A Chapter by ebonpinion

Maria gets to see her home away from home and meet her new roommate.


After my father finally let go of me he walked me towards the window.

“Maria, this will be your first lesson.”

Surely we’re not going through the window, I thought.

“I will teach you the feeling of soaring.”

                He grabbed my waist with his right arm and with the other threw open the window pane.

“Hold on tight Maria.”

I wrapped my arms around him just before he pushed out of the window with me. 

                The approaching ground didn’t terrify me as much as the feel of falling.  I could feel my stomach wanting to turn inside out.  Right when I started to feel dizzy I felt as if I was suddenly caught in a smooth calm river.  It was then that I realized that my eyes were closed.  When I opened them I found that we were flying over a rather large landscape with buildings that were framed with rose gardens.

“Isn’t it beautiful Maria”, my father asked with a sense of pride.  “I’ve taken great responsibility of keeping my academy in top notch.  It’s a great environment for learning and socializing.”

                I couldn’t respond from shock.  Each building was made out of cobblestone or brick and reminded me of oversized modern cottages.

“And this is where you are going to be staying”, he said while gently landing on the ground. 

                My new dwelling was immense.  It looked more like an expensive apartment building than a dormitory.  The building had a warm tan color to it and each window opened to a small balcony.

“So, what do you think”, my father asked.

“It’s absolutely beautiful”, I stated still staring in awe.

“Well, wait until you see the inside.”

                He ushered me through two large double doors that led me to a small lobby.  The lobby contained many round tables and cushioned chairs.  There was even a fireplace in the back wall.  My father continued to lead me towards a black spiral iron staircase. 

“Your room will be on the third floor.”

                When we passed the second floor, which contained an off-white hallway with numerous oak doors I asked, “Where are all the other students?  I have yet to see any.”

“They are in class right now, “he explained as we reached the third floor.  “Today is a regular school day, since it is only Wednesday.”

“Wednesday”, I asked as I made an abrupt stop at the top of the steps.

“Yes, it seems that my pupil used stronger force on you than I would have wished.  Now come.”  He said while directing me towards the right side of the hallway.  “Your room is this way.”

Each door we passed had a number on it and as we walked the numbers grew smaller.

“Every student maybe in class but I have excused your roommate so that you two may meet.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“A roommate?”

The thought did not appeal to me since I always had my own room.

We stopped at the end of the hallway at room 300.

“Here’s your room dear”, he gave me a key to open the door. 

The beauty of the high ceiling, large windows, and red, gold and off-white colored chairs was breath-taking but it did not surpass the shock I had at the sight of my roommate.  The shock itself did not come from the fact that it was a guy, but that he was the capture responsible for knocking me out cold for almost two days. 

His appearance changed dramatically.  Even though he still wore a lot of black, his cloths were baggier and he wore a red short-sleeved button down shirt over his long-sleeved black shirt.  The red shirt made his red hair stand out more than I remembered.  His hair was even a few inches longer than memory recounted.  This new appearance was topped off with a pair of black combat boots.

“Different than what you remember”, the guy asked.

“I don’t remember”, I lied trying to make up for being caught staring at him.  “I think the hit on my head may have caused some slight memory lost.”

“Ahem.”  My father cleared his throat as he stepped between the guy and me.

“Maria, this is one of my best students, Darien.”

                I gave no acknowledgement or nod, for I could sense a source of prideful egotism radiating from him.  

“And Darien, this is my daughter, Maria”, my dad stated with an air of pride as he put his arm around my shoulder.

                I could tell that my father’s prideful tone towards me was a blow to Darien’s ego.  He also did not show any sign of acknowledgement but this did not go unnoticed. 

“Darien”, my father said in a stern voice, “I do expect some respect from you towards my daughter.”

Darien looked hurt as if he was just scolded.

“I’m sorry, sir”, he said while bowing his head slightly towards my father.  He then turned to me and said, “I’m sorry for my behavior.  Welcome, Maria, to Roseland Academy.”

I was taken aback by his sudden change of demeanor.

“Thank you.”

“Now that’s better”, my father said while clapping his hands together and smiling.  “I will leave you two to get to know each other.”

                I turned around and watched him leave.  It took me awhile to gather the courage to turn back around but when I did it was only to find Darien sitting on a bed reading.  It did not bother me much, since I did not want to force a conversation.

                I walked towards a second bed near the window assuming it was mine.  It wasn’t as large as the bed I woke up in earlier but it looked just as comfortable.  I soon spied a dresser near my bed and realized that I didn’t have any extra clothing.  On the chance that my kidnappers had any sense to bring my clothing I checked the dresser.  I was very happy to see clothing but was surprised to see that it was all new.

“Your father thought that you could use some new clothing”, Darien stated while looking at me from his book.

“Ah”, I answered.

“And I advise you to change now.”

“Why”, I asked feeling as if he insulted how I dressed.

“Because you haven’t gotten cleaned since Monday”. 

“Oh, yeah”, I responded feeling a bit embarrassed. 

                I looked through the clothing and found that most of it was black, with little color.  This didn’t really bother me for I believed that black was a good color but only used sparingly. 

                I picked a simple short-sleeved black t-shirt and a knee-length black skirt.  I found some fishnet stockings with floral patterns running up and down the front, back and sides.  It wasn’t my choice of style but I figured that it was the best sensible choice.  I then walked to a door that I guessed led to a bathroom.

“Wow”, was the only thing that I could say.  I was a little ashamed that I had said it out loud for I didn’t want Darien to hear me.  I had to keep my mouth shut as I looked at the rest of the room.  The tiles were green and off-white marble and the walls were off-white with an ivy trim.  The bathtub had clawed feet supporting it and a removable shower head. 

                After the best shower I ever had I changed into my new clothing.  I felt awkward as I looked into the large sink mirror.  The one perk of the black was that it caused my natural highlights to show more.

                I started to open my door wishing not to be noticed but Darien was sitting on his bed with a huge grin on his face.  I readied myself for his snide criticism but when I fully emerged from the bathroom his grin faltered.

“Wow, you actually look nice”, he stated with a blank stare.

“Um, thanks”, I replied not sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult.

“No, seriously.  Black compliments you.”

I blushed.

“Thank you.”

                I started to assume that Darien may have had a good side to him but as I walked towards my bed to sit he barked, “Close the bathroom door.  It’s a dormitory, not a barn”.

Feeling a bit annoyed with my new roommate I figured it was a good time to go exploring around the campus.

                As I reached the lobby floor I realized that I did not know where I was going.  I looked around the lobby to see if there were any maps of the campus but of course there were none.  How was I expected to get around this place?  This place…Hey, where exactly was this place?  In all of the confusion I never asked where exactly I was.  I had no idea how far or close I was from home.  As this new conclusion began to eat away at my nerves a new voice reached my ears.


I turned around to find a smiling girl standing behind me.  She had blonde hair with blue streaks, wore a simple yellow sundress, and was slightly taller than me. 

“Hello”, she repeated.  “You must be new to the academy.  I’ve never seen you around.  My name is Tory”.

Tory extended her hand.

“I’m Maria”.  I politely accepted Tory’s hand shake but a second after holding her hand I retracted.  Her skin felt unbelievably warm.  She had to be running a high fever.

“Oh, maybe I should have warned you about my skin.  I tend to run at a much higher temperature than most for I’m a fire demon.  I come from a long history of them.  Both my parents come from a line of fire demons.  Though there was an emovere demon on my mom’s side of the family.  My family tends to keep quiet about that though I see no problem with it.  Emovere demons are rather cool.”

“Emovere demons?”

“Yes.  They are demons that can tap into others emotions easily.  In some rare cases they can manipulate emotions.  What kind of demons run in your family?”

“Well, my dad’s an air demon.”

“Really?  That’s awesome. 

I noted that Tory’s demeanor was remarkably different from Darien’s.

“Some of the air demons I know here are rather cool.  A few of them are rather advanced thanks to Headmaster Roseland.  He’s an air demon himself, but I’m sure you know that. Are both your parent’s demons?”

A familiar voice broke in before I could answer.

 “What matters is that her father is a powerful one”, Darien stated as he walked down the iron staircase.

“Really”, asked Tory.  “Then he must know the headmaster well.”

“Well, he should considering he’s Headmaster Roseland”, Darien answered as he stopped next to me.

Tory’s eyebrows shot up and her eyes went large.

“You mean Maria is Roseland’s daughter?”

Darien stoically nodded.

“I can’t believe the headmaster has a daughter.  I always wondered if he had any family.  It’s great that he has someone.  I always felt for him because he seemed alone.”


“Alone”, I asked.

“He’s not alone”, Darien exclaimed.

“I believe he has been”, Tory countered.

“He has his students”.

“Sure, he’s surrounded by students and staff constantly but they cannot compare or replace family.”

“Maybe, but family can become a distraction when it comes to education.  Why else would we be sent away to school?  We are here to learn and excel away from distractions.”

Wow, did Darien think I was bad for my dad?

“Darien, education maybe important but family is more important.”

“You can’t truly excel if you hold onto such worldly things”, Darien argued.

“And you don’t excel in life without them.”

While I watched Tory and Darien argue one thought came to mind.

“So, are you two a couple or something”, I asked.

Darien jumped back away from Tory as if she just burned him.  Tory giggled.

“There is no way I would date her”, Darien exclaimed.

“I’m little Miss Sunshine”, Tory stated.  “I’m not sarcastic or dry enough for him.”

I laughed.  “Yes, he does tend to portray those characteristics.”

Darien looked a bit affronted.  “It’s better than trying to be Miss Perfect and wanting everyone to love me.”

“Not my fault if they do”, Tory stated.  “People must be drawn towards my very warm and bright personality.”

Darien seemed content to ignore her blatantly cheesy comment.

“So, Maria, where were you heading?”

“I was trying to get away from an annoyance.  Didn’t seem to work.”

“An annoyance”, Tory asked.

“Yes, my roommate.”  I nodded towards Darien. He rolled his eyes.

“Darien’s your roommate?  Why would your father do that?”

I shrugged.

“It’s for your protection Maria.  Your father chose me to watch over you.”

“Watch over me?”

“Yeah, you’re in the demon world now Maria.  There are differences you’re going to have to get used to.  Traditions you’re going to have to learn.”

“The demon world?  Do you mean we’re not on earth anymore?”

“No and yes”, Darien stated.  “We’re in another dimension that humans cannot reach.”

“So I’m in another world in another dimension with a father I just met.  You were my kidnapper and now you’re my roommate and protector.  Anything else I need to know about?  You wouldn’t also happen to be a long lost uncle twice removed who tried to kill me in my infancy?” 

Darien’s eyebrows knitted together slightly before smoothing out again.

“No, I wouldn’t be, but you know what?  I’m hungry.  How about we all go to the cafeteria?”

The mention of hunger reminded me that I hadn’t eaten in a couple of days.

“That’s a good idea.  I’m guessing you’ll be my escort around here.  From what I’ve seen from sky view this place is rather huge.”

Tory gave me a reassuring smile. 

“The academy is rather large but don’t worry.  You’ll also have me as an escort.”  She grabbed my arm.  “I can point out some stuff to you on the way to get food.”

I smiled back at Tory wondering if I had found a new friend.





© 2010 ebonpinion

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Keep going keep going, the characters so far are very interesting and different. When Maria is looking for some thing to wear you say she finds a T-shirt and the a knee length shirt as well. I'm guessing it's surpose to be skirt. Love this chapter.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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