My Teachers

My Teachers

A Chapter by Mudkipz

All my teachers, including my Spanish teacher and gym teacher.


Mrs.Wakey- She was my 7th grade homeroom teacher and my 7th grade language arts teacher. She is really nice, and has a bunch of books and things in her room to look at and touch, including a little hotel bell. She has short, curly orange-ish hair, and glasses.


Ms.Toohey- My science teacher. She always had cool ways of doing things, and is funny once you get to know her! She has medium-length, naturally curly, (but she straightens it.) blonde hair, blue eyes and sometimes wears glasses when she isn't wearing her contact lenses.


Mrs.Shipper- My social studies teacher. She has a reputation for being really mean, since she yells a lot at us in class. (It's only directed to one person most of the time.) She gives out a lot of projects, and looks just like Mrs.Wakey, except for taller and a bit thinner. (Their best friends too!)


Mr.Boyer-  My AWESOMETASTIC math teacher! He is a lot of fun, does great stuff in class, helps his students out a lot, is really good at basketball and has cool tricks for solving math problems. He is really tall and has short black hair and brown eyes.


Mrs.Stallings- She was my gym teacher. Sadly, she doesn't work at my middle school anymore...but she works at the high school downtown. At first, I thought she would be really mean to us in class, but she turned out to be really cool and got me into track and field. To be honest, I didn't want her to leave my school this year. She is African-American and has medium-length black hair and brown eyes.


Mrs.Garcia- She was my Spanish 1A teacher. She's REALLY nice, and always gave us food on special days! She was supposed to teach us Spanish 1B in 8th grade, but got transferred to be an ELL-only teacher. (Meaning she teaches English to kids who don't know it.) She has shoulder length blonde hair and I don't even know her eye color...I think blue or green.


Well, those were my cool teachers I guess...stay tuned for my next chapter!


© 2010 Mudkipz

Author's Note

I hoped it wasn't boring, but I gotta tell you about them or you'll never get this story.

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