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Jazex runs to his best friend's store to drop off J.J. and start something new. Will his new task require him to put more effort or will it be simple this time?

   Jazex runs into Victor Chavez's store with the bag. He comes in with a gray T-Shirt, no bandana and scythe on, and without a jacket.
   "Jazex? Your early," Victor says. A young woman leaning over the counter with her hands on her chin. They seemed to be having a touching conversation since she was still looking at him. She was tall, had dark hair, was tan, and wore a police uniform.
   "Wait, what are you talking about? Isn't it 11:00?"
   Victor looks down to his watch. Shaking his head, he said, "Dude, its 10. Well a half hour isn't that bad. More time for you and I to hang out."
   The young woman finally turns over to Jazex.
   "Jazex this is my girlfriend, Wendy."
   Jazex walks to Wendy and gives her the bag.
   "He's still in good condition. Although, eww, I think he had one or too many accidents."
   Wendy looks at Jazex still without saying a word. Jazex looks at Victor as if he didn't know what else to do or say.
   "Victor, is this the right guy?"
   "What to you mean? Don't you remember, we talked last night?"
   "He told me you were something more different."
   Nodding his head, Jazex looked at Victor. Victor walked to both of them.
   "Look, so he may look like one of them..."
   "Don't even say it, Victor," Jazex said.
   "Yea. He's on our side now. You can trust him."
   "I already do, but why did you lie to me? I am surprised he was able to do the job now that I met him."
   "Oh gee thanks."
    "Sorry, I didn't mean to sound offensive. Well its nice to meet you."
    Both shake hands and Wendy picks up the bag. She looks inside and then looks at Jazex.
   "Is he alive?"
   "Of course. The paper did say alive. I just knocked him out from the fight."
   "What did happen?" asked Victor. "The bar is in ruins and there was no one to blame."
   "I will tell you later."
   "Okay. Now can you get that bag out? It's starting to stink up the place."
    Wendy ties the bag in a knot after dragging J.J. out from the bag. He was cuffed and dragged to the police car.
   "Victor, baby, I will be going now," Wendy said. She kissed Victor and waved to Jazex. "Oh and sorry for my rudeness from the start."
   "Its okay," Jazex said. "See you soon."
   Wendy opened her door and said quickly, "Jazex, I forgot to mention this: Victor sent the money to your account. Thanks for helping us."
    "Bye my love," Victor said as Wendy sat in her car.
   Jazex continued to wave till Wendy left. Both him and Victor walked into the store when she finally left the street.
   "Bye my love?" asked Jazex. He scratched the back of his head acting confused to ever hear Victor say those words. He just rose his shoulders to forget what the point was even to ask.
   "What? I have nothing else better to say," said Victor. He hopped over the counter and continued to sort out his inventory items within the counter. "I've got nothing for you today, so do you just want to hang out?" he asked.
   "I'll hang, but I got to talk to you about something?"
   "Let me guess, its about money?"
   Victor pretended to think, but in his mind he was going to say no. He turned around and Jazex tilts his head, like a confused puppy. Then he waited for Jazex to give up, but he waited too long. "Fine. You want to get a raise after your first day," he said. "The answer is no."
   "But why?" questioned Jazex. He had it coming, but not everyone thinks is right.
   "Is Kit involved?" Vitor asked.
   "That's why."
   "C'mon, dude. We barely have enough money."
   Victor continued to what he was doing ignoring what Jazex said. He felt bad for not giving him the raise, but he needed the money more.
   "Great! Just great." Jazex walked away from the counter and sighed. Then he thought a way to persuade Victor to give him the raise. "I guess Kit will be telling you herself. Maybe demand it some way. You know her and I are different when it comes to asking."
   Victor stopped again. Inside his mind he thought of his sister demanding the money from him.
   The door opened. Victor got up to see who came in. Unfortunately it was his sister.
   "Victor Howard Chavez!" she yelled. "All Jazex wanted was a raise and you deny his request? For your own sake, he's your best friend! Why would you do something like that?"
   "Whoa! One: I am your older brother. Give me some respect. Two: You're meddling in our business. Three: No way, I..."
   "Don't yell at me like that! I'm your sister."
   Both continued to argue till Kit slapped Victor. His eyes opened wide. He was about to strike her back, but he did not. He put his arm down and pointed the door.
   "Get out!"
   Victor turns around and out of no where Wendy was just looking at him very upset.
   "How can you treat your sister like that?  What's wrong with you? We're through if your the kind of person who acts like this!"
   "Jerk!" yelled Chuck. He was right behind Victor even more upset at him.
   Victor looks all around him. People yell and point at him. He falls to his knees and covers his ears trying to end the thought. Victor shakes his head after zoning out.
   "I changed my mind. How much are we talking?"
   Victor then stood up with a smile that twitched. Jazex was confused at the moment but realized his persuasion worked. He walked over to Victor.
   "Does 50-50 sound good?"
   "You have a deal then. In fact, I will send you an extra 5 grand to your account."
   Victor pulled out his phone and started to touch the screen. Jazex, who was confused, walked behind Victor.
   "Whoa! Wait, your telling me he was more than what you paid me?"
   "Yes. He's an escaped convict that does science. It is a big threat."
   "Well Kit is going to be very happy for this. Thank you. Are you able to do this every time?"
   "Don't push it. Now tell me." Victor pauses and thinks about what he was going to ask. "What about R.E.M.?"
   "I thought I was screwed! The Sergeant, I forgot his first name but his last name was Wason, had his gun pointed at me just because I refused to hand him J.J. So I distracted the guy and he tried to shoot me, but I was so fast I left him behind. I don't know if he was still chasing me, but luckily help was sent and Kit picked me up. I was on my way home after that."
   "That is a bunch of lies. You can not dodge a bullet."
   "Try me."
   Victor crouched and pulled up a shotgun to Jazex.
   "Dodge this then."
   "Hey! Easy! It's not loaded, I know that, but point it down. You might have a customer coming in."
   Victor laughs and puts his gun away. He got up, and hoped over the counter, and said, "Let's go outside. I need a cigarette break." So both Jazex and Victor go outside.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on January 5, 2010
Last Updated on September 4, 2010
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