of other guys and as a protector jim had to do somthing. he stood for what he thot was

good, but of course like all "normal ppl" this grl miss lead him for she left him for anuther, jim had

just found his first defete. wile living in job core he was rooming w/ 3other individuals Anthony

brennan aka "boston", Mike Mcdonugh aka "big mike" and Rubin aka "ponchito" and luckly they

were his closest alllies for the short time they were here, however in jims previeouse line of work

 he learned that nobody can be trusted. what they tought him he will never forget.

and soon Ponchito was replaced by Robert Claud aka "dino" who in his own way helped as well.

unfortunatly mike and Boston left soon after also being replaced by Ben and John and

both of them were just as much as allies as Mike and Boston. Drivin into yet anuther situation

where helping others can sometimes be a hardship, then getting betrayed once you have

done the rite thing, many lessons were learned but not yet practiced. Being a protector amoung

wasnt easy, sure anyone can give advise, life lessons, doctors appointments and meds but those

are bandaids compared to what jim would do. Jim made a difference though it was hard to see

due to the fact that people are so iggnorant and ungratful, then like a knife in the gut he relized....

who els could or would? who would come, stand and fight to preserve, protect and teach of the

warrior that we all have. For the people who care, for the ones that seem like only good is a long

 shot to a blue moon away, the ones that are to scared to fight but still want too. these are the

people is what makes a hero indestructable. in the harsh trial in this ecperience a great lesson

was learned and practiced.

© 2011 Broken Hero

Author's Note

Broken Hero
Information has been edited for the protection of my well being. fuck grammer and spelling, it doent have to be perfect.

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Added on June 7, 2011
Last Updated on June 7, 2011


Broken Hero
Broken Hero

lowell, MA

My name is jimmy im 22, my life experiences has tought me much, alot so in fact that its really all i need. im verry open-minded, yet still my mind is hard to pick. im easy going, laid back and i neve.. more..

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