Returning Home

Returning Home

A Chapter by AJV

The adventure concludes now that Jazex returns home.

   Jazex was on the beach shore where the R.E.M. ship use to be parked. 'Oh snaps! It's gone already?'
    "So how are you going home?" Victor asked
    "I have no idea. Wait? Victor!"
    "I figured you would walk here."
    "What are you doing here? It's been a week already?"
    "Yea, I have been here for the passed half hour waiting to pick you up."
    "No kidding."
    "C'mon, everyone is waiting for us."
    "Awesome! How did you get here by the way?"
    "Oh yea, uh, don't tell Wendy, but I borrowed the Police's copter."
    "I wont. Are you sure you know how to fly one?
    "I got here, didn't I? So lets get going. I parked it somewhere over on the other side of that forest."
Jazex and Victor walk through the forest. They would stop at times to be sure there weren't any R.E.M. soldiers and to not be attacked by wild creatures that were in there. They finally got to the helicopter and took there seat.
    "Okay, everything is on and looking good," said Victor. "We are now out of here."
    "Man I can't wait to get home."
    “So what happened over here?” Victor asked. He flipped switches and pressed button as the propellers began to spin. “Did R.E.M. lose or did ou run away?”
   “They lost for sure,” Jazex said. He was putting his scythe in the back and noticed AJ was in the helicopter. 'Ah what the heck. He couldn't be any trouble.' Jazex turned around and continued saying how the fight went and what he did the whole time.
   "You lazy sucker! Well, at least you wont be stalked by R.E.M. anymore."
   "Yea I don't think I will be hearing from them for a long time."
Jazex took off his bandanna, put his arms behind his head, and slept for the first time of the day.

The End

© 2010 AJV

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Added on April 14, 2010
Last Updated on September 4, 2010
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