Uma and Deke: The Gods of Creation

Uma and Deke: The Gods of Creation

A Story by AJV

This was a Genesis tale. It tells a story about two gods creating and of their characteristics.


   Deep in the darkness of space, there were two deities that lived among it: Deke and Uma. Deke a male divinity, wanted to be a king of all that is before him. However he lived alone, not knowing that there was another entity just like him, and had nothing to rule. He traveled through the darkness to search for someone to be with, someone to love and command. Uma, a female divinity, lived light-years away from Deke. She was gathering the rocks and dirt that was found along her trail. She was also walking in the darkness, yet Uma would glow and bring light around her, like a candle. Every step she took, a shard of light was left behind, like a trail, and it became a star.

   Deke saw a small light far from him. In fact, the saw the stars that surrounded him. He flew towards the light and finally the two entities met. Deke and Uma fell in love and together they wanted to make a world where they both could live in. Deke would help flattening the land while Uma formed the terrain walking the opposite direction dropping the dirt and stones she collected in space. Thus night and day was formed and the world began.

   Many days past until the two met again. Deke saw that Uma was bearing children. He was afraid and furious wanting to kill their children so that they could not surpass him and become king. Uma fought Deke in the skies, creating thunder and other terrible weather, and she threw him deep into the ground that created the mountains and hills on the world. Deke was unconscious far deep from the core of the world. Uma began to bury him before he could wake up. After that, she flew into the sky, made a new home, and she began to cry, which then became lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams.

   The goodness and love from Deke began to flow out from him, moving to the surface that followed Uma's tears. She returned to the world she had created and continued to finish it. Uma was still crying but she noticed that vegetation and other plants of all sizes grew behind her trail of tears. Her sorrow was lifted away. All she cared for were her creations and the children in her womb.

   Meanwhile deep in the center of the world, Deke was beginning to awaken from the fight. Once again he was in the darkness, but this time he was trapped. His rage and hate began to flow from his tears, as it became magma. He screamed as the lava bursts out from the mountains, which has now become volcanoes. Deke would punch the roof of his imprisonment, causing quakes from above the surface of the world, yet he could not escape, and therefore live in the underworld for eternity. His skin began to burn and his wounds began to morph. Deke became something evil and ugly. He than sat on a large stone wishing that one day he will escape his prison and rule what is above him.

    Back at the surface of the world, Uma gave birth to creatures that she called human, both man and woman. She cared nurtured them as they matured and were able to take care of themselves. She than began to create other living creatures so that the humans would not be alone nor starve. Her children thanked her and called her Mother, the Queen of Life and Good. Uma then came down from the sky and told her children about their Father, who was the King of Sin and Evil, but who also created parts of the world as well, such as his prison below. She taught them the ways of being good and what their task is in life: to multiply and love her and everyone else. If they are good and worthy, she would allow them to live in a world of paradise. But if they failed and became like Father, she would send them to his realm and to be burned for eternity.
   Uma then returned to her home in the sky and watched over her children. She answered their
prayers and needs. However Deke thought of a plan that he would tell his children to sin and follow him. If they did, he will reward them anything they desire. The humans didn't know who side to choose. As generations passed on, a battle between good and evil, Mother and Father, began.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on September 29, 2010
Last Updated on November 1, 2010
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