Jazex's Note

Jazex's Note

A Chapter by AJV

Kit is taken to and wakes up in the hospital the next day after the fight. Jazex leaves then her a message. What are his last words before he leaves to a new world?

   Wendy and Victor came to help right when Jazex got in the car. They looked inside and quickly got in without saying anything. The hospital wasn't far from where Jazex and Kit were at. Depending on Kit's wounds, no one knew if she was going to make it or not. She was moaning and Wendy kept tell her to hang on.
   Jazex on the other hand was furious. If it wasn't for his last conversation with the Agitator, he would have walked away fine and not caring about R.E.M. Somehow she made him think of everything that didn't go right.
    As they arrived at the hospital's parking lot, Wendy rushed out of the car to go get someone to help Kit. Mean while, Jazex and Victor both carried Kit inside the building. Some nurses came with stretchers so Kit could lay on it and wouldn't have to be carried to the room.
   They took her away and everyone else had to stay in the lobby. Jazex covered his face in shame and stress. Wendy walked around thinking what to ask or say. Victor just stood and leaned against the wall.
   "I'm going to take care of some business," Jazex said. He got up, walked to the secretary's station and asked for a piece of paper and pen. He went back to his seat and began writing a note. Wendy began to walk to Jazex. She finally had a question to ask him, but he didn't look up.
   "Give this to Kit when she wakes up," Jazex said handing the note to Wendy. "There is something that I need to do and it maybe a long time for me to come back home. I don't have time to explain." He looks at Victor and smiles. "I'll be taking my weeks vacation now."
   "Do what you have to do," said Victor. He left to wonder around the hospital. "I'll find you when I need you back."
   Jazex laughed for a moment. He looked at Wendy and then said, "Whatever happened back there is all in the past. Kit will tell you everything. Here is ten dollars I have saved. Do me a favor and buy her a nice bouquet and attach the note with it."
   Wendy took the note and the money and looked at it. She was still sad and said nothing. Finally she sighed and said, "Well get going."
   Jazex walked out of the hospital and headed straight home. When he was outside, he went to the car, grabbed his scythe, and ran as fast as he could to the cabin.
   Morning came and Kit laid on the bed. Her arms were bandaged but it didn't seem anything to serious. She slowly woke up as a nurse and a doctor entered the room to see how she was doing. Wendy and Victor stood next to the door hearing what the doctor had to say.
   "Good morning," the doctor said.
   "Where am I?"
   "You''re in a hospital. You must have had some accident. No broken bones and nothing serious. Just scratches and bruises, but we treated that well."
   "Yea. Where is Jazex?"
   "Your friends are okay. In fact they are right here to see you."
    The doctor and the nurse left and Victor came in with the bouquet of flowers, they were tulips, and sat it on a dresser. Wendy and him both sat down relieved that Kit was okay.
   "How are you feeling?" Wendy asked.
   "I am sore, but I am alive. Where's Jazex? Did he win? Is he alright?"
   Victor stood up and handed Kit the note. He coughed and she took the note from his hand. He then sat back down next to Wendy.
   Kit opened the note and read what it said:

    I am sorry but I will be gone for a while. I don't know when I will be returning back, but I will make it back. I am leaving to stop R.E.M. from causing more chaos to another world. I was told by my voice stalker, who happened to be a comrade from 'you know what,' that they are leaving to a new world. I believe what they did to us is what they will do it to the people in the new world. I want you stay  and take care of yourself. I know Victor will help you, Chuck, and Wendy too. Please don't follow me, I will be fine.
   Love with all my heart,


P.S. I  am taking some left overs with me. Also, did you like the flowers I bought you?

   Kit smiled and put the note next to the flowers. She then said, "I can't wait till he comes back. I wish I could have gone with him."

   Wendy nodded her head, but she was still sad to what had happened to Kit. She asked, "What happened last night?"

   Kit's smile turn to a frown. "R.E.M. attacked Jazex," she said. "They still wanted him to join their military and I got involved to defend him. Someone attacked me then since I was going to help Jazex."

   "So R.E.M. caused all of this? I knew they were up to no good."

   "That's why Jazex left. He is going to help others and pay them back. I don't want him to, but I can't do anything right now."

   "Kit, he will come back. I guarantee it. Now you better get some rest, but before we leave."

   Victor was nervous to talk to his sister. Wendy just stared at him and waiting for him to say something. He finally opened his mouth and said, "I love you, sis. I was afraid I was going to lose you. Right now, I am happy that you are okay."

   "Good job," Wendy said. "We'll come back to pick you up later." She and Victor waved goodbye. The door then closed.

   It was silent in Kit's room. She laid back and closed her eyes. 'Love with all my heart' was all she could think of. She then smiled as she slept.
   Jazex woke up quickly as the alarm went off. He looked at his alarm clock and said, "I am late? Oh well. Show time." He shut off his alarm and got ready. He then grabbed his scythe, left his room into the hallway, and asked, "Hey Chuck, where's your new device and do we have rope?"
   "Here, don't lose it," Chuck said as he came out from his room. "The rope is down in the basement. Although, if I am correct, you'll need to take all of it." He handed Jazex a very tiny black chip.
   "What is this?"
   "It's tracking device. It unbreakable and waterproof. I can detect where you are by just hacking any satellite that is being unused. I will say maybe in a week we will pick you back up and take you home."
   "Okay, so where do I put this?"
   "Put it in your pocket! I don't think anywhere else is fine. Since your late, I can only guess that the navy ship is heading to the wharf in the west."
   "The wharf? In the suburbs?"
   "That's the one."
   "Is there another way? I don't have the car, which is why I only had an hour to sleep when I got here. So is there anywhere else can I go instead?"
   Chuck sighed. He left the hall and walked into his room. Jazex followed inside. He was shocked and surprised how clumped and filthy Chuck's room was: There were CD's, motherboards, metal pieces, and clothes all over the floor. It was very hard to walk around it and not break or mess anything up.
   "Shut up and don't say a word," Chuck said as he was calculating the distances on his map. "If you go south, around the this mountain, from here to the bay, you should be caught up with R.E.M. There will be soldiers though and you may have to swim your way to the boat."
   "Don't jinx it for me."
   "Its what you wanted."
   Jazex left Chuck's room and put the chip in his jacket pocket. He went into the basement and found some rope that he could use. It didn't seem long but it could be enough for him to use. He then ran into the kitchen, grabbed some mini bags, and put what ever he could carry in his pockets.
   "This should last for a couple days," Jazex said. "Alright, I am leaving,"
   "So when is my sister coming back?"
   "I don't know. But when she does, you better not do anything stupid while we're gone."
   "Why me? Just get out of here!"
   Jazex laughed. He took a deep breath to calm himself down and took off.
'I can't wait to come home after this.' he thought to himself. 'This is going to be one hell-of an adventure.'

© 2010 AJV

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