The Grudge

The Grudge

A Chapter by AJV

Wason is filled with anger and hate after seeing his captain vanquished. What will he do to avenge Captain Bosont?

   Mia's eyes grew as she watched her father's fate. Wason's mouth dropped and his heart pounded. The two soldiers slowly walked to Bosont. They turned his body over as he was struggling to breathe.
   "Daddy?" Mia asked. She kept staring at him. "Please."
   "Mi... Mia?" Bosont asked. His eyes slowly turned to her. He started to laugh. He then looked at Wason. He laughed out loud and quickly gasped. He finally died with a smile on his face.
    "I'm going after him," said Wason. He watched as Onurak walked away. He then opened his jacket and got up from the ground. 'Your death will not be in bain, Captain,' he thought to himself.
   The battle was now over. Many soldiers, who were spared, crawled away. The others were dead. There were only a few knights who died as well. Those who were severely injured suicide.
   Back in Onurak's castle Jazex left from his seat. He looked out the window and saw the massive brutality. He then picked up his scythe and sat back down.
   "Now what?" asked AJ.
   "Now... I have to wait for help. I could take the ship that brought me here, or I can just wait till help arrives."
   "Could be a while."
   "I just hope everyone at home is okay. Especially Kit."
   Onurak entered into the room. "Victory is ours. I thank you for your useful information."
   "It's nothing really," said Jazex. "I better get going."
   "YOU!" shouted Wason.
   "Wason? Onurak I thought you said victory was yours?"
   "Perhaps this one escaped from the battle."
   "I was watching it the whole time," said Wason. "Especially you fighting my captain.
   "Enough of your whining," said Jazex. He pulled out his scythe and was ready. "Be careful, he doesn't play nice, and I wont either."
   "Shall I begin then?" asked Onurak.
   "Oh you wont lay a scratch on me! Ha!" Wason then transformed.
   "Fire? You are not of Rulofa!"
   "No he's not," said Jazex "He's from my world. I don't know how he maintained to have these super powers, but it's going to be tough from here."
   "Die!" yelled Wason. He threw a fireball at Onurak.
   "Unbelievable..." said Onurak. He defended himself with his sword. "You managed to burn my hand." Onurak looks at his hand trying to fool Wason.
   "Now where is Jazex?" Wasson asked. He looked around the room. "Being a coward I see. I will find you even if I have to destroy this castle."
   "What's up with him?" asked AJ.
   "Shut up," said Jazex. He was standing outside of the window. He took out his bandanna and wrapped it around his face. He then jumps back in the room and says "So you wanna fight again?"
   "No," said Onurak. He gets in Jazex way and turns his head to look at him. "This is my battle. He challenged me to fight him, not you."
   "Are you sure? I was just ready to kick his sorry a*s."
   "I am 'sure', now get out of here, friend."
   Jazex smiled behind his bandanna and jumped out of the window.
   "Get back here!" Wason ran, but Onurak's blade was swung. He jumped back just in time not to get hit by it. "What the devil are you doing?"
   "Fight me first, then you may fight him."
   "This is ridiculous, out of my way you savage creature."
   Onurak runs with his blade and begins to swing at Wason. His eyes began to follow Wason's moves as he cut Wason lightly.
   "Nothing but a mere scratch," said Wason. "Is that what your weapon can really do? I'll show you what I can do with mine." He pulls out his rapier and taunts Onurak. Right as he lunges at the targeted area, Onurak grabs Wason's weapon andbreaks it in two. "Impossible."
   "Your a fool," Onurak said. "You will never avenge your captain, not even in the future, if you continue to be an ignorant being that pretends to fight. I will tell you once again, leave at once!"
   "I am Christopher Wason, son of Ian Wason, Sergeant of R.E.M. I will kill you and avenge my captain. Prepare yourself, savage beast!"
   "You never learn."
   'My captain, so noble, yet he died to the likes of you.' Wason runs around Onurak, dodging every attack he did. In retaliation, Wason would throw fire. 'Why is this not injuring him? It has before, or was he mocking me?'
   Onurak than freezes the ground. Wason immediately jumped in the air and levitated off from the ground. He thought for a moment Mia was helping him, but realized he could control his own body. Onurak threw ice shards at him, but missed.
   "I saw that coming," said Wason. "Your magic tricks wont work on me. I have yet to try something." He burns the roof and flys into the sky. Fire began to engulf his body and it grew.
   Onurak stabs his sword into the ground as the ice that covered the floor begins to crystallize the room. Some of the stones fell and the whole room began to shake. Onurak closed his eyes.
   "Before I kill you, what is your name?" asked Wason. He opened his mouth and began to inhale all of the fire.
   "Remember mine when you are burning in hell: Wason."
   Wason exhaled and a large stream of fire was shot out of his mouth. Onurak opened his eyes and saw a glimpse of the snow flakes that fell from the open roof.
   'She is here to protect me,' he thought to himself. "Dartabe Akloi!" Just as he finished saying those words, the ice from the room formed into a stream, in a shape of a ram-dragon-like beast, and collides with the fire.
   The force of Onurak's attack became so powerful Wason's attack was beginning to push back. The ice the was melting became water and curled over the fire. Wason was then out of breath and captured by the water.
   'Blat! Blast! Blast!'
   "Cefraze!" Onurak shouted. Wason froze inside the large ice.
   Onurak looked down, knelt, and prayed. He then got up, pulled his sword out, and looked up. His eyes grew noticing Wason escaped. Footsteps were heard from the outside grounds. "That one woman must have forced him out,' He thought to himself.
Back at the R.E.M. ship, Mia laid Wason on the bed in the infirmary. He was still knocked out from the fight. 'What just happened all of a sudden?' she thought to herself. 'We have only been here for less than half the day, and we were defeated. We had better weapons and technology, and we still lost. Daddy died too.”
Wason began to twitch his eyes. He opened them and immediately rose from the bed.
    “Where am I?” he asked. Wason was very shocked and confused.
    “You're back on the ship. You lost too...”
    “I KNOW THAT MIA! I have to go back!”
    “Wason! No! If he defeated you once, he can do it again. Especially if he killed daddy. Besides the boat is on its way home. There's nothing else we can do.”
    “Very well then,” said Wason. He stood up and left the room without saying another word. As the door slightly shutted, Mia went to follow him. She was glad he was okay and that he listened to her. But the only question on her mind was who is to lead R.E.M. now that the captain is dead.

© 2010 AJV

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Added on April 12, 2010
Last Updated on September 4, 2010
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