A Chapter by AJV

Jazex sleeps, but not too well. Someone or something is disturbing his sleep. What could it be?

   Jazex sleeps soundly, but begins to move as if he wasn't sleeping well. He tossed to his left and then to the right. Something was not right. He began to hear phrases from what he heard and said that day.
   'Also your best friend... Where did you... Where did I come from? Oh right, I'm not from here.'That was all he remembered.
   The window suddenly burst open from the wind. Jazex opened his eyes from the loud sound that he heard. He was tired and moved slowly to close the window. After that, he went back to sleep.
   'Yea you are. Did you forget? Or are you saying that to believe your different.'
   Jazex thought to himself 'Did I just say that in my head?'
   'Okay, then, what is going on? Who are you and what are you doing in my thoughts?'
I know you, but you don't know me and I don't think you will until later. Much later.'
   Jazex tries to open his eyes, but he is a deep sleep.
   'So you wanna play games or what? Tell me who you are.'
'What I will tell you is what a complete moron you are to show how good you don't fight.'
That's because I am not a fighter. I think of it as more of a self defense.'
   'Your such a wimp. I remember that you fought well. You took me down a couple of times.'
   'So you're someone I already know. Well that may take me a while, but recognizing your voice is even harder.'
   'Good luck. If you want help, I can give you a clue.'
   'Gee, thanks. That is so helpful, stranger.'
   The image of black that jazex saw began to fade into color. He was starting remember something, but began to resist it.
   'Hey! What are you doing? How are you doing that? Stop!'
   'Now do you remember, Jazex?'
   'A little, I don't remember the name, but I remember someone doing this to me. So you are a "she", for sure. Where did we meet?'
   'That's what I'm trying to show you, but you keep resisting. I never met anyone this strong in the mind, ever.'
   'As I am always told, I am a one of a kind.'
   'If you say so, you left yourself open.'
   The image came blurry, but somewhat able to be seen.
   'I said stop that. I don't want to think about that. Leave me alone. I am trying to sleep anyways.'
   A laughter is heard and Jazex was able to sleep again. His dream went back to black.
   The sun shined on Jazex's face. He stretched out and rubbed his eyes shaking his head. He threw his covers over and sat on his bed.
   "Morning already?' he questioned himself. He got up and put on his pants and a new shirt on. "I guess that was really a dream. I should be getting more sleep if this happens again."
   He opens the door. "What the...?" as he stared into the laboratory room he just entered in. "I'm still in a dream?"
   'Yes you are,' the mysterious voice said.
   'Okay listen, you are really making me mad. I don't know how you are doing this, but enough is enough.'
   She laughs and then says, 'I never heard you telling me this part of your life.'
   "Tell me who's lab this is and I will.'
   'Its the Doctor's. The who pisses me off. The one I am going to find and...'
   Interrupting with a yawn, the mysterious girl voice says, 'That's all I need to know. Try not to lose yourself. I will talk to you later.' The memory ends with a black blur.
   Jazex rises quickly from his sleep, only that this time he's fully awake. He turns around quickly to find out that if he surely awake. He gets up opens the door and turns his head left and right only to be seeing the hallway to Kit's and Chuck's room and the way to the living room. He walks down the hall ignoring the open window behind slowly shutting. Knowing that he was in wearing his undergarments, Jazex goes back to his room and put on some pants.
   'I need to go get some fresh air,' he said to himself.
   At night when it is very quite, walking around in the cabin can be heard within. Since Jazex was walking all over the place, Kit woke up. There's never been any burglary in the mountains and most likely no animal would dare enter in, since Chuck put snares all around the  cabin within to miles.
   Kit got up, put a sweater on , and left her room to find who was walking around early in the morning. She turned to her clock noticing it was only 3:58AM. Something was not right.
   Jazex opened the door and left outside into the back of the cabin. He walked to the trees that weren't far from his home. As he got there, he sat next to the tree, crossed his arm behind his head, and looked at the moon.
   "Funny, it was a lot bigger a while ago," Jazex said out loud to himself. "Now its shrinking." He then closed his eyes. The fresh air and smell of the outdoors was calming him down from his nightmare.
   'Oh, Jazex,' Kit thought in her head all worried. 'You must have had another horrible dream.' She was standing behind the glass window with one of her hands on it and the other on her heart. She stood there till the very next day.
   Kit woke up, but she was still standing. Both of her hands were on the glass window. Chuck was in front of her outside as he knocked to wake her up warning her that Jazex was about to wake up. She jumped from the sound, saw Chuck pointing 'go up stairs,' and jumped in bed.
   "Hey, what are you doing out here?" asked Jazex. He rose from the ground on his feet, yet he was wobbling since he was still a bit tired.
   Chuck went to Jazex. It wasn't hard for him to walk on the ground, but he didn't like to be out there.
   "Kit was wondering where you were since she didn't find you in your room. What were you doing out here? Weren't you cold?"
   "Chuck, once you hang outside more often, there is nothing to ever bother you out here."
   "I just hate those gnats."
    Jazex patted his head and said, "But they sure love you. Do you have any idea what time it is? I have to go to work around 10:30AM."
   Chuck rolls up his sleeve and checks the time. His watch was big and thick. He made it, but has so many gadgets within it. The best quality of it is that the watch has a security alert that will have any intruder running for their life.
   "Its 10:15."
   Jazex jumped up and began to run to the cabin.
   "Tell Kit I will see her later. I am so late!"
   Chuck laughs and says, "Sucker. It's only 9:30. Works every time."

© 2010 AJV

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Very enjoyable and very interesting too!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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