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Compartment 114
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The Natives of the New World

The Natives of the New World

A Chapter by AJV

Jazex wakes up from his collision and talks to the native that threatens him to leave. Who is this native and what will Jazex do?

   'Man my body in numb from whatever that was,' Jazex said in his his head. He sat next to a large tree knocked out, which stopped him from going any further. ' should have listened to Wason. That guy sure knows how to put me to sleep.' He began to twitch after a shadow was over him.
   "Ni endu pakz?" asked the person. He had curly medium red hair, light skin, and blue eyes. He also wore armor like a knight and he had a cape. Behind the cape was his weapon, which was a large sword of an interesting blade.
   Jazex began to wake up. The man stepped back and grabbed his sword, but he didn't pull it out yet. "Where am I?" Jazex asked. He shook his head and wiped the back of his head. There was nothing.
   "Vint ni endu?" the man asked. He watched as Jazex tried to push himself up. As Jazex had trouble walking, the man walked to him and asked the same question again.
   "Sorry," said Jazex. He was trying to keep his balance. "Hang on, I'm just trying to wake myself up." He finally felt okay once he began to walk. "Alright, finally. So what were you saying?"
   "Vint ni endu?"
"Okay. I did not understand that. I am Jazex." Jazex stuck his hand out. The man just looked at him. Jazex then got the idea how to solve the problem. He pointed at himself and then said, "Me, Jazex. Ja-zex. Now you say it."
   "Yea that's right. You?"
   "Oh-new-rock? That's a strange name."
   "It is pronounced Onurak and Jazex is also a strange name."
   "Shut up. Hey! Wait! You speak my language."
   "I have been these past few days since a visitor came from a strange land."
   "Well that solves our problem. So what were you asking me?"
   "I was asking who you were, but now I do. You are not from here, I can tell. Now begone, I do not need any trouble in my land."
   "Uh, actually I wont be the trouble. There is a huge ship full of soldiers coming this way to do something."
   Onurak thought for a moment. "I see. So the vision from the Oracle of Reokin happened to be true. Onurak draws his blade at Jazex's face. "You are not of them, tell me."
   "Hey, take it easy. No, not at all. I was trying to stop them, but their captain did something to me where I am over here now."
   "Then I order you to go back from where you came from," Onurak said. He puts his sword back and turns around. Jazex then shook his head.
   "Wait!" shouted Jazex. Onurak turns around to hear what he had to say. "You aren't thinking that you could take them all, are you?"
   "As the Knight of Kequa, I will do so. I do not need your help, though. If it does not include you, begone."
   "What if it does?"
   "Why does it concern you?"
   "I want revenge to what hey have done to me and my friends. Please, allow me to help you. I may not know who you are, but I don't want these people taking over the lives of others and causing chaos to the innocent."
   "You speak with words of kindness. Very well, come to me. We shall go to my village."
   "Thank you, Onurak."
   Jazex follows Onurak to his stead. It was a horse-like creature with horns and without a crest and a poll. It snarled, but not like a horse. Onurak got on top of it and asked, "You are okay to walk?"
   "Yea," said Jazex. They both went down a trail. 'Depending on how far we go,' he thought to himself. Jazex turned his head looking to how much damage he did, though it didn't seem much. Some of the trees were on the ground, but there were many that were never damaged.
   A bunny-like creature with a tail of a cat sniffed at Wason as he lied on the grass. Its whiskers tickled and woke him up. Wason grabbed it and picked it up in the air to see what it was.
   "How peculiar?" he said. "So cute, yet abnormal." He then put it down and stood up. There were noises coming from the large bushes. 'Savages?' Wason asked in his head.
   A knight, wearing a helmet and a similar armor like Onurak's, cut through the bush. He looked at Wason and suddenly drew his sword out. It was long, but like any other sword. "Qaz de  vint ni endu?" the knight asked.
   Wason grinned. He opened up his jacket and drew his sword out, which was a rapier. "Once I come here, you savages begin to attack. My ancestors had the same experience."
   "Your ancestors are evil then, invader," the knight said. Wason lowered his weapon. He was confused to hear what the knight had just said. "Offended, my adversary?"
   "How do you speak my language when you are not of any being that is like me?"
   "Oh, you are surprised. I was as well the day I knew of this language."
   "What do you mean?"
   "I have said enough. Are we to fight or is the victory mine?"
   "What is you're name?"
   "Why would you want to know?"
   "I am Sergeant Christopher Wason. Obviously I am not from here, but I come a world that is like no other. I and my people am here here to help you."
   "You wish to help, yet you draw a sword at me?"
   "It is a habit of self defense. Forgive me."
   Wason puts his sword away. At that moment the knight struck at Wason with his hilt. As Wason fell to the ground, the knight picks him up from his jacket.
   "I am Knox Budanzi. The Knight of Kequa."
   "You bloody... savage."
   Knox threw Wason's sword and took off the arm device, believing it was a weapon as well. He threw Wason over his shoulder and said, "Silence. I am taking you to our dungeon since your people will be coming to fight us. We know what you are to do, invader." He then walked to his stead and tied a rope to Wason's feet connecting to the saddle. Finally, he jumped on the creature and commanded it to go. As it tread, Wason was dragged on the ground.
   Moments later, Mia, Bosont, and the rest of the soldiers came to where Wason was. They were taking him by finding the arm device. Mia began to cry when she couldn't find Wason. She ran to his belongings and then looked around to see where he could have gone.
   "Mia, dear. Please stop crying," said Bosont. He was sad because of his daughter. 'What have I done?' he asked himself. He was never able to control himself when he was furious.
   "Wason is gone. He was here a moment ago, I know. Now someone took him, and we wont be able to find him."
   "I am sorry, Mia."
   Mia picked up Wason's stuff, stopped crying and then said, "Whoever took him must have gone that way. There is a hole in that bush."
   "Then," said Bosont. "We will follow the trail." He then sgnaled the soldiers to follow him. They began to follow the tracks of the creature and their fate.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 18, 2010
Last Updated on January 20, 2010
Tags: action, adventure, hero, bounty, hunter, future, comedy, fiction, fight, warrior, weapon, blade, knight, power, native, foriegn, language, new, world, villain



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