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The mysterious man introduces himself as Christopher Wason. He is the Sergeant of the notorious military called R.EM. What will happen to Jazex now that a Sergeant is at the scene?

   Jazex just stands where he is at. He doesn't move nor does he want to see who is behind him. All he knows is that he needs to escape quickly before trouble comes.
   The mysterious man walks to Jazex. Slowly as he approaches him, he looks at the bag wondering what is inside of it. Jazex drops the bag and finally turns to see a R.E.M. soldier. His luck ran out.
   "And you are?" asked Jazex. He looks at the man straight in the eye, showing no fear, because if you show fear to a R.E.M. soldier, especially with this man who has a no expression on his face, the unfortunate happens.
   "Sergeant Wason. Christopher Wason. I am from R.E.M. And you are?" He sticks his hand out for a hand shake. Jazex looks at his hand and then to his face.
How about Wason? I'll call you that. Also you didn't have to tell me where you were from. I can tell by the uniform."
   Wason shakes his head. It seamed that his last name was a nickname for him already.
Suits me. Hand over the fugitive, and I'll let you go free"
   Jazex shakes his head in confusion and says, "
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Free from what? I didn't do anything wrong, Sergeant.
   Wason grins. It almost seemed like he was going to laugh, but he didn't. He lifted his right arm and opened a screen from the large device that was on his arm. He then presses buttons on it and says, "
Do you remember what happened 3 years ago?"
   Apparently Jazex does not recognize Wason, but he does remember what he did. Smacking himself on the forehead with regret, he looked at the night sky again and says, "
Oh boy! That whole thing again, eh? Sorry, but, again, I was not involved. It was not me! You have the wrong guy, pal."Okay!" yelled Jazex, "Whatever! Still I am not handing this guy to you." He picked the bag up and threw it over his back.
   Wason sighed and closed his arm device. He looked at Jazex with a frown and said, "
You have the count of 5 to hand me the fugitive." After that, he began to count with his fingers without saying anything else.
Whats with the R.E.M. anyways? You're the military!"
   Wason was to the third finger.
   "Your not cops!"
   Wason lifted four fingers. Jazex immediately shouted, "
Oh snaps! More prisoners escaping! Go get them!"
   Wason turns and simultaneously pulled out his gun and pointed it at Jazex's face. "
Scurry and you will get shot!" he said.
   Jazex drops the bag and lifted his arms into the air. He was frightened and did not know what to do now.
Whoa! Okay!"
   He then looked to the ground noticing J.J's weapon and then says, "
Here" as he kicked it to Wason.
   Wason shoots it and drops his gun to catch it. This was the only chance that Jazex had to escape, and that he did.
   He picked up the bag and ran through the tress that Wason came from.
   Wason hurries to pick his gun up from the ground and shoot Jazex before he could get away.
   Jazex was so fast, dogged every one of the bullets. He ran so far that Wason lost him.
   "Oh wait! I forgot my scythe," he said while pulling the string. He grabbed it and continued to get out of the forest and hopefully be somewhere that Wason could not find him.
   Wason shouted "Blast! You come back here!" He shook his fist in the air as if he thought Jazex could still see him. But Jazex was so far, he could not even hear Wason yelling.
This is the worst slip up you will ever do to me," he said. "The next time we meet, I will have you taken under arrest to R.E.M."
   Wason takes out his phone and calls someone.
Yes...," he said. "I understand, but I have lost the fugitive." Wason looks at the forest where Jazex ran to and said,"That boy who was in the assassination. No, he fled. Very well, the mission is over. Wason out."
   Wason looked away to put his phone away. He turns back to check if Jazex was still around, but he wasn't.
You! I will get you if its the last thing I do!"
   Wason walks to the demolished bar investigating what happened.
   Jazex finally ran to a highway. Luckily there was no traffic, so he  crossed the road and stood next to a lamppost. He took out the ear piece that he used earlier.
   "Hey Wendy. I got the guy you wanted."
   "Really? That was fast. So you are the best that Victor could find. I will have someone pick you up momentarily. You are okay, right?
   Jazex looked around making sure Wason wasn't around, hoping he didn't follow him.
   "Well I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"
   "Let me hear the good."
   "Well I am alone on the highway. No traffic."
   Wendy was away from that moment after she heard where Jazex was at.
   "Okay, she's going to pick you up soon. So what's the bad then?"
   Jazex thought who 'she' was, but he answered, "R.E.M. was there too."
   "Oh my God, are you okay?"
   "Yea, I got away smoothly and quickly."
   "That' great to hear, but your lucky. Was it just a regular soldier?"
   "Of all the unlucky people, I met the Sergeant."
   "I hope Kit can get there fast. he's probably..."
   "Kit's coming to get me?"
   "Yes, why?"
   "I wasn't expecting her. Sorry I didn't mean to cut you off, go on."
   "Uh, I forgot what I said."
   "Well, ya, I'm lucky. Where are you located? Just wondering how long its going to be when my ride get here."
   "I work for the police, so my station is located in Pranton City. It may take an hour to get to where your at. I'm just assuming."
   "No  problem. I can wait for that long."
   "Again, thank you for helping us."
   "Anytime, as long as R.E.M. doesn't get involved with my business."
   Jazex puts the ear piece away and looks at the moon. J.J. begins to move around the potato sack.
   "Where... Where am I?
   Jazex down and hits J.J. on the head, which knocked him out, and looks back at the moon.
   "Is it strange to know that you live on earth and yet don't feel welcome. I don't know wether I am human or not. Wendy's right, I did get lucky. Somehow not a single shot got me and I ran so fast to get the bar and to get here on the highway. It makes me wonder."
   A car, going approximately 60 mph, caught Jazex's attention. It pulled over into the light and the door was open.
   "Do you need a lift?" someone said.
   "Can I put this in the truck first?" asked Jazex.
   The trunk door opened and Jazex walked to it. He put the bag in it, and shut the trunk's door.
   "I wasn't expecting you to know what I was doing."
   "Aw, come on. You know I wouldn't miss your first day on the job."
   Jazex walks into the car, closes the door, and puts on his seat belt.
  "Kit, thank you. Now lets go home before R.E.M. shows up."
   Both take off down the road.

© 2010 AJV

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That was kinda exciting. Enjoyed this chapter.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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