The Joker

The Joker

A Chapter by AJV

Morning comes and Jazex is ready to stop R.E.M. from what they are planning to do. Will they listen to Jazex or take him down?

   The early morning came, but the sky had an unusual color. It was an orange-like color though the fog made it seem very light. A dark glimpse of land was seen from far. Apparently it seems tropical but because of the fog it's unsure what the terrain is. Yet it was hard to see where the ship was at, but within the system control it had alert the sailors that they were about to hit land.
   The alarm set off. A voice from the intercom said that all soldiers are to meet at the dock of the ship to hear the captain's speech. All the soldiers rushed out of their cabins and headed towards there.
   Jazex woke up very disturbed from the loud sounds. There were stomping from the upper floor, marching outside the door, and especially the loud siren that is continuously going off. He was fully awake and it was time for him to make his move. He grabbed his clothes, put them on, he grabbed his scythe, and locked it on his back-sleeve.
   There were a lot of soldiers on the dock. They were all standing and waiting for Bosont to give out his speech. Some were a bit tired and others were ready to fulfill their duty as a soldier.
   Bosont came through the door with Wason on his right and Mia on the left. Walked down between the groups of soldiers till he got to his podium. He looked around to see if everyone was there. "I am ready for my speech now, Wason," he said. Wason handed him his speech note cards. "
Behold, a land. A land that we must help. Help to show what we can do to support their ways of life. It is the way of R.E.M. and the Government. What does R.E.M. stand for?"
   Wason looked around for a soldier to answer. he then turned to Bosont who was looking at him. "
Regulation Erasure Militia," he answered.
That is correct," said Bosont. "You make a good example, boy. But not with my daughter." He laughed at that moment. "

But yes. Regulation: The order, Erasure: the act of obliterating, Militia: The military.

All of this is for us, we order, we rid, we are the military."

   "Yea, the military to control people!" shouted Jazex. The soldiers gasped and turned to him. Jazex shook his head with anger and flipped Bosont off.

   "Blast!" shouted Wason with furry. "You again! How dare you?!" He moved, but Bosont put his arm in the way, only now his smile was fading to a grin.

   "That's Jazex, daddy," said Mia pointing at Jazex. She wasn't surprised to see him at all.

   "Is he?"

   Jazex put his finger and arm down. "You must be the leader," he said. The expression on his face anger. He had flashbacks of what happened to him and his friends.

   "Remembering your profile, you must be the boy that Wason has been trying to retrieve. What a surprise? Care to join us?"

   The soldiers laugh for no reason as Bosont does to. It may not have been funny, but everyone but Jazex laughed. Bosont wiped his eye after they were done.

   "I believe your not funny."

   "Oh I am. I am the funniest person ever to live. You want to here a joke"


   "Splendid. Why did the chicken cross the road"

   "To get away from f*****g R.E.M. that's for sure."

   Bosont laughs and then says, "No, to get to the other side." He laughed again with his soldiers. This time it was funny.

   "That wasn't funny."

   "Yes it was."

   "You wanna here my joke?"

   "Go for it. Make me laugh even more."

   Jazex's angry frown turned to  a grin. "Your jokes are so lame that people would rather s**t their pants than laugh." Silence broke out all of a sudden. Jazex made a big 'ha' to mock Bosont.

   "What?!" questioned Bosont. His smile became the angry frown that Jazex had. He also clinched his teeth.

   Jazex began to walk to Bosont. "Your so old that your jokes bore people to sleep," he said. He pointed at some soldiers that were nauseated, but that looked tired.

   "Sir, do not listen to him.," Wason said. "Ignore him, sir." He was trying to get in Bosont's way.

   "Want more?" asked Jazex. He was standing in front of the podium. "Here's the last one."

   "Silence Jazex!" yelled Wason. He went to throw a punch, but he missed Jazex and fell.

   "Shut up, Wason," said Jazex. He was right next to Bosont. He grabbed the mic and then said, "Your jokes are so stupid, a blond would never understand."

   Mia and a few other soldiers gasped. They were offended and outraged. Mia just sat where was at with her eyes wide open.

   "Enough!" shouted Bosont. He slamed the podium and threw it over the boat as it fell in the sea. He looked at Jazex ready to tear him apart.

   "Daddy, no!"

   "Away, Mia!"

   "Jazex, you fool!" Wason cried. "Never offend the Captain. Even his own daughter."

   "Eh, what's the worst that could happen? I could take him on."

   Bosont grabbed Jazex by the neck of his Jazex. He actually lifted him off the ground. "You, boy... You never want to see me angry."

   "Oh look, now he's got anger management issues. Could you please lower me down?"

   The color of Bosont's eye changed from green to purple. He held Jazex over the boat. He then began to laugh and breath deep.

   Wason finally got up from his fall. He ran to Bosont trying to stop him from throwing Jazex over the boat. "Captain Bosont, are you mad? If you do 'that' this ship could capsize."

   Bosont grabs Wason by the neck with his other hand. Bosont was grinding his teeth. "This is for failing your duties. Force: forty-two point fifty-seven percent!" After he finished his last sentence Wason mouthed 'blast' and was then sent into the fog swiftly.

   "Oh snaps!" Jazex exclaimed. He looked at Bosont and then saidn, "You wouldn't!"


   "Please be under forty!"

   "Eighty-nine point ninety-one percent."

   Jazex went through the fog, trees,  and large stones. As he hit a large tree, he immediately stopped right there. 'That was a painful ride,' he thought to himself. All he could hear was sound of his crash against the tree.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 17, 2010
Last Updated on January 18, 2010
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