A Chapter by AJV

The R.E.M. soldiers return from the battle of the New World.

   Early in the morning the morning, approximately at three, the waves from the ocean was calm. The night sky was cloudy covering up the moon and it's light. The smell of salt water was strong and it was likely to taste it in the cold atmosphere.
   Soldiers from the R.E.M were patrolling the area. They wore leather jackets over their uniform and they were patrolling fast to keep themselves warm. Soldiers who are to patrol are unlucky at this time at night.
   One of the soldiers looked at the ocean's horizon and saw the large beam of light coming towards the naval base. He took out his binoculars to see what was arriving. The soldier then put it away, turned to the other soldiers, and shouted at them to sound the alarm.
   "Captain Bosont has arrived!" shouted a voice coming from all the intercoms. "Hurry! Let us welcome our heroes back home from there journey. Everyone must go out to the docks at once."
   The soldiers all had ran out and stood in a perfect line facing to their right waiting for the R.E.M. boat to park. Amongst the soldiers they talked as to why has their Captain returned so early. No answers were said.
   Ambulances and the President of The Great Nation's private copter arrive to the base. The soldiers had even more questions. They were very eager to hear what had happened to their comrades and if the Captain is okay.
   Finally the R.E.M. naval ship had arrived and parked. It was severely damaged. Broken windows, rails had been missing, and there were some dents on the back of the boat. The lights of the ship turned off as the paramedics arrived with their stretchers.
   The doors on the ship open. The soldiers who have been patient begin to cheer. The veterans of the battle were not. They were very depressed, and that depression spread to all who were cheering. It became very silent.
   The veterans struggled as they carried their injured or dead comrades off the boat and lay them on the stretchers. There were not many paramedics, so the groaning of pain began to be heard.
   Bosont was the last one to be carried out of the boat. Mia used her telekinetic power to carry him off the boat and onto the stretcher. All the soldiers watched him being covered with the flag of The Great Nation. Before Bosont was taken away, the President walks to the stretcher, whispers to one of the paramedic and sends her off as she walks Bosont to the ambulance truck.
   Wason exited the naval ship. He was the last of the soldiers to get off. Wason looked at all of the soldiers who were sad, angry, and confused. He wish he could had said something, but his feelings about the battle and his rage against Onurak continued to bother him. So he decided to just continue walking.
   "Sergeant Christopher Wason, I assume," said the president. "You have returned on such short notice. The Captain is dead. What had happened? Where did you all go to?"
   "Mr. President. It is an honor for you to be here, especially during an unfortunate time. Where we had gone to is a world like no other."
   "Mr. Wason what do you mean?"
   "I... I just can not explain right at this moment."
   "I see," said the president. He put his arm around Wason's back and said, "Let us discuss this inside. It's too cold and I know you are tired from the trip."
   "Thank you," said Wason. He walked with the president off the docks to the limo. Flashback of the battle still ran through his mind. He could not focus where he was going, but the president helped him out.
   Rabïle walks out of the vehicle, walks to Wason, as the president go in, and says, "You may have been asked this before, but what happened?" Rabïle clinched his hands on Wason's shoulders as his eyes shook like something was bothering him also.
   A loud clunk was heard under the limo. At that exact moment everyone turned to where the sound came from. They watched as the limo explodes.
   Rabïle and Wason felt the heat but stood where they are. They look above them as the limo was above them. They walked away from where the limo would have crushed them.
   Wason looked around to see who saved him and who was responsible for the attack. Mia came to his mind and so did the Subverters. He was relieved to be alive but now extremely angry. He then shouted, "The Subverters are here! We have been attacked! Look for the enemy! Do not let them escape!"
   "Wason!" shouted Rabïle. "Calm down! They might kill us!"
   "Right you are," Wason said. He took deep breaths and swiftly walked with Rabïle into the base. "I do not understand why this can be happening. First the Captain, now our leader. I do not wish to think of who is next." Wason looks behind him as he finished his sentence. He pushes the button of an elevator and waits.
   Rabïle then walks away from him. "Go to the medical center," he said. "I will meet you some other time."
   "Mr. Vice President, sir, where are you going?" Wason asked just as the elevator door had just opened.
   "I am the president now, Wason. I will be going to the House. I can not stay here any longer, because I know I am the next target. Other than that, I must report the incident to the other leaders and the fellow people of The Great Nation. Farewell, Mr.Wason." Rabïle leaves as he ran around the corner from the base's entrance.
   Wason enters the elevator and presses the button to go down for safety. "What a dreadful day," he says as he leaned over to the wall. He waited as the elevator took him to a very low level to where he can exit out of the base and go to the hospital and recover.

© 2011 AJV

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Added on January 2, 2011
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